How to avoid looking like a fool when ordering your corporate video

Going straight to the point: enrol in this short online course. By me. Seriously.

Over the last 15 years I’ve created and overseen the creation of hundreds of corporate videos. Quite a number of those started with customers who didn’t have a clue what they wanted, how to go about specifying their video project, what reasonable budget to put in place for it, and generally have been completely untrusting of the video producer in front of them. That includes myself as well as my colleagues in the industry.

A lot of them think that they’re acting smart by not sharing the specifics of the videos they want to create, let alone the budget. They think that by hiding these important factors, they will force a better output from us producers. This is the point that you can imagine us producers banging our heads on the nearest wall, or the customer’s desk, and praying to God to release us form this dismal life rather than suffer the fucking fool in front of us.

But. We smile. Put on a brave face. And take the imbecile on a step-by-step journey to help them get a clearer idea of their idea. The majority of the time when we perform this free service, we get the glazed eyes fidgety look.

“Yeah but I just want to get a two minute corporate video!”

Followed by us now physically going to the closest solid wall to imprint our heads on.

So, I thought, why not do this public service and compile my experience and knowledge – in understandable bite-sized modules – and offer this painfully gained experience as a course to the better heads of communications, heads of marketing and people who are serious about not looking like fools and who are ready to learn how to specify their videos?

The end result is that they (yes) will not look like fools when they face a producer, be able to set a proper budget that will save them quite a lot of money, time and possibly their job.

This is your chance. Join the course which is offered at $99 as an introductory price for 10 days starting from today. You will have access to all the material for 90 days. By the end you will be able to use a template to create your creative brief and ensure success for your every video project.

After these 10 introductory days, the price will go up to $495.

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