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The pompousity of a useful fool

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Saidi, with tail firmly between his legs, forced to apologize

MP Al-Saidi says he notices double standards in Britain’s foreign policy towards the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people. He pointed out: “At a time when the British Government says it is eager to reinforce the relations between Manama and London, we notice that it disregards the fact that those with whom it meets violate the law and the ancient Arab norms.”

Al-Saidi criticized the easy way in which London-based Bahraini political figures are granted British nationality, the right to political asylum, and financial aid.
Alsharq Alawsat 4 Aug 08

I really don’t know how this guy finds the time to mount his own chosen crusades which appear to be one a day and all of which have the veneer or propriety but all one has to do is scratch the surface to smell the stench of a conspiratorial mind filled with sectarian hatred.

In this case, the pretentious being trounces on yet another human right, that of freedom of expression, simply to continue to mount his personal vendetta against all those who dare to oppose his alternate reality. It is not strange at all then to reading this additional worthless issuance of his in yet another exposed attempt at further ingratiating himself to those who must regard him as nothing more than a useful fool.

Rock on “shaikh”. You are proof positive that a fool at 40 is a fool for ever.


novel way to travel

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novel way to travel

novel way to travel, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I noticed this truck transporting cement, a commodity that was in extremely short supply in Bahrain only a few days ago, but the novel way that the workers themselves are transported seem to indicate a very short supply of common sense and of course a complete disregard for the law.

So what’s new?


With Photoshop, everyone’s an artist!

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We have a saying in Bahrain which goes something like “give the bread to the baker even if he eats half of it!” This roughly translates to give the professional his due and don’t try to take on a job much bigger than your talents.

It seems that Iran didn’t take on this cultural advice and tinkered a bit with missile launch photos to make their attempts appear to be 100% successful. Silly really. To me, it’s infinitely more scary seeing that metal tube not firing leading me to believe that if it does actually fire then it most probably won’t hit its intended target which would mean that collateral damage would be substantial. Now if you consider that the Iranian’s main target in the gulf is just 10 kilometers from where I write this, it is indeed a rather daunting prospect!

And they want us to trust them to have nuclear capabilities? With a nutjob at the top? And misfiring missiles? With rhetoric galore that even illicit a response of hell and damnation from that other nutjob with only a few months remaining in office and who conceivably doesn’t want to leave without setting some sort of mark on Eye-Ran first?

Man this region is in for it.

But the Eye-Ran-Ians weren’t the first in the area to (mis)use Photoshop for turning a silk purse into a sow’s ear, the Bah-Rain-Ians apparently did too! You would think that with the avalanche of petrodollars pouring in, they both would have at least employed expert image editing artists to make the effect a little bit more believable!


15 seconds of fame = 1 billion?

Hardly, but a twit at the municipal council is vehemently opposing it for some farcical excuses, wrapped up in Class A Xenophobia. Here are some of Mr. Hameed Al-Basri brainfarts which he is using in the hope of putting the kibosh on the project:

it would result in the area being “invaded” by foreigners with different cultures and moral values

He also wants the land to be used for more “useful” projects which could benefit the surrounding villages:

“It could be used for a public park, car parks for residents or a government housing project,” he said.

“But the Northern Municipal Council members have taken the worst decision and that’s approving an investment project without properly studying it.

“I am worried that nearby neighbourhoods, whether in my constituency or Daih village, where the project would be built, will be invaded by people from different nationalities who don’t understand our culture and moral values.

“That’s not all. The area will see more traffic jams, more than what is making people complain at the moment.”

Aha. Okay, I agree that the country needs to revamp the road network and consider the traffic in 25, 50 and even 100 years from today, and they are doing a lot of roads network expansion now, much to the chagrin of a lot of drivers, but one hopes that with these developments we’ll be much better off in a few months’ time. But this ludicrous objection to a huge investment of over a billion dinars is, well, ridiculous. Having an elected councillor whose main job is to suggest solutions to zoning and the various other municipal matters object to such a lifeline in his area is insane.

He doesn’t stop there of course, he’s now dug himself a hole so he must proceed to dig even deeper:

Basri Class A BrainfartMr Al Basri said just because the investor was promising residents jobs, it did not mean the project should be approved.

“What jobs can the project offer? As security guards or ushers, or cleaning plates after the rich finish their food?” he asked.

“In the end, the area’s unemployed will not get good salaries because the investor is not there to offer high salaries, but to make a profit.”

He said that from his experience and the projects he has approved in the Seef District, Sanabis and Daih, only 100 Bahraini jobseekers had been employed.

While 100 jobs created is much better than none at all, and while his suggestion that of those 100 the majority received menial positions might be true, what he should be concerned with, especially in that area of Bahrain which is renowned for “skirmishes” with the police in almost every single weekend, he should be happy that projects are being considered for that area and that its local residents are receiving the benefit of coming out of unemployment. But he ain’t happy.

Mr Al Basri hoped other councillors would review their decision and stop the project.

Well, thankfully someone from his own party is rejecting his brainfarts wholesale:

Municipal councillor Hameed Al-BasriHowever, Northern Municipal Council towns and villages development committee chairman and the project’s area councillor Sayed Ahmed Al Alawi said that Mr Al Basri’s push to halt the project would not affect it.

“We are both from the same municipal bloc – Al Wefaq – but Mr Al Basri has never given me a call saying that he has a problem with the project,” he said.

“I have talked with Al Wefaq bloc president and area MP Shaikh Ali Salman and he was in support of the project, saying that he would work on securing the benefits for the people, which I am also currently working on.

“So far, we have managed to reach an agreement with the investors to have a public park and a mosque built.

“The hotel will not offer alcohol and will abide by Islamic and traditional values.

“The investor has agreed to our terms without any fuss, so why is Mr Al Basri – who is approving similar projects in his constituency – upset?”

Mr Al Alawi said that the Royal Court had recommended the project and when it came to the council, it was just a formality to look at it.

“This project has been supported by the government, so it wouldn’t leave the area without a proper infrastructure and other services. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to have new roads, sewage networks and other facilities in the area,” he said.

“Mr Al Basri should quit fighting the project because he will not change our decision. He should instead focus on getting public services from investors in his constituency.”

In short, he’s told by his colleagues to shut the hell up and not to be such a complete eejit.

I hope he listens.

Incidentally, if you want to see some very nice pictures of current and future projects happening in Bahrain, scoot on over to my friend’s Fred Haentjens’ Flickr set. Well worth having a look.


Gudaybia School of Booze, Witchcraft and Wizardry

The Bahraini Parliament doesn't like witchesParliament’s session was actually halted yesterday due to our illustrious MPs entering into a heated argument with the Minister of Justice. Normal in parliamentary circles one might expect, yes I know, but in which parliament in the world worth its salt actually waste an already shortened term with discussing laws criminalising sorcery and witchcraft?

None, I am sure.

The minister rightly suggested that these things – if present – should be treated as fraud and as that was already covered in legislation, then no other specific amendments to the Penal Code is actually necessary. But they wouldn’t listen. To them, other than almost labelling the good minister as a heretic, this subject is of the highest importance and should not be trifled with.

Shaikh Khalid asked MPs what would judges do to solidify the sorcery or witchcraft crimes.

“Do they bring in leprechauns (actually he said ‘jinn‘ but the GDN used its poetic license) or ask them to testify that their assistance was asked by a sorcerer or witch?” he said.

Angered by the comments, Mr Busandal said that such acts were against Islamic Shariat and that the minister was not taking the issue seriously.

“Such acts are serious Islamic violations, but the minister wants us to forget the law and throw it out,” he said.

Oh I don’t know.. I wouldn’t throw it out if I were them because I would never have brought such asinine, time wasting, ludicrous legislation to the floor, but that’s me. They, of course, fancy themselves as the true defenders of the faith; hence, these matters are of the utmost importance. I wonder if these morons actually put on specially designed blinkers every morning before leaving their houses along with their Rolex watches and Mont Blanc pens, because like the rest of Bahrain, I am still aghast at their one-track minds.

Some of them slander whole institutions without missing a beat, just to prove their absurd points. Take the effervescent Satanwala for instance, while they were approving yet another bill that would ban the sale and consumption of alcohol, this time in clubs and societies, he goes on:

MP Mohammed Khalid Mohammed said that not only expatriate clubs were serving and allowing alcohol, but also the Bahraini clubs.

“The biggest example is the Alumni Club, whose members are always seen drinking inside and gambling, as if they were in a casino,” said Mr Mohammed.

I’m not sure how a ‘respected Muslim gentleman’ knows what a casino looks like, other than he might have frequented them on other occasions in his life, but to him, an august institution which contributed greatly to the development of Bahraini society is a degenerate space of drink and debauchery.

Another in parliament who actually owns an establishment which some classified as a boozing den and a brothel and rented that establishment out before taking his seat in parliament, now slanders whole countries!

MP Adel Al Asoomi said that the Ethiopian Club in his constituency in Hoora was a big example of premises being used for immoral and indecent acts.

“They (club members) are renting a flat as a club premises, and they have a pool table inside, just as a cover for their prostitution activities,” he claimed.

“The surrounding area around the club looks like Addis Ababa (Ethiopia’s capital) during their functions and most of the time people who are not Ethiopians are seen going to the club.”

And being yet another defender of the faith (hah! hold your laughter!) of course he took it upon himself to “clean” his territory – sorry, constituency – from competition – ooops, sorry again, I mean “immoral and indecent acts” as he rode on the wave of (dishing out dosh while campaigning?) decency by going on a prostitute hunt which impressed the police themselves whom his posse outshone in the methods he chose to employ!

Well, this hilarity will unfortunately be suspended from next week for 5 months. Parliament is going on summer holidays. But who knows, maybe we will find some of our hard working MPs going on “discovery” and “fact finding” trips to some of the world’s casinos, bars and voodoo dens, not to partake of what would be on offer there, of course.

When is the next election again?


MPs banning alcohol? Not a chance!

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MPs demand total ban on alcohol in Bahrain

MPs yesterday unanimously demanded a total ban on alcohol in Bahrain. They voted in favour of a parliament-proposed law banning the import, possession, sale or production of alcohol. But to become law, the proposal would have to be accepted by the government and the Shura Council.

MPs said the current law, initiated in 1956, allowing the import, possession, sale and production of alcohol under government supervision was unconstitutional and should be scrapped.

There is really no reason to panic. Trouncing on personal freedoms is nothing new for this parliament, the one whose job is ironically to do the impossible to protect them. Nor should we expect them even to read the crystal-clear constitution which specifically says:

The religion of the State is Islam. The Islamic Shari’a is a principal source for legislation. The official language is Arabic.

Which means that the Islamic Shari’a is not the exclusive source of legislation – thank God. Because had it been, then those bozos would have knocked us back to the stone ages already, and would have had no qualms about doing so. Their motivation of course is to earn those promised brownie points to tool those promised waiting nymphs in heaven, even at the expense of making hell seem like a better place than the life they want to design for us on Earth.

I’m not sure if I should be thankful for the Shura Council being there which a lot of people regard as the safety valve which would stop such idiotic schemes; I actually wish that it wasn’t there so that these morons would carry on with their schemes so much that people will have to actually rise up against them and kick their hairy butts out of office.

But as we do have the Shura Council whether we like it or not, and I am a bit busy this morning, let me end this quick piece by inviting those 40 morons to kiss my hairy padouka for all I care about them trying to rob what little personal freedoms we do have.

But in the case that they do – for some completely inexplicable reason – get their way and the government does ban alcohol, I will start distilling some good hooch myself and will make it available free to whomever wants, just to spite both!


M.Report S01E07 – Homosexuality and the Islamist

Sex is never too far from Islamists’ minds, it seems, especially if they are law makers. This might be because they view their legislative role as nothing more than protecting people from themselves – according to their views anyway – and ensuring that society toes the straight and narrow – again, according to their definitions – in order to prevent them from going to hell and eternal damnation.

It could also be for selfish reasons, where they view that with executing that “over-sight” role in parliament and life, they would receive untold brownie points from Allah in Heaven and by that ensure that they can have as much sex as they want then. Deferred payment, if you like.

I’m not sure if anyone calculated how much time they spent in parliament discussing what they find objectionable: sex in general, homosexuality, lesbianism, butch girls, you name it, but the amount of time they dedicate to penalising sexual criminals and child rapists is close to zero. The time they spend in ensuring that personal freedoms are sacrosanct, is probably nil, and the time they consumed even discussing changing their own bylaws in order for them to be more effective is zero.

However, when it comes to a sitting member of parliament maligning not one, but TWO countries with which we have diplomatic ties as “homosexual deviants” – they give him the mic and increase the volume!


Depraved minds

bikini-clad muslim women enjoying the seaThe premise is a good one.

Parliament debated the dearth of beaches in Bahrain and wanted to beg the king to revoke ownership deeds in order to return the coastline to the populace. However, some MPs are showing their depravity as they associate the available beaches – they’re referring to privately owned resorts and the like – with a semi-nudist colony. The logic is indefatigable, I know, but it also demonstrates that the only thing that those bozos think of is matters of the flesh, catering to their own baser instincts:

“The problem is not only with the beaches being used by women in bikinis, of whom even the fish are ashamed, but with owners of projects on the coast thinking that they own the sea too, as they have already started banning fishermen.”

Yes my friends, this eruption was from an upstanding member. The first vice chairman to be exact, whose faculties, mental and otherwise, do not extend beyond, well, his basic instinct.

I don’t think he even realises how much damage his outburst does to not only himself – which is frivolous – but also to the noble cause he is championing, which is the return of the coastline to public ownership. Why he has to draw an association between the current availability of beaches to that of scantily clan women and immediately passing judgement on them as nothing more than shameless hussies is beyond me.

But, it seams, those images are firmly ensconced in his head. Both of them. And are doubtlessly keeping him awake at night.


“Gulf Idol” lands in jail!

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If you’re a Muslim, you know how sensitive Muslims are about their religion. Heck, wars are still being waged for what some might regard as frivolous excuses. So going on a stunt like the following demonstrates either the stupidity of the person in question, or maybe that alcohol is really not good for you as it impairs one’s judgement.

3 أشهر لخليجي غنى في مكبر صوت مسجد

أدانت المحكمة الصغرى الجنائية الخامسة برئاسة القاضي علي الكعبي وأمانة سر محمد مكي أمس (الاثنين) بحبس متهم خليجي 3 أشهر بتهمة تعد بإحدى الطرق العلانية على الدين الإسلامي بأن دخل مسجداً بحذائه والسيجارة بيده، وقام بالغناء. وتعود تفاصيل القضية إلى أن المتهم قام بالغناء داخل مسجد جسر الملك فهد وهو مرتد حذاءه والسيجارة في يده، وعند سماع رجال الأمن صوت غناء يصدر من مكبر صوت المسجد قاموا بالقبض عليه.

The Lower Criminal Court yesterday (Monday) sentenced a Gulf national to three months in jail after entering the King Fahad Causeway mosque without removing his shoes and while smoking a cigarette. He also proceeded to sing a song through the mosque’s pubic address system. The court charged him with denigrating the Islamic religion in a public way. Causeway police arrested the gentleman when they heard his singing on the mosque’s loudspeakers.
Al-Wasat – 15 Apr 2008

What a twerp! The fool should be thankful for being caught and sentenced in Bahrain. Had that been a few meters away – literally – he would have gotten a lot more than he bargained for. Head chopping wouldn’t be too severe I should think.

Unfortunately the news piece did not carry any information about the song being sung. Has anyone any idea what it might be?