3 Mistakes to Avoid in Making Your Business Videos

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In this video I’m going to talk to you about the three mistakes that you can avoid in creating your own video regardless whether you wish to do that video in-house or outsource it to a professional company.

The first thing is, you need to make sure that you have a strategy for your video communication in general. And the best way to do that is to actually write down the objective of your video, and the strategy and really research it and make sure that you cover every single point.

I can provide you with a template form for you to think through that strategy and make sure that you reach a successful conclusion. If you don’t have that now don’t worry about it and don’t get overwhelmed with the word “strategy” because all it is is thinking of all the aspects and the benefit of video that you want to project to your own customers and then putting a plan in place to ensure that these objectives are met.

Like I said the Creative Brief form is available to download free of charge and it addresses all of these points and a lot more and of course I go a lot more in depth about how to actually benefit from it and give you some practical examples of how my customers used it in recent productions in my Practical Video Production Course.

The second thing that I’d like you to consider as well is not to “wing” having a video. I know it’s very easy for somebody to bring out their mobile phone and start filming or indeed a professional camera but if you don’t have a structure or a guide to what you’re trying to do of film then in most probability you’ll end up in wasted effort and less than ideal outcome

The way to avoid that is to actually have a script and a script is basically a story that you would film for.

There are many books and sessions all over the internet that would help you to write a story but very basically what that script is is to start with the most important information first offer some supporting elements in the middle of that script and end it with a Call to Action to tell people what you expect them to do at the end of that video.

There is also a concept that you may wish to consider and that is the Inverted Pyramid writing method and that’s been used by quite a number of journalists and writers.

Basically what you do is you start with the most important information you grab the attention of the viewer at the start and then offer some supporting elements in the middle and then end it with a call to action.

That generally is what the structure is of a good promotional video script as well as any other kind of video for that matter.

The third thing is to ensure that you grab the attention of the viewer as quickly as possible we already covered that in the inverted writing scheme method but that way that I do that in my videos is number one is asking a question or anything really that grabs the attention or engages the viewer right at the start that allows them to be part of what you’re trying to produce and once they feel that they are involved then obviously they will be more committed.

All of these elements I mention as well as discuss in depth and with practical examples in my Practical Video Production Course If you’re interested maybe it’s worth having a look.

Thank you for watching and do visit again for other videos that I will produce that will help you along your video communications journey.