Keeping Goals in Sight

I fell upon this post in my drafts folder here. I started writing it on 16 June 2016. Re-reading it now, it still holds true, though I didn’t follow its concept completely over the last couple of years. This is a good reminder to take note of the process and put the next half of the year in perspective and note down the goals I want to achieve for this generally miserable year.

Time to make the best of what’s left of 2020.

You know those New Year resolutions that everyone gets so excited about? Yup, the ones that are forgotten the minute they’re made, or, to be generous, last about a week or so then people simply revert back to how they were.

Why is it that those don’t actually get actioned? They’re made with the best intentions, to be sure, but the majority of people don’t seem to be able to progress them at all. A few; however, not only stick to them, but actually do achieve them. Why?

I’m no expert in this. There are many books written about this subject. In fact the basis of the “self help” industry is fueled by this need. I will share with you my own experience here and hope that you will benefit and be inspired to achieve some of your goals.

Let me start with a disclaimer, though. The number of goals that I do achieve are orders of magnitude less than those I fail at. I do follow a process; however, and even those I don’t achieve a 100% success rate, the journey is worthwhile and the small wins along the way are significant enough to merit the attempt. If I sound that I put big goals for myself, then that’s correct. That’s probably one of my failings. I miss the “A” in SMART many times and I’m learning to temper my imagination a bit in order to set goals that are achievable. In that, success becomes cumulative, rather than an all-or-nothing process.

What I do is take some time off in December of every year – a day or so – to reflect on the previous year. I check what I have achieved and start charting the goals I want to set for the forthcoming year. And now I tend to have only three to five major goals for the year. I call those my “rocks”. Once those are in place, I ensure that I follow the SMART principle in that every goal is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

To achieve balance, I ensure that my goals are relevant not only to my business, but will also include my family, my community and myself. These constitute the main quadrants I adhere to. These are my 360.

This is a process I learnt and adapted to my own during my membership of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation. Some of the best principles I follow now come from that time, and from the experience of my presidency of the EO Bahrain Chapter. Add to those, the many global friendships I still enjoy to this day, some of whom where generous enough to share with me their own varied experiences based upon which I distilled a lot of wisdoms that I try to follow.

While I’ll take the time now to think of what I’d like to achieve for the remainder of 2020, first I want to express my gratitude to my wife, my family, my many friends especially those who have made quite an impact on my in EO and my business partners.

Time now to sharpen my pencil and start the process that I have neglected, and make this habit a way of life.

Buena suerte.