My Porsche 911 Carrera 2 RUF modified is up for grabs! Time for a change... I'm looking for a good home for it, if you're interested to buy this dream, but don't bother if your offer is less than BD 8,000!

Self-destructing DVDs on the way!

Disney is supposed to release DVDs for the rental market which are chemically treated to render the disks unreadable after 48 hours from opening the DVD package. The chemically coated DVD surface is red initially but changes colour to black after 48 hours. Aparently no laser can penetrate that layer, ...

So what’s wrong with the Arab world?

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don't know.one thing that comes to my mind is: the acceptance of mediocrity as excellencenow I'm off to bed!

Killers on the loose

We woke up on the Prophet's birthday to be shocked that terrorists have attacked civilians in Riyadh, the capital of Islam's most Holy Places. Now we wait in fear to welcome these bands of Godless animals to Bahrain and the rest of the normally peaceful Arabian Gulf. On the Prophet's ...

I’ll %#*(#! torch the pound

when I have a minute. Bastards.We went and rescued Phoebe from that decrepit place thinking that we're doing something good. Well we are, but had we known any better we wouldn't have risked Gnasher's life.

Gaping Void

This nutter lives in New York and likes to draw cartoons on business cards! Hilarious stuff! If you have an hour to waste, check Gaping Void out!

This diet really works!

How about this:Koala, a female elephant in Rio de Janeiro Zoo, lost some 1,100 lb (500 kg) in about four months without any exercise after peanuts and bread were completely taken out of her diet and her ration of bananas was halved to just 120 a day.'She had a huge ...

Tide Washing Powder

Why are most washing powder adverts the same? Absolutely not creativity..

LG Washing Machine

The ad is shot nicely and it might work accept for the most stupid sounding audio dubbing.I think LG is rich enough though to shoot a complete commercial in Arabic, with good actors based on a good idea rather than just produce one worldwide version and just add local ...