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The Filbert Dilemma

Filbert has been calling for his parents, especially as he sometimes hears them outside and sees them sometimes in the poinciana or the palm tree just outside the window. Frances and I were heartbroken, so we decided to try something this morning and that is to take him out to the garden and see what …


Filbert!, originally uploaded by malyousif. I saw a commotion through my study window and stood up to investigate. It was two mynah birds attacking something and two parakeets attacking the mynahs and in the middle of this mêlée was a little parakeet which was obviously the centre of attention! The mynahs were intent on killing …


This puppy was hanging around our house for a few days now. The last time we took our two dogs out for a walk it decided to join us from a distance but there was no way for us to approach it, it would just run away whenever we tried. It had a rope tied around its neck which looked quite tight and uncomfortable.