The USA is no longer a destination of choice

On 21st March the TSA and Homeland Security are expected to announce their banning of electronic devices larger than a mobile phone on some flights to and from the USA. This ban will be in effect on certain airlines and countries. There appears to be ten airports from eight Muslim countries affected, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Egypt.

On first read, I feel that this is a funny joke of the day. Yet another brainfart of a failing administration.

The serious stuff; to me at least, is that the USA is no longer on my destinations of choice list. If at all I can avoid going there for business or pleasure, I shall do so. There are more destinations – welcoming destinations – all over the world that I will endeavour to visit and enjoy instead.

The US can stay for Trump, Inc. for all I care.


  1. arie de reus

    Why i wonder. For safety?..the electronic devices are still allowed on the plane as checked bagage. If someone plans to do uncivilized things with their apparatus it’s still possible. So why?

  2. Steve Gregg

    It is a temporary ban driven by terrorist chatter picked up by the intelligence services. This is a short term solution to foil possible inflight bombings. The long term solution is for Muslims to stop murdering people on airplanes, and elsewhere, for their religion. When Islam becomes a civilized religion, then Muslims can be trusted not to hide bombs in ordinary electronic devices.

    1. Post

      It is a temporary ban driven by terrorist chatter picked up by the intelligence services.

      How is that going to work given that if a terrorist wanted to use their laptop/iPad/camera to blow up a plane, the bomb – if it does pass through security – would be as effective in the cabin as it would in the hold?

      Nonsensical. It’s more likely that this measure is introduced on behalf of failing American airlines and to negatively affect Middle Eastern ones. See as a case in point.

  3. arie de reus

    The time has arrived for a binding fatwā agains violence as well as peace between the various way’s of islamic thinking/worshiping e.g. Sunni, Shia and Sufi. Actually all religions should be one. (no offence ment!)

    1. Steve Gregg

      Such a fatwa would contradict the Koran’s declaration of war against the world and Mohammed’s command for Muslims to make war until all the world submits to Allah. It’s unlikely Islam will turn peaceful when violence is baked into it’s beliefs.

      The best outcome is for the rest of the world to find and pump more oil to bankrupt the Muslim nations most devoted to terror so that they can not project their violence outside their borders. Let them whither away from their hate while the rest of the world collaborates and prospers.

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