Amazing. 3k video resolution on an iPhone

The latest version of the Filmic Pro application, version 6, is amazing. It is very intuitive to use and as importantly opens up a whole host of features and resolutions to iPhone filmmakers. The new version is capable of going up to 4k resolution on iPhone 6S series and above. Unfortunately older phones are limited to HD due to hardware.

However, as I discovered, if you had saved a higher resolution setting from a previous version of Filmic Pro, that setting was available on my older iPhone 6+ and was able to record in 3k without audio. Here’s my test:

The clarity is astounding! Crank up the resolution to 4k (it should’ve been 3k at 1728p but YouTube prefers 4k it seems) and put it on full screen and enjoy.

Here’s to more iPhone videography and stories.