Childhood memories via Tuc biscuits


How many of you remember these?

If you do, do you also remember the taste of these salty biscuits dipped into sweet milky tea for breakfast? Or the extra salty taste of them sandwiching Kraft cheese out of glasses which are invariably upcycled into defacto tea glasses?

I do. And I the other recipes we subjected these tasty delights to as well.

I remember going through most of a packet in one sitting. The one thing I hated about them though is ultimately they form a putty inside one’s mouth between the gums and the cheek, resulting in one either washing one’s mouth to expel the stuff, getting one’s tongue to work extra hard to dislodge it or poke one’s finger in all around the offending areas to mine the putty out… only to ingest it again to complete the meal!

I came across this at IKEA this afternoon. I have no idea why they were their. I assume they’re a Swedish product?

I don’t know. Regardless, thank you IKEA for this trip down memory lane!