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M.Report S01E07 – Homosexuality and the Islamist

Sex is never too far from Islamists’ minds, it seems, especially if they are law makers. This might be because they view their legislative role as nothing more than protecting people from themselves – according to their views anyway – and ensuring that society toes the straight and narrow – again, according to their definitions – in order to prevent them from going to hell and eternal damnation.

It could also be for selfish reasons, where they view that with executing that “over-sight” role in parliament and life, they would receive untold brownie points from Allah in Heaven and by that ensure that they can have as much sex as they want then. Deferred payment, if you like.

I’m not sure if anyone calculated how much time they spent in parliament discussing what they find objectionable: sex in general, homosexuality, lesbianism, butch girls, you name it, but the amount of time they dedicate to penalising sexual criminals and child rapists is close to zero. The time they spend in ensuring that personal freedoms are sacrosanct, is probably nil, and the time they consumed even discussing changing their own bylaws in order for them to be more effective is zero.

However, when it comes to a sitting member of parliament maligning not one, but TWO countries with which we have diplomatic ties as “homosexual deviants” – they give him the mic and increase the volume!


Terrorism pays

Mohammed Khalid, that effervescent Islamist MP, wants to gift the five erstwhile Guantanamo detainees BD50,000 (~US$132k) as a “for the suffering and torture they were forced to endure in the US prison camp“.

Huh? Oy! Bub! Listen: when we defended their right to a fair trial we didn’t sign up to make them the luminaries of society. Those men chose to go into a war zone to do goodness’ knows what and they might have participated in terrorism and terrorist activities. These things we will never know now because a trial was not forthcoming and the chat they had with the public prosecutor on their arrival home was not published – as it should have as we have a right to know.

Now you just want to cut them a blank cheque from my money? No way smartypants. They do not deserve this magnanimous gesture of yours. If you want to give them money from your own pocket then that’s completely up to you, but don’t lumber the country with yet another bill just to polish your name in your own circles. This is just not on. And if Saudi chooses to give its own citizens money, a car and even pay for their wedding just because they were in Gitmo for a while, that’s completely up to them and it doesn’t concern us, but don’t you bloody well dare to pull that stunt here boyo.

If the parliament really adopts this brainfart it is as if they accept and even condone terrorism. It is tantamount to announcing to the world that terrorism pays! Wasn’t it you and your ilk who fully supported the Law Against Terrorism in parliament? Whatisitwijyouboy? Double standards is your way of life?

Listen, they made their own beds and now they should bloody well lie in them. They are now free and not thanks to your “efforts” but that of the BCHR primarily and their activist US lawyers. You jammed yourself right in the middle for your own political gains and most certainly not theirs.

So get off that high horse of yours and don’t go throwing money hither and thither, your job as an MP is to ensure that that does not happen not aid and abet it for God’s sake. Get a life will ya!


The comeuppance of Mohammed Khalid

Mohammed Khalid is one of those controversial personalities. He has gained notoriety by his outward sectarianism. He has not shied away from those controversies but on the contrary, welcomed them! Even the hallowed halls of parliament did not deter him from being involved in not only shouting matches but physical violence which earned a black eye for his troubles.

He has a propensity for wasting the parliament’s time as well in chasing what he calls (and has become infamous for) Satan Worshipers and other ghosts, all of which are presented with an Islamist twist.

Mohammed Khalid, like others of his ilk on either side of the political spectrum, has copiously demonstrated his inability to differentiate between the roles of a politician and a preaching cleric, it is this last failing which has resulted in the Sunni Endowment Board finally becoming fed up of his antics and slapping a gag on him by not allow him to once again preach his version of extremist Islam and sectarianism in Bahraini mosques.

Not wishing to acquiesce to that request, or at the very least be intelligent enough to perform some soul searching to discover the reason for such a decision, he has now willingly involved the parliamentary bloc to which he belongs to politicise this ban even further; once again demonstrating that their version of Islam is just another political tool which is malleable enough to reshape into whatever they wish it to be.

I am pleased with the decision to stop Mohammed Khalid and think that although the decision is rather late in coming, at least it has arrived; better late than never. I do hope; however, that this is a strategic shift and that other preachers will be monitored and stopped should they start their sectarian poison, or entrench themselves into political or governance issues which most are not qualified to enter into.

I propose that if the government is hesitant in adopting this stance, then let them at least stop members of parliament from leading prayers and preaching sermons, that, I am sure you will agree, is directly utilising houses of worship for political gains and influence, an activity which is completely unlawful in this country.


Flying brooms spotted by satanwala

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If you thought that parliaments were created to oversee the executive branch of governments, to ensure that minorities rights are respected and protected, that legislation would only be passed if they were within constitutional bounds and that people’s lives are bettered. Then you would be forgiven for not having the Bahraini parliament in mind!

Why? Because of frivolous and dangerous people seem to congregate there, which would have been fine if it stopped there; however it doesn’t. It goes much further, these people now want to include yet another penalty to the Penal Code based on very opaque criteria which will – if passed – legitimately start yet another witch hunt. Literally.

“If you used a hammer against someone and that person was hurt, you would be punished,” he said.

“So what is the difference if you use magic to harm others?”


He also wants to give the police the power to raid witches’ dens and make arrests if evidence of witchcraft is found.

I haven’t seen the full proposal yet, but I can almost guarantee that it will be as full of malleable language which could be interpreted as anything the prosecutor or police want it to be. If this bill is passed, I can guarantee that the punishment will not take long to be levied against alternative health providers for instance, or pursued by jilted lovers, or even pitting one neighbour against the other, all purporting that the other is involved in witchcraft activities. And let’s not forget satanwala’s favourite subject of labeling rock concerts as devil worshiping gatherings! He’s preparing to having multiple field days!

Much more important than this I think is that this situation yet again demonstrates the inappropriateness of our choice to fill those hallowed seats of parliament. Will we ever learn?


Investigative Journalism!

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Devil’s Horns

As ridiculous as it may sound, all that is needed is a lick of black nail polish and fourth hand hearsay for it to be “proven” that high school kids in Bahrain practice Satan Worship.

And all you need is a girl with short hair to confirm that not only is she a lesbian, but a flaming bull dyke on the prowl to indulge the most depraved of her sexual fantasies in the school’s bathrooms.

Or at least this is what the likes MP Mohammed Khalid, MP Abdulla Al-Dossary and the other traditionally sensationalist press want us to believe. But for Al-Wasat – an erstwhile respectable paper – to succumb to this too is rather disappointing.

What level has Al-Wasat descended to exactly with its second page today dedicated to absolute crap? Based completely on unsubstantiated rumours, fear mongering, discriminatory allegations and all based on fourth hand accounts. They give this rubbish the second page in one of the largest circulating papers in the country?

That is not “investigative journalism”, Mr. Ali Al-Olaiwat, what it is simple sensationalism that is not becoming of Al-Wasat, a paper that we have come to respect for factual reporting. What you and your editors have done to allow this kind of unsubstantiated rubbish to be printed reveals the desperation that the paper must be in.

You and your paper should be ashamed of yourselves. You have betrayed the trust placed in your paper and your readership.

If we do have a problem with sexuality and teen-angst, those issues should be investigated properly and presented in a professional and unbiased manner, supported by well researched facts so that people can benefit from your well-intentioned research and you then be part of the solution, rather than exacerbating a perceived problem.

I expect that should Al-Wasat wish to keep its credibility, they should at least offer a retraction and censure the “journalist” who dared put his name on that piece of rubbish. Then it is their duty to mount a proper and full investigation in which they present the facts as they are, fully supported and substantiated, in order for people to choose what they want to do about the problem should it exist in the first place.

This is not journalism. This is not what we expect from Al-Wasat.

This is just pandering to a baser instinct.


A slip of tongue?

State something once, and you would probably be forgiven for a possible slip of the tongue, but if a it is repeated thrice – as a warning – what other explanation could there be other than the person being warned is a known repeat offender?

Thus was the state of affairs between Mohammed Khaled and his boss Salah Ali last Tuesday in parliament, both of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Al-Menber political society, all of whom are purportedly in parliament due to copious votes gained from out-of-constituency voting centres.

No matter. So what was Salah Ali being warned against by his colleague? He was instructed not to kiss ass – to use colloquial parlance – for the right honourable gentleman has been known to have perfected that vocation.

Uncharacteristically, the right honourable gentleman disappoints in that particular situation, or maybe due to the behest of Khalid – or in spite of him, interpret it as you will – he mildly rebuked the government for throwing out the majority of the parliament’s work over the last few years and retained just 12 projects out of 53 to be brought back into this parliamentary term, as is their right as far as the by-laws are concerned.

I wonder if the right honourable gentlemen of Al-Menber would support other MPs in demanding changes to the parliamentary by-laws to ensure such a situation not to happen again?

I’m not holding my breath.


What insolence!

I think everyone can excuse bad manners once in a while and simply attribute its occurrence to a particular situation, upbringing or even just simple frustration. What people cannot excuse; however, is pure and evil insolence, especially when that insolence comes from a grown person with public standing and one that has been chosen – against people’s best judgment as far as I’m concerned – to be their representative in the hallowed halls of parliament.

MP Mohammed Khalid displaying his drugs stash in parliamentLook at this incident for instance:

كما أشار خالد إلى اتصال النائب علي سلمان له ليبارك فوزه بالانتخابات، وأنه رد عليه بقوله ‘’لا أريدك أن تبارك لي، وإنما ما أود قوله لك أن البحرين أمانة وغالية علينا’’. معتبراً أن قوى المعارضة لم تقدم شيئاً للناس بل زادتنا سوءاً، حسب قوله.

Al-Waqt :: 30 Nov, ’06

Isn’t this simply disgusting? Mohammed Khalid receives a call from the head of the largest political party in Bahrain who is calling to congratulate him on his win and re-entry into parliament, and what does that insolent, inbred, Satan worshiping fetishist respond with? Abuse and calls the gentleman a traitor!

Bad manners? No. Not just that. He proved over the last four years how insolent he is. And why shouldn’t he be? Is there anyone from his own constituents or the leadership of his own party or the parliamentary speaker to tell him off and advise him that what he is doing is simply a further contribution to sectarianism and the ultimate destruction of this country?

No of course not. What he does get instead are continuous pats on the back and cowardly whispers telling him how great he is and that “he showed them.” What we do get instead is the previous speaker of the parliament making himself exclusively available to these characters in their campaigns, rather than do the proper thing and be independent, in view of his position.

It is really baffling, completely and utterly baffling how people like these get elected to represent us in the first place.

I think one solution is to forget about all of these constituencies in future elections and treat the whole of Bahrain as a single constituency. It is doable. Bahrain is not even the size of some Indian villages!

Nabeeha Wahdah! Should be the new battle cry for the next election. “We want it as just one constituency”. Maybe then, we can truly elect representatives who will represent the whole of Bahrain and I am sure when that happens, we can rest assured that asswipes like this character would never get even close to parliament.


A fist is mightier than the word!

MP Mohammed Khalid putting ice on his black eye caused by a punch he received from MP Jassim Al-MawaliBankruptcy comes in difference guises, the most dangerous of which of course is that which is associated with the intellect; because if one is intellectually bankrupt then everything is acceptable, even if the solution is at the cost of morals and societal norms.

What then can we expect from a whole intellectually bankrupt parliament whose members rule by simplistic and devastating metrics they no longer bother to hide under the surface? Using only sectarianism to arrive at decisions has become the rule rather than the exception, and members of both sects are wholly culpable.

The Sunnis align themselves blindly with the government, thinking that it will continue to offer the teat that nurtured them as long as they fight everyone else off it; while the Shi’as continue to cry foul and intransigently oppose any government action if their Sunni colleagues support it.

Of course the problem is a lot deeper than this, at least one hopes that it is not that simple. The inescapable fact is that the Shi’as form a majority in a country ruled by a minority. They have been sidelined and subjugated for centuries and not many avenues have been open to them to take without a fight. The opposite is perceived to be true for their Sunni compatriots.

It is the quintessential fight of the haves and have-nots then. And that will continue to breed these kinds of situations unless an honest attempt is made to bring the two sides together, and that is never going to happen unless the government launches a real program of rapprochement between its citizens and create a real truth and reconciliation program to remove the chasm between the sects and the schism between the citizens and the government and ruling family, and until the law is witnessed to be applied fairly and equally across the whole society.

MP Jassim Al-Mawali attacking MP Mohammed KhalidUntil then, we shouldn’t be surprised to see scenes like these… hungry dogs in a fighting pit each concerned only with itself and its own survival, rather than recognising that they both really should unite to demand and get what is rightfully theirs… life with dignity for all the citizens regardless of sect, gender, colour or ethnic background.



Hey, it’s the 6th of June ’06, so it MUST be the day of the Devil!

I wonder when Mohammed Khalid and his lot will wake up to this day as he must think that some Satanic cult will be getting it on tonight at midnight or explode some of his regular brainfarts about this pet subject of his!


Mohammed Khalid appreciates good shit

MP Mohammed Khalid displayed his cache of drugs while questioning the Interior Minister in yesterday’s parliamentary session.

MP Mohammed Khalid displays his cache of drugs

I guess he wants to display the ease with which one can get drugs in Bahrain. That’s fine, and its common knowledge, but bringing his cache to parliament (a joint and some pills) and accuses the coast guard of not knowing the difference between milk powder wheat flour and cocaine (as if he does.. but wait, maybe he does!) is a bit much.

What’s next? Bringing slaughtered carcasses of sheep and goats into the parliamentary sessions to make a point?

Mohammed Khalid should most definitely smoke that joint (or is that a pill?) he’s holding aloft, God knows he needs to chill more than anyone else!
ref: Al-Wasat :: 15 Mar ’06A