CORONA-19: Wear Mask + Wash Hands + Social Distance

How difficult is it to understand and enact the World Health Organisation’s recommendations to reduce the risk of COVID-19? Just wear a mask, wash your hands with soap frequently or use an alcohol based sanitizers and keep a distance of one meter from others.

That’s it! Just do the above and you’ll have a good chance not to contract the disease.

WHO didn’t qualify its advice with “sometimes” or “inshallah” or “let’s pray and hold a Holy Book aloft”. So when people willfully ignore the recommendations and then contract the virus, what can anyone say but I told you so?

That’s what happened to the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro who had frequently dissed the use of a mask and scoffed at the virus’ severity – a la Trump. He got infected. And though I wouldn’t wish any sort of disease on anyone, I can’t help but say you were told so!

Now he’ll probably suffer but more importantly I do hope that others who were skeptical to take heed and follow the WHO advice. Who’s next? It would be funny if Trump got it too.

In any case, we can’t stop its spread by wishing it away. Do the right thing. Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance.