Vertical Cinema – via Apple

For some time I maintained that it doesn’t matter whether your video’s orientation is horizontal or vertical and I’ve had some heated discussions with some of my filmmaking friends that vertical films are sacrilegious. Films, in their book must be maintained at the horizontal aspect as that’s how we humans tend to view things with the orientation of our two eyes.

That’s not completely true of course as our field of vision is almost a complete half sphere and we see quite a bit of the scene vertically as we do horizontally. With the advent of smartphones and the way people naturally hold them, I didn’t think it would take that long for horizontal films to be the novelty.

Now Apple seems to have put a nail in the horizontal film aspect ratio too with their just released “Vertical Cinema” film:

Have a look at the full article including the behind the scene video of how this was made here. It’s well worth your time if you’re interested in filmmaking at all.

Enjoy and let me know if you come across vertical mobile made films that you liked.