Congratulations! #DurazSiege is One Year Old.

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Yep. One year. A full city of over twenty thousand souls has been under siege for one full year, since 20 June 2016. How about that? It must qualify for a world record of some kind and I know that this is the reason it is really in place, to pin yet another browny point on Bahrain’s incredible levels of advancement in this modern age.

So, bear witness, I am rather thankful for the siege. There are so many benefits that I would want it to continue ad infinitum and encourage other villages, towns and cities not only in my beloved Bahrain to tread this path, but everywhere else in the world too.

Here are just a few things that the #DurazSiege provides as benefits (in no particular order), please feel free to add your own in the comments, let’s show our gratitude:

  1. No pesky visitors to drop in on you unannounced
  2. Experience the life of an expat in your own country
  3. Be in your PJ’s immediately you get to your home with nary a worry to consider
  4. Test the canniness of food delivery guys to get to your home
  5. Food delivery guys get double-tips if they get to your home; thus, solidifying their employment
  6. The quiet, especially now that the helicopter is no longer buzzing 24/7 overhead for the last month, give or take
  7. Actually getting friendly with the check-point Bobbies.
  8. Knowing the check-point policemen by first name. For some, we’re getting to know and ask after their families too.
  9. The excitement coming from the randomness of checking one’s ID.
  10. Taking fun bets with your family in your car or home as to what style of chicane to be expected at the check points on any particular day
  11. The fun to have with noob policemen at checkpoints (you can spot whether the guy is a noob at the point by the length of the patiently queueing cars)
  12. Studies in patience.
  13. The effectiveness of a car’s A/C
  14. Vastly improved sign language skills; us residents have become experts at hand gestures that convey whole sentences between patiently queueing cars transmitted through the rear-windshield or even the rear-view mirrors (latter only to the über experts in the field)
  15. Above also applies to eye-rolling techniques as methods of communication with one’s neighbour as to a current situation
  16. Expertise at predicting travel times through checkpoints and chicanes.
  17. Deep breathing techniques to quiet the mind and achieve Zen while waiting to get to your home; we can confidently teach yogis our techniques that even with a lifelong study they can’t achieve. Talk to us. We have mastered this.
  18. Expertise at navigating the Internet on mobile phones
  19. Expertise at saving mobile phones battery lives with ease
  20. Becoming adept hummers and singers
  21. Unchallenged expertise at air guitar
  22. Killer seated dancing moves

What about you? Please contribute your special findings and / or developed skills while gaining access to the Kingdom of Duraz.

  • Mohammed hasan
    20 June 2017

    Best excuse not to meet an annoying person after working hours

  • Abu Arron
    20 June 2017

    You forgot the fuel savings by not dragging unnecessary weight around in the boot of the car.

    The emptier the car, the quicker the search!

  • Paul
    24 June 2017

    I was working in Bahrain 1990 – 1998 and have great memories and affection for the island and it’s generous warm-hearted people. As an expatriate, I was privileged in being able to spend Fridays on the private beach in Zellaq. The host was a most gracious, humble and wise leader – not like the reckless self-infatuated narcissistic Trump characters that are now roaming the world.

    Unfortunately, Bahrain was also then in turmoil – Sitra was under constant siege and helicopters were constantly flying over and intimidating villagers in select areas of the country.

    We can only hope and pray that there will one day be once again peace and tranquillity in Delmon.

Saying NO to the Shock Doctrine
Congratulations! #DurazSiege is One Year Old.