Estoy disfrutando español

I started Spanish lessons about a year ago and am really enjoying it. Our class is small, just about 7 people so we have almost a one-to-one relationship with our teacher Niurka who is a Cuban married to a Bahraini. We take the lessons every Saturday morning at the Hiraf Aldiyar in Muharraq. It’s part of the Shaikh Ebrahim conglomerate.

I’m going to write some more about my experience with this later, for now, I want to share with you this week’s homework, which is writing a postcard to a friend telling them what I’ve been up to.

José Feliciano
San José, CA

Querido José:

El verano en Bahrein es muy calor. La temperatura esta poco menos que el infierno! Hay porque permanecer en el interior. El perro murio pero se secó en un día y no hay malos olores… !Pequeñas misericordias!

Comó estás?

What do you think? Shall I continue with Spanish?