Month: May 2010

Bahrain shuts down Al-Jazeera

Bahrain on Tuesday evening said that it had temporarily shut down the office of Al Jazeera television station for “violating professional conventions.” “The Ministry of Culture and Information has made the decision to freeze the activities of Al Jazeera Satellite Channel office in Bahrain

Sheep and lions

Protest, originally uploaded by malyousif. I don’t know the presumably homeless person’s story, and I don’t know if it’s him who wrote that fantastic expression on the wall. But I can’t help wondering if his choice of position and state are the translation of that expression. If it is, then at least I hope that …

Healing and Reconciliation

Humble Berlin. Although still smarting from past wrongs, it doesn’t choose to bury its head in the sand and pretend nothing happened over half a century ago. No. It instead found the bravery and humility required to open deep wounds, clean them up, come to terms with history and use those painful experiences to ensure …