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On Al-Jazeera!

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I’ve been interviewed and filmed by Al-Jazeera’s Hashim Ahelbarra (the English channel) about a couple of weeks ago, the segment is airing in their news program throughout the day today Nov 8th, ’07. If you’re interested in watching, you can do so online (click here or click “watch now” on their front page).

Hope you like it.

update: If the schedule doesn’t change, it looks like they’re rebroadcasting it at around 25 past the hour every hour.

update 2: Al-Jazeera has just posted the interview on their website, and by the magic of YouTube, here it is too:



oops sign

Sorry. Got fed up of spam so I instructed the hosting company to install SpamAssassin. Little did I know that that required a complete re-install of the OS in order for that Plesk license to work!

After holding my head in my hands for a few minutes thinking of trying to find ways to buy a couple of bazookas to gift their projectiles to the hosting company, as you can see I’ve arrived at a better solution once the brain got engaged and decided to look at the situation as a perfect opportunity to move my junk from an old drive to a new one… Linux makes it easier too!

Sorry for the inconvenience. Do let me know should you discover any glitches.

Needless to say you might experience interruptions (I’ll keep them to the minimum I promise ;))


Friday Video – 14 Sept, ’07


This “real” video thingy is taking the whole day to finish and then upload, but hey, I enjoy it tremendously and I hope you like it.

I wish you a wonderful Friday, weekend, Ramadhan, Iftar, life, and every other good thing in your lives.


It’s about 50 megs! There’s a smaller YouTube version too now which should mangle it enough to be “reasonable” for poor Bahrainis, after taking permission from Batelco of course, although a little birdie tells me that a huge change is coming in that department!


Ramadhan Kareem!

Ramadhan Greeting

I wish you all a very happy, peaceful, spiritual and fulfilling Ramadhan, may Allah return it on all of humanity in peace and tranquillity.

the caption reads “It is now the athan al-maghreb time” (dusk call to prayer, the time at which the fast is broken)


Destination unknown

This post might not be safe for work or for those under 18Of course it’s bloody well unknown if you watch this kind of video on a MTV while you’re already killing yourself on an elliptical cross-trainer from hell with a pulse monitor to boot.

Is it any wonder that my pulse jumped from 145 to over 160 bpms?

This was what was playing that early in the morning on MTV (not this Mtv mind you) and with the prevalence of satellite subscription in our homes, I am left aghast when confronted with this crap!

What is it, music can’t exist without showing an inordinate amount of flesh now? I know I sound like an old fogey here but I am really surprised that the situation descended to this level and as it has, I can guarantee you that it will descend even further. The days of using sexual innuendos to sell songs are over, my friends. Please welcome the era of all out sexual acts on public television screens to sell records!

Had that channel been marked as 18+ I wouldn’t mind one bit, but come on this is now simply ridiculous don’t you think?

The following video might not be safe for work or those under 18.


If you want to comment here…

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please register. It doesn’t take much to do so and if you don’t believe me just have a look here. I get hundreds of spam every day and apart from the manual labour that I have to go through them to rescue whatever is genuine, it slows down the site and taxes the server as this site has become a magnet for spamming bastards.

So do me and yourself a favour, just register and you will be able to comment to your heart’s content. To reassure the paranoid amongst you, I will never willingly divulge your name or email to anyone. Please read the site’s privacy statement and other site policies if you are that concerned.

Also, it is so easy to create a new email account on the many free services so you can use it with your registration here (and elsewhere) and the insignificant trouble is worth it as no one will be able to steal your identity. The system only allows unique names and unique email addresses.


Welcome to “Mahmood Talk”

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Welcome to Mahmood Talk

Come on in, my friends, have a seat on my comfortable couch, relax, have a cup of chai and let’s talk a while!

You want to discuss a topic of your own and wish to know how others perceive it? You have a burning question that needs an answer? You have a creative idea and want to float it around so it is enriched and becomes probably better than what you started with?

Well, you have more than 200,000 unique visitors ready and waiting to contribute!

So don’t be shy.. you are more than welcome to do all of that and more at Mahmood Talk at http://talk.mahmood.tv

Please, be my guests.



Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the moment —-> Amal aka enTaiFah!

Yep, it’s that time again. I’m off on a short trip to lovely Amman, Jordan this afternoon. So in the tradition of Mtv, it gives me great pleasure to announce this time’s Scapegoat of the Moment [MtvSM™]:


Amal aka enTaiFah

That means that she is to blame for all the ills of the world and then some, until I come back!

You really think that the Tubli Bay environmental disaster happened all by itself? What about the Malkiya on-again-off-again fish traps and wall? Saddad’s wall? The almost completed unauthorised shopping centre in A’ali? The desecration of the Tree of Life?

No, they are all due to enTaiFah‘s carelessness and collusion (and she’s also to blame for me using longish words which are completely unnecessary)!

She was also very instrumental in our dear beloved Prime Minister receiving the 2006 Special Citation of the Habitat Scroll of Honour Award 😕

See you all in a couple of days’ time.


Off to Amman, Jordan

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I’ll be off for a couple of days to Jordan, the first in my life! But, as I told my wife this morning, all hotel lobbies and conference halls look virtually identical, down to the smell of the cleaning solvents they use!

It’s the semi-annual meeting of the IREX advisory council.

Any idea as to who should be the Scapegoat this time?


Meet Zeke

I just got fed up with the previous theme and thought that it’s time for a change. So I took a freely available theme called Zeke from SoloStream and retooled it to suite Mahmood’s Den a bit better.

As you can see, this theme is wider; it’s main screen is 960 pixels wide and has two “sidebars”. One important thing about this theme is its capability to display a “featured” article which will always appear at the top of the page and is made distinct by its different coloured background highlight. I can choose which article can occupy that space or just revert back to normal blog chronological article display. This means that the top article on the page is not necessarily the last article I published!

I’m going to play about a bit more with this theme as I gain more experience with specific content display in order to make information easier to get at. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I also think that I have fixed the problem with Internet Explorer forcing the sidebar to be taken to the bottom of the content (because I had content which stretched the main div) but do let me know should you experience any problem with the theme or site please.

I hope you like the changes, and thanks once again for your continued support and friendship.