Mahmood Nasser Al-Yousif
Mahmood Nasser Al-Yousif

Who is Mahmood?

Mahmood Nasser Al-Yousif is an ex-blogger attempting to bridge the cultural gap and trying to make a difference. He fails a lot, but succeeds once in a while. This is more than enough for him to keep trudging forward.

محمود ناصر اليوسف هو مدون سابق يحاول سد الفجوة الثقافية ويحاول إحداث الفرق. يفشل كثيرًا ، لكنه ينجح بين حين وآخر. هذا أكثر من كافٍ بالنسبة له لمواصلة السير إلى الأمام.

I own and operate Arabia Video where I help businesses thrive through video and digital marketing.

I’ve had many hobbies through my life and still participate in most I started a long time ago, the format might have changed, but the enjoyment is still there. I have always been fascinated by the visual arts having a father who was one of the founders of the contemporary art movement in this area of the world is bound to rub off on you.

At school I started the first ever photography club. I have entered just one photography exhibition in Bahrain, and won 2nd prize.

I am also fascinated by computers and their potential. Especially communication and how that marriage can bring disparate peoples together. I started one of the first BBS (bulletin board service) in the Gulf in ’86 which was called Stray Cats BBS.

I became an aircraft avionics maintenance engineer, did that for ten years, realised that I wanted more out of my life so I went to the States and came back three months later with a commercial pilot’s license. The second Gulf War started soon after my return, so employment opportunities for pilots disappeared.

In yet another change of career, I started my first company – Computer Point – in 1991 and left the airline industry behind soon thereafter. Hello entrepreneurship!

Now I try to dispel the image that Muslims and Arabs suffer from in the rest of the world, mostly by our own doing. I am no missionary and don’t want to be. I run several internet websites that are geared to do just that, create a better understanding that we’re not all nuts hell-bent on world destruction.

At the end, I’m just an Arab man attempting to bridge the cultural gap and trying to make a difference. I might fail a lot, but succeed once in a while.

last updated 15 September 2020

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  • Kerstin
    12 February 2007

    Dear Mahmood,

    thanks a lot for your fantastic website! Yes, you do make a difference. I wish you all the best!

    Many greetings from abroad,


  • Small Blue Thing
    21 June 2010

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    It’s been a great surprise to find your project _must say, via arab-spanish blogger Leila Nachawati. I could subscribe every single word of your paragraph “I try to dispel the image that Muslims and Arabs suffer from – mostly by our own doing I have to say – in the rest of the world. I am no missionary and don’t want to be”.

    Hope some day inshallah I’ll find a way to collaborate in GBPS.

  • Kylie
    31 August 2010

    Wow, what a fantastic person you are, Mahmood. Bless you, you do make a difference!

  • Ronnie Stevens
    10 October 2010

    Fantastic site Mahmood – I loved reading your stuff.

    All the best