Oooh.. someone’s having a tantrum!

Fahad is having a temper tantrum

Got this love letter just now from “Fahad”, a dainty soul who just lurves to engage in useful conversation, totally un-judgmental and respects free speech and opinion:

In it, as you can see, the erudite gentleman proclaims that:

“You are a horrible excuse for a human being. A disgrace to the Arab world and a really dumb, self-centered piece of excretion. Your opinions should remain with you, what’s the point of publishing them online?”

Why thank you! He, and further advises:

“Have a garden chat or a talk at a coffee place, but publishing your non-sense views is unwarranted.”

Are you a mind reader too? How did you know that I’m working on a gardening podcast? You psychic you! I would’ve made sure that I send you a link once its published, but then, as you have a direct line into the psychic world, I’ll just let it float for you to pick up.

As to talks in coffeeshops, I would love to. Yalla, arrange a gathering. I’d be happy to oblige.

Lots of love right back atcha. <3