Why Use Video Marketing?

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is creating and distributing unique video content that answers the needs of your customers with the goal of getting them to take action. Video production is just one element of the video marketing process. Video marketing is strategy backed and incorporated into your wider marketing efforts taking into account audience and distribution methods.

Ultimately if your prospects don’t take the required action your marketing efforts will have negative ROI. Competition for attention is fierce online so having the right mix of high quality content and expert distribution tactics is essential to getting your message out.

Why use video marketing in Bahrain?

 1. Humanise your marketing efforts

Adding the human element can make all the difference to your marketing efforts. This is especially true in Bahrain where personal contacts are so important. Video is excellent for telling stories and research shows that stories are what builds relationships. Focusing on your customers needs though video content with relatable stories vastly increases your chances of making that vital connection.

2. You can use videos almost anywhere

Thanks to the internet and smartphones your content can now be accessed anywhere. Perhaps your customers come to your website, perhaps they spend a lot of time on YouTube. More than any other content, video allows you multiple distribution channels. Video can deployed at key sites of customer interaction across your website or though a dedicated YouTube company channel. For our customers, video ads have consistently proven the most successful form of online distribution and lowered their costs for acquiring new customers.

3. Executives don’t have time to read and they watch video.

In one Forbes study 25% of C-level executives surveyed made a purchase for their business after watching an online marketing video. Video gets the viewer to point quickly and clearly in minutes. Instead of having to click though endless website site pages, a video delivers your message in 2-3 minutes. When you put compelling, targeted video content in front of decision makers you instantly make that decision much easier for them.

4. Storytelling drives engagement and video is the best way to tell your story.

Storytelling is at the heart of all human communication. This post from Hootsuite goes into detail about just how important storytelling is for companies, especially online.  Video allows you to build tension, establish context and provide the wow factor. Many successful marketing campaigns are built around solving problems. Framing your questions in terms of a story makes them relatable and increases engagement with your target audience.

5. Social media is powered by video.

It’s been the big trend in social media over the last few years. Video is increasingly the medium that people want to see, share and create. All the big social networks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have invested heavily in making video a key part of their networks. Social advertising is fast becoming a necessity to be successful online and social networks now provide powerful distribution methods to reach your target audience though video.

Recently Facebook hit 1 billion video views a day and this trend is only going to continue. By some account video is expected to account for 84% of internet traffic by 2018. People across all businesses and interests are watching video. Companies that are not creating video are losing business to those who do.

 Some more incredible statistics about video marketing online:

  • Video is 50x more likely to appear on the front page of Google search engine results. (Forester)
  • 46% of ad viewers surveyed took action after viewing the ad. 12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad! (Online Publishers Association)
  • 100 Million – the number of Internet users who watch online video each day.
  • You Remember: 50% of what you see and hear, 30% of what you see, 20% of what you hear, 10% of what you read (According to Edgar Dale)

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