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Bahrain Bloggers Gathering

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Bloggers are invited to attend the next Bloggers’ Gathering on Saturday 4th July, 2009 at Costa Coffee in the Country Mall on the Budaiya Highway The Dome in Juffair (they have Internet!) from 10.30 – 13.00.

Please come!


Bahrain Bloggers Renascence Gathering

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For a gathering that was organised at such a short notice, we had an excellent attendance of 10 bloggers! Thanks to everyone who came. It was excellent to see everyone and be re-energised again to do even more for the community.

There were many topics discussed of course and resolutions made, one that I have already actioned is the restoration of the old Gregarious RSS Aggregator for BahrainBlogs.org, after the continuous troubles I’ve had with WordPress and its brain-dead aggregator plugin, it was a pleasure for me to delete that installation and restore it back. I hope you like it.

Please also note, that as the Bahraini government has inexplicably blocked http://bahrainblogs.org, I have made it available within Bahrain on https://bahrainblogs.org (note the S). So until they block this one too and you have to access it through one of the proxy services or applications, enjoy!

I would appreciate it if you would let me know so I can add it.

Unfortunately the venue we chose did not have WiFi! Can you believe it? It probably will be the last time we meet there. The absence of wireless access prevented us to add an 11th very welcome blogger to our gathering: Yacoub Slais. Hopefully next time, who knows, attending virtually might be something that we perfect for those who couldn’t come join us for any reason.

Quick shout out to the attendees:

I hope to see more people at the next meeting. Any input as to which day/date/location we should choose?


Bahraini Bloggers Renascence Gathering, don’t miss it!

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All local bloggers are invited to a Local Bloggers Meetup on Saturday 13th of June 2009. 11 AM Dolce Café in Zinj.

We’d love to restart, reconnect and re-meet old and new friends. Please take a couple of hours off and come and have a coffee with us.

Find out what number this meeting is and I’ll buy you coffee and maybe a nice piece of cake too!


The F1 Gathering

It was really fun to watch the final of the race together and I think everyone enjoyed being glued to the TV screen (and not killing the staff due to problems with the audio which the guys valiantly fixed by turning up the set’s volume to 100%!) and stuffing our gobs while doing so too.

It would have been a lot funner had Hamilton won the championship in his rookie year, but lady luck had other plans I guess. I have no doubt that he will clinch it in the coming years and will no doubt – if his class improves and the equipment he drives stays the course – he will approach the great Michael Schumacher at some point in his career.

Pictures? I took a few with my mobile and stitched a couple together to give you a feeling, click on the compilation below to view the set:

The Bahrain bloggers’ gathering number 33.5


Bloggers’ Gathering #33.5 at Motorox

Eyad and I are proposing another gathering on Sunday 21st October at Motorox to watch and enjoy the gripping F1 finalé. The race starts at 9pm 7pm Bahrain time and lasts for 90 minutes normally. Please be there by 8 6.30 or so if you can because if you come and and block the screen while you are trying to squeeze in, there is no telling who (not if) will kill you!

As I am sure that it will be rather busy, we need to reserve immediately. Please let us know if you would like to attend so we can tally the numbers.


33rd Bloggers’ Gathering TONIGHT!

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link to me link to me

At a new venue just for Ramadhan suggested by Silveroo who has also agreed to pay to dry-clean our clothes due to the shisha smoke at La Maison du Café in Zinj at 8pm!

Sorry about the last minute notice, but I do hope that bloggers will have a few minutes to spare to come and say hey.