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The Typically Arab Politicians’ Way of Resolving Differences of Opinion

The Multitasking Dhahrani

If there ever was a time for the Tim Allen grunt, this is most definitely it!

$9.5m mosque reconstruction deal is signed

Posted on » Thursday, December 29, 2011

Khalifa Aldhahrani striking a pose
A CONTRACT to rebuild the $9.5 million (BD3.6m) King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Mosque on a 10,000sqm plot in Umm Al Hassam was signed yesterday at the Saudi Embassy in Bahrain.

Saudi Ambassador Abdul Mohsen bin Fahad Al Mark said the project reflects outstanding Bahrain-Saudi ties, strengthened thanks to the directives of the two countries’ wise leaderships.

He also praised the efforts of His Majesty King Hamad and the government to provide facilities for the project reflecting Saudi Arabia’s dedication in the service of Islam and Muslims.

He also reiterated Saudi Arabia’s keen interest to project the real image of Islam, as a religion of tolerance.

On the sidelines of the signing ceremony, Saudi Finance Ministry’s Ali Al Salman said his ministry would cover the costs of the reconstruction.

Work started yesterday and will last for 20 months. [GDN]

What the local rag conveniently does not mention, and is mentioned in Al-Wasat is that the company which has won that huge contract is none other than the one owned, actively managed and overseen by the effervescent three-time parliamentary speaker Khalifa Aldhahrani!

How the (*)^(*^%&($&(%*( is that not a conflict of interest?

Oh, sorry, that could be a reward for loyalty? Or maybe the contract is fairly won? Who were the competitors and where was this bid announced for general participation? nine point five million smackeroos! Just like that!

Now that’s a Bahraini success story isn’t it?

Just for the record, here are the parliamentarian’s responsibilities as outlined in the Parliamentary Bylaws as well as the chairman’s responsibilities [Arabic].

How Dhahrani’s personal representation in this deal (and others I’m sure) is not a slap in every single citizen’s face, is way beyond me. And I have no doubt that he’ll be “elected” again and again to continue to fill that seat until the day he finally dies.


How to alienate sympathisers to your cause

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Like just about everybody in Bahrain, I’ve been caught in traffic due to roads being closed either by physical objects, oil spilled on the road or a combination of both. The end result of course is that the demonstrators want their message to be received by those in charge that they have legitimate demands and they will do whatever they can to disrupt daily life to get those demands addressed.

Fine. Ok.

But guys, why should you endanger the road users in this manner? What you’re doing is simply bolstering the position of those who oppose you and turn those who possibly sympathize with you into new enemies!

I completely understand that you have legitimate demands and those are being brought out in the open on a weekly basis in the various authorised and unauthorised demonstrations and gatherings, why do you have to resort to an activity that not only inconvenience road users, but put them in jeopardy as well?

There are other ways to get your message across in a peaceful manner without endangering others. I don’t mind you inconveniencing me to make me aware of your needs. I completely understand inconvenience, but when it comes to putting me in danger that’s a bit much.

So quit this please before you alienate many people who once were your supporters. Find other ways to make your voice and demands heard.


Oh the irony! Anwar calls the BBC yellow!

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Read these gems, but please hold your laughter!

Why the BBC ‘has let down Bahrain’s people’

By Arthur Macdonald, GDN, Posted on » Wednesday, November 02, 2011

MANAMA: The British Broadcasting Corporation moved from being a globally respected news organisation to joining the ranks of the yellow press during the unrest in Bahrain.

That is the view of Akhbar Al Khaleej Editor-in-Chief Anwar Abdulrahman.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Bahrain Chapter of the International Advertising Association meeting yesterday at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain, in Manama, Mr Abdulrahman said that the BBC had let down the people of Bahrain with its coverage.

“I have respected the BBC in the past but they seem to have had a mental change,” he said.

“What they said over the unrest turned them into yellow journalism. I suppose they were in competition with the Sun at that level of coverage and now we have a BBC that we can no longer trust.

“I hope we, as human beings, learn and repair our standards because the coverage of the BBC was damaging to Bahrain in the eyes of the world.”

He added: “The BBC broadcasts its news bulletins in every language. If only a few Bahraini teenagers burn tyres in the streets to hinder traffic, for the BBC this is big news.

“However, when the house of the most distinguished Bahraini woman journalist Sameera Rajab was attacked with Molotov cocktails last week, the BBC did not utter a word.

“I seriously question its integrity.”

To illustrate the differences in perception between the Arab world and the West, Mr Abdulrahman related the incident of a Bahraini student staying in the UK who one day found that the lady serving them in the cafeteria had disappeared.

On enquiring, he was told that she was facing some family problems. So he decided to visit her.

“Thank you for coming to visit me,” she said. “I am facing enormous problems. My husband has run away with another woman and, secondly, my 18-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant. These are facts of life I have to face.”

Suddenly she started crying and said: “But what is really tragic is that my dog has died.”

I don’t particularly give a damn for Anwar Abdulrahman being at the head of not one but two so-called “newspapers” in Bahrain. What I do give a damn about; however, is that an organisation like the IAA not only gives him the time of day but provides him with a platform from which he spreads his filth. The IAA must’ve been desperate for a mediocre comedian to entertain them during one of their lunches. What they have done with him being there is miserably failed their members and wasted yet another opportunity to raise the level of their Chapter and its membership with something worthwhile to listen to and learn from.

This joker entertained his crowd by branding an ancient and one of the most respected media edifices in the world as yellow journalists, then he goes on to contend that “the coverage of the BBC was damaging to Bahrain in the eyes of the world“. I suppose on Planet Moron™, in which he is a founding member, that would be a believable contention, on Planet Earth; however, it just leads to hilarious, rolling on the floor, leg-cicking mirth. What does damage this country’s reputation in the eyes of the world is him and his likes obfuscating the truth and creating such tall stories to support their unsupportable positions. The damage that Anwar Abdulrahman & Co have done to this country is untold, and time, being the merciless judge it is, will one day serve them their deeds in life or chiseled on their headstones for eternity.

But Anwar being on a roll doesn’t stop at those ridiculous contentions of course, oh no, he continues by insulting the Western world in general and the the UK in particular by what he believes to be a “funny and poignant story” which he typically attributes it to yet another of his imaginary sources to bolster his tenuous position.

Journalism? Ethics? Truth? Humanity? Those facets are as far away from him as they could possibly be, but in Planet Moron™, he’s the dog’s bollocks!


Improving Safety at Saar Cinema

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We went to the Saar Cinema this evening to watch the very excellent Horrible Bosses (which I shall get on DVD once it’s available, it’s that hilarious!) but that’s not the main story, the main one is the utter disbelief that we witnessed when we exited Cinema 1, where the main emergency exit is located, to find that they have improved it but fitting two dead-bolts on it!

I guess if a fire occurs, that emergency door might as well be a non-penetrable wall for all the good it’ll do.

That and the several dead bodies at its foot. Stupid people thinking that they could get out through an emergency door in haste. They, the management seem to be saying, deserve to die!


Bahrain’s, conducive to doing business?

The Bahrain Investors Centre in Seef Mall, the out-dated model for doing business.

Got to get this off my chest. I want to start a new company specialising in offering web solutions. No big deal, I hear you say, and you’re right and am in total agreement with you, as this particular activity is prevalent and school kids of all ages are very capable of offering such service and some have even made a goodly amount of money for their minimal trouble.

Alas, this is not the idea with our illustrious Bahraini government. To them, if one wants to create websites, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree (I presume in a related field) first. And they won’t even allow the investor to circumvent that by ensuring that whomever he hires are at the required level.

As my qualifications falls short of that mark; me merely qualified as a maintenance engineer on aircraft like Boeing and Airbus jetliners, in addition to being a qualified commercial pilot with multi-engine and instruments rating, I’ve been sent packing by the Bahrain Investors Centre.

I guess I can apply for a Samboosa shop license now and offer web services through it.

Talk about business friendly Bahrain. Ludicrous.



We submitted a site for the eContent Awards this year and completed the required steps – except for one. They just called me to encourage me to complete the process. What is it that the eContent want us to do in order to be eligible for the award?




Leader by force, or just a farce?

My friend Dina brought this article up in her Facebook update which I though was utterly hilarious and very symptomatic of our Arab states. Have a gawk at this:

Mubarak. The world leader.

Yep, my friends. To the uninitiated, this picture is the ultimate for the Arab Umma. An Arab (as old as the Pharaoh mind you) is leading the world leaders! Yippeee!


Do you not notice the bad cut and paste job in the picture? Do you notice the “halo” around the heads and very clear and inorganically cut bodies suggesting that they were just pasted there? How about the shadows and general demeanor of the Fab Five®? Does that not raise red flags?

Well, here’s the original:

Now do you notice the difference?

Absolutely ludicrous. Made even more so by this bad doctoring job was designed and published in the leading government paper in the largest Arab country. Yes, I know he might not have known about it nor sanctioned it directly, but believe me, this would not have happened if it’s not a condoned thing from the very top.

This is how things work in these here parts, people “take initiatives” like this because they want to appease those in power. Brown-nosing and sucking up is a stock and trade and has become an art form. Magazines and newspapers are nothing more than paid aggrandising machines rather than a tool for change to the better. If they were slapped by those on top for taking these fancies just once, they would not have continued to do such a stupid thing. So those on top must think that this is the way to go. This is the key to the populace’s hearts and minds. This is how they garner our love and affection. So yes, I do lay the blame on the supporting regimes for silly situations like these.

So. The Ancient One™ probably can’t walk as fast as the others and he’s lagging behind, in pace and probably mind too, owing to his ripe old age. But hey, he’s a “world leader” so I’d better shut my foul Arab mouth right?

He’s not the only one though and we know. We know that almost every single “Arab Leader™” makes use of intricate hair colouring, mustache trimming and dyeing, skin tightening, so much so that even if the wannabe-deity is actually closer to the grave than he cares to acknowledge, he still looks like a young and virile sprite!

And they want us to just shut down our senses, our intelligence and our faculties to believe, really believe that they’re a-okay. Probably thinking that if we did believe that they’re so healthy and okay, then by inference they’re also good enough to continue to rule. Not realising that the game is up and we know that they’re nothing more than a prettied up facade with a bad make-up job. Even Sabah could do better. No, I crossed the line there, sorry, that witch can’t!!

Well bubs, know that we will respect your memories and persons much more if you had retired at a reasonable age and move aside for younger blood (hopefully not related to your own) to take the helm. Yes, realise that you’re not god’s gift to this world and the hear-after and others can and will take up the reigns and the world will continue to revolve around the sun and day will surely follow night. With or without you.

Read about this ridiculous situation on the BBC.


Congratulations? Really? Really?

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Two men suspected of attempting to assassinate the editor of a Bahrain newspaper have been arrested early this morning.

The duo, aged 27 and 21, have admitted attacking Al Watan managing editor Muhannad Abu Zeitoun, Public Security chief Major General Tariq bin Dayna said.

They have been referred to the Public Prosecution, he said.

Mr Abu Zeitoun, 31, suffered a shoulder injury after being stabbed with a sharp object and his car was also set on fire at 3am on Wednesday outside the Arabic publication’s office in Riffa.

The Palestinian was taken to hospital, but released shortly after treatment.

His Majesty King Hamad received cables of congratulations from officials and citizens over the arrest, praising the security authorities for the quick action in the case.

They also strongly condemned sabotage and violence in the country and pledged their support to the King for his efforts to strengthen Bahrain as a land of peace, security and justice. GDN

Do those people who took the initiative to congratulate his majesty like this have no shame whatsoever?

For god’s sake some people were arrested but have not been tried and convicted yet you morons!

Talk about jumping the gun just to kiss ass.

Those congratulatory cables should have supported his majesty in his call to apply the law and the observance of all relevant legislation, rather than congratulating him for the arrests. What they have done, in my view, is nothing less than insult his majesty and going completely against his continuous reminders that Bahrain is a country of laws and institutions, not of the haphazard application of the law and chaos.

Absolutely ludicrous.