Life under Covid-19 Quarantine

I tested positive for Covid-19 the day before yesterday and I’ve been in quarantine since. I’m starting to understand how awful this is; the sequestering more than the disease itself!

I’m not complaining though. My business is going on with some impact, but we receive orders online for our products, and our services team is unaffected so the garden maintenance is going on. Where we are affected is our projects team as all of us are down with Covid! There is good news there too, I’m the last to contract it from the team, the others have had a few days head-start so we should be back at full capacity early next week.

To try to be as productive as I can during this quarantine, I’ve created a task list that I’m going through. It’s good to catch up with and strike out done tasks; one of which is finally bringing Mahmood’s Den back to the same database – as it was split into two, one is for the video production training and the other was an archive of the last ten years or so that I’ve been blogging. I’m glad that this is done. I do intend to continue to post my thoughts here and hope that they will have some resonance with like-minded – or not so like-minded – guests.

Until then, here’s a picture of my breakfast this morning, prepared by my lovely and caring and beautiful wife!

Breakfast to start the second day of my Covid-19 Quarantine at home.

Muchas gracias por leer.