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With eggs on some faces, Hayfa sang!

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Hayfa Wahbi sang in Bahrain inspite of objections from Islamist MPs In spite of the “severe” objections from Islamist MPs, Hayfa sang last night at the Gulf Hotel and thrilled the audience who filled the hall with all tickets sold!

What does this demonstrate? Does it demonstrate that the MPs have no authority whatsoever, or is it that the government chose – in its wisdom – to simply stall and ignore them completely and do nothing to let the concert go on?

To me, I think it clearly demonstrate the at the very least the MPs did not choose their battle wisely, they rushed things, polarised opinions, stepped on multiple toes and in the end, the lady sang despite all their objections, resolutely poking her fingers in their wandering eyes while thanking them, even subliminally, for making her show a memorable sellout concert.

Hang on, maybe it was that in the first place, both Hayfa and the MPs were in cahoots. It was a planned PR and marketing exercise to ensure that the tickets – even the expensive ones – sell out completely!

Smart! Those MPs are very very smart!


Tiësto who?

Shady outfits can damage a country’s reputation faster and more thoroughly than almost anything else, especially if it a promised top-rating event, tickets sold and people arrive from all over the Gulf specifically for that event end up being shafted.

DJ Tiesto

Tickets were sold by someone called Ayman Al-Hamad who supposedly owns an outfit called B&D Entertainment and roped a lot of people in selling tickets to be part of DJ Tiësto‘s show in Bahrain. I don’t know and have never heard of this DJ before, but I am reliably informed that he is currently ranked #1 in the world. Tickets were priced up to BD100 and drinks – even water – was sold for up to BD12 per bottle (for something that normally is sold for BD0.100, you can count the criminal uplift – actually usury – yourself), but the world-famous DJ never showed up, much to the chagrin of his fans.

The DJ turned out to be smart too, as he refused to make an appearance unless he is fully paid before doing so. He smelt the shit, I think, and demanded his pay before hand. The money was not forthcoming; hence, he refused to budget from his position.

The so called “businessman” was caught running away in the early hours of the morning by the Causeway police with a reported BD25,000 in his possession. Rumour has it that he actually stashed hundreds of thousands of Dinars from the proceeds of ticket sales for this event.

Abadi, the Lebanese blogger in Bahrain has the full story here and apart from the full anger felt by the poor guy, it demonstrates the damage this Ayman guy has done to this country and the DJ’s fans. I hope that now this prick will be stripped completely off his holdings, refund the money (including costs) in full to the hapless victims and he never again be allowed to go into business in Bahrain. Jail is far too good a place for him and his like. This is a total breach of contract and confidence.