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Street Terrorism

Disclaimer: I’m not the safest nor the best driver on the road. I sometimes speed, change lanes without signaling and talk on the phone. I do; however, regard myself as better than average and most certainly better than the twerps who drive on hard-shoulders or pavements and those who drive with children on their […]

Shift Happens

glumbert.com – Shift Happens JJ sent me this video this morning (thanks!) which is a must see. It puts things in stark perspective. After watching this, would you like to discuss the educational rut we are in in not only Bahrain but the whole Middle East? I have maintained that if we do not embrace …

2006 Stats

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, here are the stats for 2006, running from April – Dec 2006 for The Den. I’ve also detailed Dec by itself for comparison’s sake. [TABLE=1] Summary The Summary shows totals and averages for Sessions, Pageviews, Hits, and Bytes for the currently selected Date Range. Visitors information is …