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I want my MTV!

iwantmymtv.org website launched!

A couple of Bahrainis who too are disgusted with the arbitrary censorship have launched a new site in response to the blocking of Mahmood’s Den by the Ministry of disInformation! Thanks very much for your support guys. The website redirects to Bahrain Uncensored whose mission is:

This web initiative was triggered by the recent blocking of Mahmood’s Den, the famous Bahrain-based blog. Bahrain Uncensored is our way of working towards a democratic Bahrain, where human rights are valued and ensured. This website is further proof of the fact that the Bahraini nation is well aware of the unnecessary actions taken by the Ministry of Information and refuse to be silenced. We will not give up, nor will we ever feign disinterest in the political culture of this country merely because it’s “risky” to do so. We want, need, and expect our rights to be respected by a government that claims to value them. We want proof, through actions and not just words, that this country is heading towards a democracy.
read full mission statement

Bahrain is in really good shape when its citizens care about issues like this, and more importantly refuse to just lie down and take whatever the authorities foist on them.

And the guys have organised a petition to unblock the site too! Read more about it here and if you would consider signing it when it is published, I would be thankful.

I am indebted to you for this effort and thank you with all my heart for this noble gesture.


One more site blocked in Bahrain

It used to be just 9 that were blocked:

and now, it appears that someone who is really shaking in his boots and deems it very necessary to protect us from ourselves and protect the country from those nefarious people hell bent on toppling the government has done the right thing™ and blocked…

Well done! I am sure the blocking of these sites will contribute greatly to the country’s standing in the Freedom of the Press index, the Human Rights index (which Bahrain actually is on that council in the UN!!) and will also assist Shaikha Haya bint Rashed Al-Khalifa in her role as the PRESIDENT of the United Nations and gain her and Bahrain even more respect and credibility to continue to be in that role.

Of course, that brainfartist probably doesn’t know that it is becoming easier every day to unblock sites, no matter what their contents are.

Welllll done!

But then one must ask the question… who’s next?


Sign the Bandargate Petition!

Two new public development have just taken place which makes me happy as people have taken it upon themselves to show their dissatisfaction of official steps regarding the Bandargate scandal.

One website, appropriately called “Bandargate” has started in which links and articles concerning the subject have been authored, and will hopefully be continuously maintains as another legal pressure tool on the government to do something constructive about this issue and at the very least establish an independent commission to look into the Bandargate allegation and sideline named individuals until they are either charged or exonerated.

The second is the initiation of a petition to be sent to His Majesty the King demanding setting up such an independent commission. Please consider signing the petition and support it by telling people about it, and also check on the new website and lend it your support too.

The petition:

تورطت شخصيات هامة في الحكومة البحرينية في إنشاء جهاز سري يعمل على إثارة الفوضى والنزاعات فيما بين مكونات الشعب البحريني المكون من طائفتين رئيسيتين: الشيعة والسنة. كما تورط هذا التنظيم في إنشاء جمعيات ومؤسسات أهلية تعمل على تقويض المسيرة الإصلاحية في البلد ومناهضة القوى الداعمة لعملية التحول الديمقراطي. وقد تهيأت لهذا الجهاز أموال طائلة تم صرفها على أعضائه ونشاطاته مما كان له الأثر في إحداث العديد من الأزمات الإجتماعية والسياسية التي اتسمت بطابعها الطائفي في البحرين. ومن منطلق المسئولية الوطنية، فإننا نحاول من خلال تدشين هذه العريضة كشف مدى خطورة هذا التنظيم السري على الدولة والمجتمع في البحرين والمنطقة والمطالبة بالتحقيق العادل والمستقل مع الأعضاء المتورطين فيه وعزلهم عن مواقع المسئولية والعمل على إصلاح الأضرار التي أحدثوها في المجتمع والدولة.

Key officials in the government of Bahrain have been involved in a secret organization to purposely create sectarian disturbances and division within the society of Bahrain which is mainly composed of Shiites and Sunnis. Millions of Dollars have been spent by this underground network for the sole purpose of resisting the democratic process and manipulating the society in Bahrain. This has recently resulted in several induced sectarian disturbances endangering the stability of the country and the region. We demand a total suspension of the involved officials and a thorough and fair investigation of this matter as well as taking the necessary measures to correct the resultant disorders.

Thanks very much Abu Khalid for starting both of these activities, and rest assured that you have my support in this just matter.


Buttons Buttons Buttons!

Thanks to Palace Enterprises who took my idea from the virtual to the physical, we have these:

No Shi'i No Sunni... JUST BAHRAINI buttons

I have a limited amount of Arabic and English buttons, please drop me an email if you want to collect yours. If you want me to post them to you, give me your postal address and I’ll be happy to send you a couple.

Wear them with pride guys, show people that YOU are not sectarian and are willing to stand up against it.

If you feel up to it, take a picture of yourself or your friend wearing the button and we’ll put the pictures up on a special Flickr group I’ll create.. maybe we’ll create a prize for the most imaginative use of the button and best picture with it in it. Let your creativity flow guys. Let’s show the world that we are just One Bahrain!

Thanks again to Waleed Al-Rayyis and Maha Al-Yousif for making these excellent buttons.

update 9 Oct, ’06 @ 1637: I’ve just created the Just Bahraini Flickr group and sent out a bunch of invitations for people to join, please do consider joining yourself and contribute pictures of the buttons being used (or t-shirts, bumper stickers, or just a downloaded image printed and used creatively)… so get your creative juices flowing!


Biting the hand that feeds you

price comparison between batelco jordan and bahrain

Doesn’t this comparison make your blood boil? Doesn’t it look like Batelco has been and will continue to take the place it calls its headquarters, the country that nourished it for a ride? Doesn’t that look like Batelco is biting the hand that feeds it? Don’t they look nothing less than vampires?

Of course it does and they don’t particularly care… after all, what’s the alternative?


Women have a right to pray in the Grand Mosque

And any other mosque for that matter and the right to lead prayers as far as I am concerned.

So here’s another petition that is looking for your support, especially if you are Muslim as this will affect your wife, your mother, your sisters and daughters if you do not take action now.

Grand Mosque Equal Access for Women petition

Update 060914: The petition has now been closed by the author, I suspect as a ruling has now been issued by the authorities that they will not close off the area in question for women worshipers.

Thanks to Tariq and Publia for the heads up.