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[MtvSM] Amsterdam, here we come!

We’re off to Amsterdam for a week to produce 5 (yes, five) corporate videos in 7 days!

Needless to say, we’ll be a bit busy. So please hold the fort while I’m away. I’ll try to pop in as often as I can, but expect delays in responses and posts please.

Until my return, and in the spirit of the Den, The Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the Moment shall be….

MtvSM time again, this time in honour of…

What’s MtvSM I hear you ask? It’s that ancient Mahmood’s Den tradition where I authorise you to completely and unequivocally to lay the blame on a person or entity of my choosing. Fear not, they are not defenceless, they can – and have often done and are encouraged to – rebut your blames and claims or succumb to their inevitable premature death if they choose not to.

MtvSM – Bahraini Diva

I’m off on my travels again, this time to Casablanca, Morocco to attend the North Africa Citizen Journalism Workshop where I will be present on two panels and look forward to learning from the others’ experiences, and hope to impart some of mine too. Now, keeping with the Den’s traditions, it behooves me to announce …

MtvSM time

It’s that time again.. I’m in the airport awaiting my flight to Jordan and it suddenly hit me that I didn’t announce the traditional Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the Moment! Silly me. Alrighty then… I don’t think there is anything nor anyone more deserving of very valid blame other than… The Parliament! If I were …