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The Multitasking Dhahrani

If there ever was a time for the Tim Allen grunt, this is most definitely it!

$9.5m mosque reconstruction deal is signed

Posted on » Thursday, December 29, 2011

Khalifa Aldhahrani striking a pose
A CONTRACT to rebuild the $9.5 million (BD3.6m) King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Mosque on a 10,000sqm plot in Umm Al Hassam was signed yesterday at the Saudi Embassy in Bahrain.

Saudi Ambassador Abdul Mohsen bin Fahad Al Mark said the project reflects outstanding Bahrain-Saudi ties, strengthened thanks to the directives of the two countries’ wise leaderships.

He also praised the efforts of His Majesty King Hamad and the government to provide facilities for the project reflecting Saudi Arabia’s dedication in the service of Islam and Muslims.

He also reiterated Saudi Arabia’s keen interest to project the real image of Islam, as a religion of tolerance.

On the sidelines of the signing ceremony, Saudi Finance Ministry’s Ali Al Salman said his ministry would cover the costs of the reconstruction.

Work started yesterday and will last for 20 months. [GDN]

What the local rag conveniently does not mention, and is mentioned in Al-Wasat is that the company which has won that huge contract is none other than the one owned, actively managed and overseen by the effervescent three-time parliamentary speaker Khalifa Aldhahrani!

How the (*)^(*^%&($&(%*( is that not a conflict of interest?

Oh, sorry, that could be a reward for loyalty? Or maybe the contract is fairly won? Who were the competitors and where was this bid announced for general participation? nine point five million smackeroos! Just like that!

Now that’s a Bahraini success story isn’t it?

Just for the record, here are the parliamentarian’s responsibilities as outlined in the Parliamentary Bylaws as well as the chairman’s responsibilities [Arabic].

How Dhahrani’s personal representation in this deal (and others I’m sure) is not a slap in every single citizen’s face, is way beyond me. And I have no doubt that he’ll be “elected” again and again to continue to fill that seat until the day he finally dies.


Parliament and loss of ethics

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It’s going to be on Saturday 23rd October, 2010, HM the King has decreed. So, expect the race to parliament to start in earnest now.

Here’s the first to bolt out of the door:

الظهراني يعلن إعادة ترشحه للانتخابات النيابية 2010
Khalifa Al-Dhahrani
أعلن رئيس مجلس النواب خليفة الظهراني إعادة ترشحه للانتخابات النيابية المقبلة للفصل التشريعي الثالث. وقال الظهراني في بيان صادر عن المجلس أمس إن رغبته في إعادة الترشح «تأتي بناء على طلب الكثير من النواب والمهتمين، وكذلك رغبة المواطنين وأهالي الدائرة التاسعة بالمحافظة الوسطى، وامتداداً للخبرة البرلمانية التي يمتلكها، حيث تم اختياره رئيسا لمجلس النواب طوال الفصلين التشريعيين السابقين، فضلا عن كونه أحد أعضاء المجلس الوطني السابق 1973 ومجلس الشورى 1992-2002م». وأضاف بيان المجلس «كما يأتي إعلانه في إعادة الترشح، رغبة منه في خدمة الوطن والمواطنين والعمل يداً بيد مع الحكومة لتحقيق كل ما فيه مصلحة وخير المملكة ونهضتها تجسيدا للرؤية الإصلاحية لجلالة الملك».

Al-Wasat Newspaper – 9 Aug 2010

Al-Dhahrani declares his candidature for the 2010 elections

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Khalifa Al-Dhahrani announced his candidature for parliamentary’s third term. Al-Dhahrani said in a statement issued by the Council yesterday his intention to re-nominate himself “due to the demands of many members of parliament and other interested parties as well as the demands of citizens and the Central Governate’s 9th district constituents due to his parliamentary expertise as he was elected Speaker for the first two terms of parliament, apart from his being a member of the 1973 parliament and a member of the appointed Shura Council between 1992 – 2002. The statement add that “the announcement of his running once again was due to his desire to serve his country and countrymen and to work hand-in-hand with the government to achieve all that is good for the country and its development as envisaged by the reforming vision of His Majesty the King.

In that case, why is he using Parliamentary mechanisms, time and resources to aid in his own election campaign? To all intents and purposes as the 2nd Parliamentary term has ended and a new election date has been set by the King, then he’s out of a job. He is no longer a Speaker or anything to do with Parliament I think, so why is he even allowed to release a statement from Parliament? Isn’t this a complete and glaring case of mis-use of parliamentary power?

It’s obvious he’s totally in love with that job now, considering that last time he acted as a demure damsel in distress, refusing to stand for re-election in 2006 initially only to renege on that position when patted on the head a few times and making a dramatic entrance.

I think based on this mis-use of power alone he should be booted out of the door never to be allowed back in again. Don’t you?

Isn’t there any election committee to slap him silly for doing this and fire the guy in Parliament who allowed his office to be used unconstitutionally?

My suspicion is that this is not going to be an isolated incident in this election season. It’s now feeling like some MPs have got used to the idea that Parliament is nothing more than their own personal shop and piggy bank to do with what they want without regard to constitutionality or even basic ethics.



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I know, I know, I’m a news junky. Sue me.

But for hilarity, I always turn to our local rag, the illustrious GDN, aided and abetted by our Parliament or honorable parliamentarians.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of His Majesty King Hamad:

It is the duty of the young to stand up and vote women into parliament, to ensure the country’s political, social and economic progress, said Princess Sabeeka, who chairs the Supreme Council for Women.

She was speaking as she opened and led a three-hour debate at Bahrain University’s Sakhir campus on the role of women and young people in politics.

Khalifa Al-Dhahrani Chairman of the Council of Representatives (2002-2010):

BAHRAIN is not ready for women in politics, says parliament chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani.

He spoke out after Princess Sabeeka asked the students if they would vote for a well-qualified woman in parliament.

The majority in the room raised their hands, while others said they had yet to see women prove their capabilities in the political arena.

This prompted Mr Al Dhahrani to say that Bahraini society is not ready for women in politics.

“We have to look at our society in a realistic way and I don’t believe that it is ready for women in politics.

“Our parliament is run by religious factions and blocs, which all support women but I don’t think that as a society we are ready for this.”

But Princess Sabeeka and other panel members interjected, saying Bahrain was not completely run by religious factions.

Can you smell it?

Do we really want the right honorable MP Khalifa Al-Dhahrani and his like for yet another term?


Will it explode?

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If you’re in Bahrain, you must have felt the tension over the past few months. This tension could in large part be attributed to the Bandargate scandal in which some members of the government and royal family have been implicated in disseminating sectarian strife; a conspiracy which has kept the Bahraini political and apolitical scenes alight.

That powder keg is very close to explosion.

Over the last 3 weeks, parliament, at least the House of Representatives part in it, could not be convened due to vociferous demands by Al-Wefaq (+1) to question the main minister involved in Bandargate on financial irregularities which might be enough to impeach him. The other side of the House adamantly refused to let that intrinsic legislative tool be used claiming that the questioning is unconstitutional and using every single trick they can get hold of to hinder it. So much so that the House’s main legal council quit rather suddenly and flew back to his native Egypt – some say due to him being pressured and cajoled to change his position of which he maintained the constitutionality of the motion.

The “loyalists” as they have become known – wrongly in my view – ditched the main legal council’s advice, ridden roughshod on the second council who agreed with the first, and took the advice of the most junior of councils who seems to have given them what they want.

Al-Wefaq and Aziz Abul continue to hold onto the constitutionality of their demand and did not budge from their position. They want to question Ahmed Attiyatallah and have threatened to continue to disrupt the House’s proceedings until they get their demand. According to the Constitution and the Bylaws, they are well within their right to question said minister.

If you have been following the snippets of news over the past few days, there has been several shuttle meetings between Al-Wefaq and the higher powers in society; Al-Wefaq even met first with the prime minister and then the king to share their views with them. Both, apparently, did not want to interfere in the legislative process but gave their overt blessings that any minister – even if from within the royal family – is not above questioning.

Al-Dhahrani, the speaker of the house, still insists on the unconstitutionality of the motion and wants the house to vote on it. A process that Al-Wefaq is completely against due to it being against the House’s bylaws first, and second, because they can never win that vote given that the current make-up of the House is 22 against and 18 for. You will be interested to know that Al-Wefaq is represented by 18 votes in the House, even though they have gained 63% of the actual vote! But that’s another story.

Tomorrow promises to be stellar. Will parliament be dissolved because the intransigence of the proponents and the opponents of the motion, or will it continue to be disrupted without a solution in the offing?

I personally do not believe that it will be dissolved. A magic solution – as is typical in this country – will appear at the last minute and will save the moment. The stakes are far too high for this “democratic experiment” to fail now.

My mind is still boggled as to why the parliament itself is against using a very important tool like questioning a minister. Other than them being interfered with and pushed into their respective positions, I really have no explanation to this laughable situation.

Well, tomorrow is another day. The sun will continue to shine and business will continue to be done and migrant workers will continue to strike and buildings will continue to be built in spite of everything. The “boom” that we are experiencing; however, might well have a different sound to it come tomorrow.

We shall wait and see.


Dhahrani’s Posse

Yesterday, Khalifa Al-Dhahrani reneged on his decision not to run for the 2nd term of parliament, by not only registering his candidature, but acted as the protagonist in a cheap play by having a posse of 20 people behind him; most notable tails were a bevy of MPs including: Abdulaziz Al-Mousa, Ahmed Behzad (independents, they call themselves, Behzad is the architect and approver of the most restrictive laws which eminated from his committee in the last parliament); Hamad Al-Muhannadi (Asala, Wahabi) and Salah Ali (of Bandargate fame, on the receiving end apparantly) and Abdullatif Al-Shaikh (Muslim Brotherhood, Minbar) as well as our favourite brain-fartist Jassim Al-Saidi (newly formed Wahabi Morons, Inc. membership forms available by doing an Ahmed Attiyatallah and paying Saidi a non-refundable BD3,000 cheque for services rendered to raise the sectarian temperature in the island, he’ll even sign the receipt, no problem.)

The last minute entrance, although he would like to think is being dramatic, the fact of the matter Harry is much better at it. Nevertheless, his excuse is that he was in conference with God, as he does every Ramadhan in the last 10 days. Don’t know what they were talking about (I think it really was just a single-sided conversation if you ask me, and Dhahrani has the hammer) but I guess he interpreted the conversation that he has to do his public duty and place his posterior on an already reserved Speaker of the House leather seat.

All that doesn’t concern me really, it’s politics after all. What really got my goat is the report (arabic) that said that not only was he accompanied by the aforementioned well trained MPs, but within his posse were quite a number of the Chamber’s workers! Sure, they’re citizens and they have every right to support a candidate of their choice, but in my book this is a conflict of interest to say the very least. And as he keeps patting his own shoulders saying that he has had a very long experience in politics and parliaments (hah!) he should have told at least those workers to bugger off as what they are doing is a conflict of interest, and that they are working for the people rather than Dhahrani Est.

So to those who actually work in the illustrious and hushed (normally) halls of abrogated power, could you please tell your colleagues that this is not a “good thing™” to have done, as it shows that they are directly employed by Dhahrani, rather than employed by the people. What they should have done is distance themselves from him until (not if unfortunately) their boss returns to his roost.


Any bananas?

Because we have a bunch of baboons in the Parliament.

We have one who wants to chop hands off as a punishment for thieves AND throw them in prison for their troubles, while the other wants to publish names and possibly pictures of “criminals” even before their rite to appeal has been exercised.

No, don’t shake your heads in dispair, it’s time to email these baboons to tell them that we do not agree with them.

Click the pictures to email them:

Shaikh Ali MattarKhalifa Al-Dhahrani

All this when Bahraini law contravenes international law and signed agreements when it treats 15 year olds as adults.


More Royal than the King

More Royal than the King

Tomorrow is a fantastic day and you know why? Because according to my calculations it will be only one single year left for the Parliamentary elections in Bahrain!

365 days. Can we stand it for another year? Heck yes, it’s fun watching fools make even bigger asses of themselves. Let’s take the current “uproar” against the FTA and ending the economic boycott of Israel, what is it really other than cheap electioneering shots? Especially when a right honourable mouse of a man who has proven his uselessness (the first letter of his name is Hassan Bukhammas by the way he only posted 1 question to ministers – yes only ONE question while he is allowed 36 so far! – and submitted 2 legislative “wishes”) now becomes the Lion of Parliament by standing up and shouting “Death to America and Israel” which of course demonstrates his braveness in the cataract infected eyes of “his” constituents so that they can carry him on their shoulders back into the hallowed chambers of Parliament come the next time around. All because “he stood up to the Zionist enemy.”

Others of course are beating the shit out of each other and trampling whatever is in their paths to get noticed in this very emotive issue, from the illustrious Mohammed Khalid who has labelled the whole government as traitors and the remainder of the honourable MPs aren’t much better in their stances and responses. They’ve made pandering to fools their holy jihad.

The only saving grace for the whole parliament is Abbas Hassan, another unknown to be sure, but he stood up and told them that “MPs were all talk and no fight” and challenged them to pick up weapons and go to Palestine and fight for its freedom if they were men to which our major brain-farter and could well be a joint-winner of the coveted Mtv TWITBTHIFD Society Award (his co-winner can’t be other than Dhahrani) raised his great girth and issued the following brain-fart: “apologise!” To which Abbas Hassan basically told him to stuff it.

So what is this parliament doing? Discarding national interests and long term prosperity of the nation against an emotive subject that neither they nor anyone else can do anything about, especially as the Palestinians themselves have categorically recognised Israel’s right to exist. Who are we then to complain and raise these issues in parliament? Shouldn’t they have tackled the various critical items on their agendas than wasting time with something they have absolutely no control over?

No of course not.. I couldn’t summarise this situation better than how our dear friend JJ has: they’re trying to be more royal than the king.

365 days tomorrow…


History? What the hell for?!

These are the kind of MPs we have:

Mr Al Mo’awda said he was not proud for the country to be associated with the burial mounds.

“We must have pride in our Islamic roots and not some ancient civilisation from another place and time, which has only given us a jar here and a bone there,” he said.

Civilisation didn’t exist of course before Islam. So why the hell bother with over 6,000 years of history? He’ll have us just make do with the last 1,400 years or so.

Rock on dude!

But his comments, which were backed by Jassim Al Mawali and Jassim Al Saeedi, angered other MPs, who called for the protection of the sites.

Of course he would have these usual asswipes to support this view. Thankfully, there were some who had some sense to slap them down:

MP Fareed Ghazi said that only six per cent of the burial mounds in A’ali remained.

“How can we as men of intellect and culture say such things about the A’ali burial mounds,” he said.

Mr Ghazi said they belonged to future generations and that building new homes should not be at the expense of an historic site.

Abdulnabi Salman was on a roll again (he must feel exhausted after the last week, Dhahrani certainly was, the swooning swan had to be hospitalised due to “exhaustion” last night… ضارب كزمه Ùˆ شيول يا خوك – no, his exhaustion apparently was due to his all out efforts to get the “Right to Assemble, processions and demonstrations” bill passed – as instructed by his masters – which basically puts everyone who dares demonstrate in prison, after being severely beaten for his or her efforts of course)

“How can you reduce one of the world’s largest historical burial mounds to a small site?”

With only a day to go in this parliamentary term, it’s brain farts open season it seems!


Glamour Shot

H. E. Mr. Khalifa Al-Dhahrani
Chairman of the Council of Representatives

Good morning!

Loving the pout! Posh Spice can learn a few things by studying this picture to improve hers.

Thanks to Al-Wasat by the way…


Wouldn’t switching the damned thing off be easier?

Khalifa Al-Dhahrani is at it again, this time wanting to not only control technology, but giving out 5 years prison sentances and thousands of dinars fines for something that cannot be traced.

Yes, I’m talking about Bluetoothed mobile phones again.

Bluetooth Clamp

Bluetooth violators could face up to five years in jail according to proposals submitted to Parliament by its chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani.

and in this Arabic report from Akhbar Al-Khaleej, the actual text of the proposed law is given:

تقدم رئيس مجلس النواب السيد خليفة الظهراني إلى مجلس النواب باقتراح بقانون بتعديل المادة رقم (370) من قانون العقوبات وفقا لحكمي المادة (92) من الدستور والمادة (93) من اللائحة الداخلية لمجلس النواب.

المادة (370) قبل التعديل: (يعاقب بالحبس مدة لا تزيد على ستة اشهر وبالغرامة التي لا تجاوز خمسين دينارا او بإحدى هاتين العقوبتين من نشر بإحدى طرق العلانية اخبارا او صورا او تعليقات تتصل بأسرار الحياة الخاصة او العائلية للافراد ولو كانت صحيحة إذا كان من شأن نشرها الإساءة إليهم).

بعد التعديل: (يعاقب بالحبس مدة لا تزيد على ستة اشهر وبالغرامة التي لا تجاوز خمسين دينارا او بإحدى هاتين العقوبتين من نشر بإحدى طرق العلانية اخبارا وصورا او تعليقات تتصل بأسرار الحياة الخاصة او العائلية للأفراد ولو كانت صحيحة إذا كان من شأن نشرها الإساءة إليهم. ويعاقب كل من يستخدم هاتفا محمولا مزودا بكاميرا وقام بتصوير شخص دون علمه او رضاه بالحبس مدة لا تقل عن ستة اشهر او غرامة ألف دينار إذا كان من شأن هذا التصوير الإساءة إلى الغير او المساس بالآداب العامة. وتكون العقوبة بالسجن لمدة سنتين او غرامة الفين دينار، لكل من يتداول او يوزع باستخدام خاصية البلوتوث صورا او لقطات تمس الحياة الخاصة بالغير او تخل الآداب العامة. وتعد حيازة هذه الصور او لقطات الفيديو قرينة على تداولها او توزيعها. وتكون العقوبة السجن لمدة خمس سنوات لكل من يقوم باستخدام خاصية البلوتوث في الابتزاز او التحريض على الفسق والفجور).

وذكرت المذكرة الإيضاحية انه لوحظ في الآونة الأخيرة قيام بعض الافراد باستخدام الهواتف المحمولة المزودة بكاميرا او المزودة بخاصية البلوتوث باستخدامها استخدامات من شأنها تعريض المجتمع للخطر. وذلك من خلال القيام بتصوير الاشخاص من دون علمهم او من دون رضاهم وتداول هذه الصور او لقطات الفيديو من خلال خاصية البلوتوث. او تداول الصور ومقاطع الفيديو التي يحصل عليها من الغير من دون ان يكون هو الذي صورها. وذلك إذا كان من شأن هذه الصور الإساءة إلى الغير او كانت مخلة بالآداب العامة. وتمكن خطورة خاصية البلوتوث في انها تتيح للأفراد تداول الرسائل المكتوبة والمصورة والمسموعة من دون تحديد المصدر الذي تأتي منه، اي ان اي شخص يستطيع ان يرسل ما يشاء من الرسائل بأنواعها من دون ان ينكشف رقم هاتفه او اسمه او اي شيء يدل على مصدر هذه الرسائل.
Akhbar Al-Khaleej

I’ve written about this before of course when it first surfaced, but it seems that our parliament has become immune to the smell of brain farts.

I pose the question again. If you, your daughter, son, wife, husband doesn’t want the Bluetooth feature, why not just switch that feature off? Is that too difficult to comprehend? Or has proposing yet more useless laws has become a hobby, especially with the Oct 2006 elections looming closer?