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Snapdragons, originally uploaded by malyousif.

The first Antirrhinum to flower in my garden. I grew these plants from seed and am thrilled that they have started flowering now… this is the part of gardening I love most.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


Holiday Project #2: The Pond

The Pond

The Pond, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I pass Al-Mahroos, one of the better garden hardware shops on the island, almost every day and I notice a huge banner stuck at the front of their showroom declaring “huge discounts” but I never had the gumption to stop and investigate. After 3 years of collecting tools, I though I had everything I needed to garden, which I do.

But just for the heck of it and as it was the holidays, I thought I’d stop and go in to have a look on Tuesday morning. Browsing around the tool-filled shelves, I noticed that they had pre-formed pond liners which were approximately the same shape as my pond, although much deeper. The deepest part was about 35 cms which was more than 20cms deeper than the water feature I had. The price was very enticing, the sticker said BD24! I thought these things would cost an awful lot more, especially being German made and guaranteed for 10 years. I decided to get one. But as my luck would have it, the salesman told me that the promotion ended on Dec 13th and its price reverted back to BD40.



Hanging baskets

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This is the first time I try my hands at hanging baskets.

I bought 4 large ceramic hanging baskets from Al-Sultan Garden Centre in Khobar a while ago and they’ve been staring at me in the shed since. I finally got the chance to coax them off the shelf and onto brackets in the weekend (Sat, 8 Dec, ’07). With the help of my daughter Hanan, we installed four brackets on the walls of the house by the pool and hung the pots. They look quite funky: yellow, orange, white and white.

Once installed, I planted the following seeds in individual pots and am hoping for the best:


As I had a few Nasturtiums and Freesias left over, I planted them in two independent pots which I placed on the front porch. The left-over Nasturtiums I planted in the front-door planter.

I’m looking forward to once again eat the spicy Nasturtium flowers!


The Bulbs are On

cuttingspatch.jpgI finally got the chance to plant the bulbs in the new Cuttings Patch this afternoon. I’ve also moved the bulbs that have already produced leaves in there too; those would be the Gladiolus and the Lilies.

The bulbs are planted are:

  • 30x Oxalis Deppei – Four leaf clover
  • 60x Liatris Spicata
  • 30x Gladiolus Callianthus – Acidanthera Murielae
  • 1x Hemerocallis – Purple Waters
  • 1x Iris Germanica – Howard Weed

All of the above were a gift from my estranged friend Mohammed Al-Kabour who brought them back with him during a flying visit from Ireland. Where are you?! Wherever you are, I hope that you are happy and safe.

Now all I have to do is wait… and cross my fingers.


Japanese variegated hibiscus

Japanese variegated hibiscus

Japanese variegated hibiscus, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I wasn’t very sure that this hibiscus would survive in my garden as it was looking rather poorly for quite a while, but am I really happy that it has filled out all of a sudden and today I see it has this glorious flower on it. Very pretty isn’t it?

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend AND I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving too.

God bless.