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The pompousity of a useful fool

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Saidi, with tail firmly between his legs, forced to apologize

MP Al-Saidi says he notices double standards in Britain’s foreign policy towards the Kingdom of Bahrain and its people. He pointed out: “At a time when the British Government says it is eager to reinforce the relations between Manama and London, we notice that it disregards the fact that those with whom it meets violate the law and the ancient Arab norms.”

Al-Saidi criticized the easy way in which London-based Bahraini political figures are granted British nationality, the right to political asylum, and financial aid.
Alsharq Alawsat 4 Aug 08

I really don’t know how this guy finds the time to mount his own chosen crusades which appear to be one a day and all of which have the veneer or propriety but all one has to do is scratch the surface to smell the stench of a conspiratorial mind filled with sectarian hatred.

In this case, the pretentious being trounces on yet another human right, that of freedom of expression, simply to continue to mount his personal vendetta against all those who dare to oppose his alternate reality. It is not strange at all then to reading this additional worthless issuance of his in yet another exposed attempt at further ingratiating himself to those who must regard him as nothing more than a useful fool.

Rock on “shaikh”. You are proof positive that a fool at 40 is a fool for ever.


M.Report S01E07 – Homosexuality and the Islamist

Sex is never too far from Islamists’ minds, it seems, especially if they are law makers. This might be because they view their legislative role as nothing more than protecting people from themselves – according to their views anyway – and ensuring that society toes the straight and narrow – again, according to their definitions – in order to prevent them from going to hell and eternal damnation.

It could also be for selfish reasons, where they view that with executing that “over-sight” role in parliament and life, they would receive untold brownie points from Allah in Heaven and by that ensure that they can have as much sex as they want then. Deferred payment, if you like.

I’m not sure if anyone calculated how much time they spent in parliament discussing what they find objectionable: sex in general, homosexuality, lesbianism, butch girls, you name it, but the amount of time they dedicate to penalising sexual criminals and child rapists is close to zero. The time they spend in ensuring that personal freedoms are sacrosanct, is probably nil, and the time they consumed even discussing changing their own bylaws in order for them to be more effective is zero.

However, when it comes to a sitting member of parliament maligning not one, but TWO countries with which we have diplomatic ties as “homosexual deviants” – they give him the mic and increase the volume!


Depraved minds

bikini-clad muslim women enjoying the seaThe premise is a good one.

Parliament debated the dearth of beaches in Bahrain and wanted to beg the king to revoke ownership deeds in order to return the coastline to the populace. However, some MPs are showing their depravity as they associate the available beaches – they’re referring to privately owned resorts and the like – with a semi-nudist colony. The logic is indefatigable, I know, but it also demonstrates that the only thing that those bozos think of is matters of the flesh, catering to their own baser instincts:

“The problem is not only with the beaches being used by women in bikinis, of whom even the fish are ashamed, but with owners of projects on the coast thinking that they own the sea too, as they have already started banning fishermen.”

Yes my friends, this eruption was from an upstanding member. The first vice chairman to be exact, whose faculties, mental and otherwise, do not extend beyond, well, his basic instinct.

I don’t think he even realises how much damage his outburst does to not only himself – which is frivolous – but also to the noble cause he is championing, which is the return of the coastline to public ownership. Why he has to draw an association between the current availability of beaches to that of scantily clan women and immediately passing judgement on them as nothing more than shameless hussies is beyond me.

But, it seams, those images are firmly ensconced in his head. Both of them. And are doubtlessly keeping him awake at night.


New novel method of electioneering pioneered by candidate

I bet you have all heard of the various ways candidates resort to in order to get their names and mugshots noticed; as anywhere else in the world, parliamentary and municipal candidates in Bahrain also offer bribes, buy votes, give gifts, refurnish houses and apartments, activate whatever wasta (influence) they have to ensure that their “customers” get their names pushed up the priority list for housing and other benefits if they can, and/or simply offer copious and unending supply of food at their electioneering headquarters. That last method is actually quite hilarious when you see people (and I am told most of those are non-voters, being Indian labourers etc) pushing and shoving others aside to get to the head of the serving queue at the end of the guys interminable speeches.

Where things differ in Bahrain, are two new methods, one pioneered specifically by the Salafis I think, in that they have leant from their compatriots’ Shi’a and their ma’atems experiences, is to sponsor and bring out preachers – some well known from – wait for it, wait for it – that land of tolerance, the land of the benign smile, and miswak: Saudi Arabia, where they spread their poison and stress to those attending (not sure if they are supporters or they’re actually just there for the food) that they should vote exclusively for their patron, and at the same time spread their poison against any and all opponents, especially if the opponent is a woman or worse, a Shi’a candidate!

Adel Al-Assoumi, vice principalAnother very new and a most novel method is the creation of your very own vice posse to go around the flats and houses in your neighbourhoods catching prostitutes (arabic) (or who they believe are prostitutes) and take them to the police, under the guise of “cleaning” their areas of sin. This new method is pioneered by a Adel Al-Assoumi who is running for the first constituency of the capital covering Gudhaiybia and Hoora, with the full support and knowledge of clerics who have lauded his efforts in their Friday sermons, and even composed short text support messages which were transmitted to mobile phones.

Now there you have it! I must commend the people of Hoora and Gudhaiybia for such an honest, dutiful, straight and vigilante candidate. The “good” thing is that he says that regardless of his chances in the elections, he will continue with his posse even they are done and dusted. And what does the Ministry of Interior’s – the protector who never sleeps so that we can – comment about people taking the law into their own hands as they clearly allegedly are in this case?

رفض مدير الإعلام الأمني في وزارة الداخلية الرائد محمد بن دينة، أية تصريحات في هذا الشأن يمكن استغلالها للاستهلاك الإعلامي والحملات الانتخابية، وقال إن وزارة الداخلية تشجع المواطنين والمقيمين على التقدم بالبلاغات لما يرونه خروجاً عن القانون، وأن ليس هناك ما يمكن أن يطلق عليه <>حملة شعبية>> في شأن من شؤون واختصاصات وزارة الداخلية ومن صلب عملها، إذ أن دور المواطن والمقيم ينتهي عند التقدم بالبلاغ، وأي إجراء تقوم أجهزة وزارة الداخلية يتم بعد ذلك وفق إجراءاتها وتحت مسؤوليتها القانونية، مؤكداً أن ترؤس أياً كان لحملات من هذا النوع سيكون خارج اختصاصه ودوره الذي تقوم به الوزارة المعنية.

Al-Waqt :: 19 Nov, ’06

They’re encouraging people to continue to lodge complaints, blow whistles and point fingers, but not to take any further action as that is their sole domain.

Fair enough, that makes for a safer society, but what will the Ministry do to Adel’s Posse? Will they disband it, slap him on the wrist, or take him to court for clearly breaching several laws (and not forgetting those preachers who should also be slapped and told – once again – not to interfere in the elections?

No idea, but I’m not holding my breath.


CONVICTED! First Bahraini MP to be handed a jail sentence

Soon to be ex-MP Sameer Al-Shuwaikh, (the guy I voted for!) was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence yesterday for issuing a dud-cheque. For 158,000 Dinars (US$ 419k). His defence of ignorance and that “he only presented the cheque as a guarantee” were thrown out of court. You ain’t got money, don’t write cheques. Even my 10-year-old son knows that. He probably thought that becoming an MP would shelter him from prosecution, and it did for a while, but his immunity was lifted.

So it looks like we’re going to have to elect another person to represent us quite soon in our area (Northern Governate, Constituency #3, Barbar) , and hope that this time there will be a better choice to pick from.

C’mon Parliament, what are you waiting for, let’s have an election and see if that too is going to be boycotted! What fun!!


Bahraini MP’s immunity lifted

The gentleman I voted for had his immunity temporarily lifted so that he can be “questioned” by the Public Prosecutor for alleged financial irregularities. He is alleged to have bounced cheques worth more than BD 500k ($1.3m). He has so far denied the allegations and will supposedly hold a press conference later on in the week. I am anxious to hear what he has to say on the matter.

It’s very possible that we’ll have to elect another guy for our area if he is convicted. I’m not going to say anything against the guy just yet… let’s see how this particular cookie crumbles.