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M.Report S01E14 – Welcome to Bahrainistan!

With our parliamentarians falling over each other to turn Bahrain into a theocratic state as they prepare for extended summer holidays, we will be left with a lot of heartache to contend with, while they enjoy 5 whole fully paid months of R&R.

Make no mistake my friends, the issues is NOT about banning alcohol. You would be sorely mistaken if you think it is simply about that issue, it is much bigger than that, it is the concerted effort by them to turn this country into Bahrainistan. One which is blindly and brutally kept in the dark ages while we continue to see countries we so far scoffed surpass us in every single facet of modern existence. The economy which has been nurtured over only the past few years with the billions of dollars of inward investment will dissipate virtually over-night, again, not because of the presence or lack of alcohol, but due to the realisation that this is the first step into the complete dissipation of what is left of personal freedoms by demagogues hell-bent onto robbing us of what God Himself has bestowed upon us.

Will YOU be willing to give up your personal freedoms to them? If you do nothing about this latest studied salvo, then you will have no one to blame but yourself when they take away the next freedom, one which you had taken for granted.

People to them are simple animals who should do as they are told, without reason and without thought. Are you one of those who will submit to their demands? Do you not want to remind them that they are there because of your vote?

Then don’t wait around. Do something to let them know that you object and that your personal freedoms and those of others are sacrosanct and are not available for them to trifle with. Tell them that you understand that if a freedom is taken away from your neighbour today, another might well be taken away from you tomorrow. These are your constitutional rights, not theirs to take away.

Your personal freedoms are guaranteed by the constitution. You give up those rights, then you will have no right to demand that they respect the constitution. Something they ALL swore to defend and protect.

It’s NOT about alcohol. Do something. NOW!


MPs banning alcohol? Not a chance!

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MPs demand total ban on alcohol in Bahrain

MPs yesterday unanimously demanded a total ban on alcohol in Bahrain. They voted in favour of a parliament-proposed law banning the import, possession, sale or production of alcohol. But to become law, the proposal would have to be accepted by the government and the Shura Council.

MPs said the current law, initiated in 1956, allowing the import, possession, sale and production of alcohol under government supervision was unconstitutional and should be scrapped.

There is really no reason to panic. Trouncing on personal freedoms is nothing new for this parliament, the one whose job is ironically to do the impossible to protect them. Nor should we expect them even to read the crystal-clear constitution which specifically says:

The religion of the State is Islam. The Islamic Shari’a is a principal source for legislation. The official language is Arabic.

Which means that the Islamic Shari’a is not the exclusive source of legislation – thank God. Because had it been, then those bozos would have knocked us back to the stone ages already, and would have had no qualms about doing so. Their motivation of course is to earn those promised brownie points to tool those promised waiting nymphs in heaven, even at the expense of making hell seem like a better place than the life they want to design for us on Earth.

I’m not sure if I should be thankful for the Shura Council being there which a lot of people regard as the safety valve which would stop such idiotic schemes; I actually wish that it wasn’t there so that these morons would carry on with their schemes so much that people will have to actually rise up against them and kick their hairy butts out of office.

But as we do have the Shura Council whether we like it or not, and I am a bit busy this morning, let me end this quick piece by inviting those 40 morons to kiss my hairy padouka for all I care about them trying to rob what little personal freedoms we do have.

But in the case that they do – for some completely inexplicable reason – get their way and the government does ban alcohol, I will start distilling some good hooch myself and will make it available free to whomever wants, just to spite both!