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The pompousity of a useful fool

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Saidi, with tail firmly between his legs, forced to apologize

MP Al-Saidi says he notices double standards in Britain’s foreign policy towards the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people. He pointed out: “At a time when the British Government says it is eager to reinforce the relations between Manama and London, we notice that it disregards the fact that those with whom it meets violate the law and the ancient Arab norms.”

Al-Saidi criticized the easy way in which London-based Bahraini political figures are granted British nationality, the right to political asylum, and financial aid.
Alsharq Alawsat 4 Aug 08

I really don’t know how this guy finds the time to mount his own chosen crusades which appear to be one a day and all of which have the veneer or propriety but all one has to do is scratch the surface to smell the stench of a conspiratorial mind filled with sectarian hatred.

In this case, the pretentious being trounces on yet another human right, that of freedom of expression, simply to continue to mount his personal vendetta against all those who dare to oppose his alternate reality. It is not strange at all then to reading this additional worthless issuance of his in yet another exposed attempt at further ingratiating himself to those who must regard him as nothing more than a useful fool.

Rock on “shaikh”. You are proof positive that a fool at 40 is a fool for ever.


Go to sleep “shaikh”

This is one of the best satirical and a direct punch to the guts piece by Mohammed Al-Othman, the columnist at Al-Wasat newspaper and ends it with exposing a scandal! Whether Bahrainis will do anything about it (if tree of course) is anyone’s guess.. but I personally won’t hold my breath.

I don’t have time to translate it at the moment, so please do peruse Google’s effort for the time being. My intention in bringing this up here is because I want to save it for posterity (and future referral!)

Over to my friend Mohammed Al-Othman:

Columnist Mohammed Al-Othman of the Bahraini Al-Wasat
«إركد يا شيخ»!
في قديم الزمان لا نعرف مرادفاً للفظة شيخ إلا شيخ القبيلة. وهو من تجتمع حوله القبيلة لكي يتسنم الشيخة فيها. وعادةً ما يكون شيخ القبيلة أكثر أبناء القبيلة كرماً وأشرفهم عملاً وأولهم إقداماً في الحروب والملمات… إلخ من أخلاق مناقبية راقية.

اليوم، كل من أطلق لحيته وأخذ من ثوبه أُطلق عليه شيخا! بل تعدى الأمر ذلك؛ إذ بالأمس القريب شهد أحد الإخوة النواب لأحد المرشحين من أبناء جمعيته بأنه شيخ وعالم دين, وقبل أسبوعين فقط، ونظراً لاختلاف في وجهات النظر بشأن تولي امرأة لرئاسة لجنة في البرلمان، انقلب الأخ النائب على صاحبه الذي وصفه بأنه شيخ وعالم دين إلى القول عنه: إنه مجرد «طالب علم»! فرق شاسع يا سعادة النائب بين عالم الدين وطالب العلم! ولكنها المعايير عند «جماعات المصالح» تختلف عما هو متعارف عليه عند جمهور علماء المسلمين! وأنا اتحدى أي عضو من تلك الجماعات يبين لنا ما هي معايير المشيخة لديهم؟!


3-for-1, Saidi latest brainfart

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Deputy Dawg, Bahraini MP Jassim Al-Saidi

Yep, our effervescent Deputy Dawg™ is encouraging his fellow MPs to get it on:

An Islamist lawmaker has urged his male peers to take four wives, three Bahraini women and one foreigner, in order to help address the issue of the high number of spinsters in the country.

I’m not sure if he’s also including the lone female MP into the sphere of his advice of course, probably not as with his low opinion of women I wouldn’t be too surprised. Foreign women of course do not get regarded at all by him, they simply do not exist but if they do, they are worth a lot less than locals.

What’s all this in aid of then? What’s the motive for his latest stinker?

Shaikh Jasem Al Saidi, an independent with strong ties to the Salafis in the lower house, said that Bahraini men should not hesitate to wed more than one wife for the sake of the nation.

“We do not want to have spinsters in the country and we do not want a rise in the divorce rate either. Taking more than one wife is the solution, and I advise that the members of the Council of Representatives should set the example,” he said.

But his remarks, uttered in a light tone, drew compassionate opposition from the other 38 men who sit in the 40-member council.

“Please, just speak for yourself,” the Islamist deputy was told by fellow member Hassan Al Dossari, while Latifa Al Gaood, the only woman in the lower council, preferred not to comment.

Al Saidi’s suggestion came after the council could not agree on the merits of extending health privileges to foreign women married to Bahrainis.
Habib Toumi :: Gulf News :: 5 April, ’07

Ah, he’s trying to save the country the money that would have been paid by foreign wives for availing of the local health services.

Thank you sir. Now go back to your cave. And take with you all of those morons who voted for you as well.


We deserve the parliament we vote for

We shouldn’t really cry over Friday sermons delivered by a right honourable member of parliament, religious leader and imam Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi when he ends his sermons with:

اللهم إلعن اليهود و النصارى و الرافضه و أرني فيهم يوماً أسود

Oh Allah curse the Jews, Christians and the Shi’a and show me in them a black day.

The sad thing is that with the current polarisation of the Bahraini society, I would not be surprised if more Wahabi gentlemen are carried on shoulders and delivered to exalted seats in the 2006 parliament for them to continue to spread their hate.

That said, the government does have a responsibility in facing people like The Right Honourable Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi who spread hate, sedition and sectarian discord. It is people like him through their spread of hate who would be the first to disassociate themselves from acts of terror that they themselves have incited and supported.

I suggest that the government take this issue very seriously, and as he has a case of “propagating hate” against him with the Public Prosecutor, the government should take this opportunity to show the people of Bahrain and the world that we shall not stand idle while these people spread their poison.

Or shall we first wait for people’s bodies to be blown to bits by the likes of The Right Honourable Shaikh Jassim Al-Saidi and only then decide that we really don’t stand for this sort of thing, as our friends the Jordanians have done in only coming out en mass against terrorism when they themselves suffered from its fate by one of their own, one who was constantly praised when he was blowing innocents in Iraq?

The very least I would like to see is a picket of his mosque and home, peacefully showing his exalted highness that we fully and unequivocally reject him and his thoughts.


Flip-Flopping Deputy Dawg?

Jassim Al-Saidi, the Bahraini flip-flopping MPThis should surprise us at all, we knew of his abundant qualities already with the flurry of bills and proposals he shoved down parliament’s throat over the past 2 years. We also know of his particular predilection for fame and having his picture in the papers. I don’t know why, if I had a face like that I would hide in a dark cupboard and refuse to go out. But hey, that’s just me. I think this guy is truly driven into assuring his three wives (this is no joke, he does have 3 wives!) that he’s gonna be elected again for the next parliament, and he might well be as he’s probably the best that Riffa has to offer (please prove me wrong Riffa.)

Anyway, onto this piece of news from the GDN this morning:

MP Jassim Al Saidi is urging parliament to approve a BD1,000 Eid bonus for all Bahraini families. This is double the BD500 Eid bonus proposed by Parliament Second Deputy and Al Asala chief Shaikh Adel Al Mouawda and four other allied MPs. Yesterday, Mr Al Saidi was reported as backing a counter-proposal with four other MPs, urging the government to use the surplus generated by soaring oil prices to reduce the budget deficit, alleviate debts, finance infrastructure projects and build solid currency reserves. “Bahrainis are over-indebted and are in need of a helping hand… They deserve aid,” he told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.

Is that not flip-flopping? This dickhead probably thinks not, but then, he normally trips on his IQ so there is no reason to reason with him.


Off with their heads! Islamists propose Shari’a Law in Bahrain

In today’s Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper, on the front page, the Salafi/Wahabi MP Jassim Al-Saidi proposes the application of Shari’a Law in Bahrain and will table a motion to amend the Penal Law as such in parliament.

His argument of course is that it is a clear text in the Holy Quran, cut off the hands of theifs. End of story. He goes farther by quoting the actual text in the Quran, and the Teachings of the Prophet to support his case.

What instigated him is the abundance and the escalating number of crimes in Bahrain. Thievery is rife, rape and killings have escalated dramatically over the last 10 years. Al-Saidi’s resource to the Scripture and his demand to apply the Laws of Allah as prescribed by the Quran and the Teachings of the Prophet will defintely solve these problems.

Nancy Ajram and Big Brother were only the hours de avors. This is the entree.


Saidi, with tail firmly between his legs, forced to apologize

Cartoon of an islamist threatening the pillars of society

The cartoon above appearing in today’s Al-Wasat Newspaper nicely sums up what the Islamist MPs in particular and the Islamists in society in general are doing to the country. The guy in the middle is the Islamist MP Jassim Al-Saidi, which is clearly indicated because he’s not wearing the “‘Iqal” – (affectionately known by various derogatory names like the “fan-belt” – compare the cartoon with his picture below) and he’s trying to pull down the pillars of society. Hence the Islamists are creating anarchy.

Jassim Al-Saidi, Bahraini Asala MPOne honourable gentlemen in the parliament MP Jassim Al-Saidi has created a storm by trying to restrict religious freedoms, in particular the marches of the Hussaini commemorations (ma’atems) whereby he tabled a motion to restrict these activities to within ma’atems rather than go out in the streets as traditionally done for hundreds of years. He was forced to rescind that motion officially 3 days after he tabled it. What a waste of time.

The parliament held its first session after that event yesterday where 4 Shi’a MPs – Abdulla Al-A’ali, Ali Al-Samahiji, Essa bin Rajab and Mohammed Al-Shaikh Abbas threatened a walk-out and resigning from their seats if Al-Saidi didn’t publicly apologize for his purposely hurting the feelings such a large swathe of Bahraini population.

Parliament had to go into a 30 minute “cooling off” recess and some MPs put pressure on the Speaker to hold a closed session to discuss the text of the apology which Al-Saidi must make publicly. It seems that that session was heated too, but at the end of which Al-Saidi was forced to make the public apology in front of various media outlets from the Council’s chamber.

Tail between the legs? I sure hope so. Let these jerks know that they’re being watched and their diatribe will not be tolerated.

Yesterday’s session in pictures:

parliament fight because of Asala MP Jassim Al-Saidi

parliament fight because of Asala MP Jassim Al-Saidi

parliament fight because of Asala MP Jassim Al-Saidi