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I has BMPCC toys!

I has BMPCC toys!

I just received quite a number of toys for me favourite camera, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, or BMPCC to its friends. This has become my go-to kit for my “Mahmood’s Garden” productions, and although I’m still discovering all its features, and getting to grips with the various aspects of colour correction and using Final Cut Pro X – the latter due to the built-in ProRes codecs which obviates the need to transcode the material to Avid, thus saving time – I’m pretty happy with it.

The toys I received should speed up the production process, and also open up a wealth of glass options which I have aplenty from my vintage Nikon F3 camera, and the various Canon EOS glass I have lying around the office too, these should up my production capabilities somewhat, or at least make it a bit more interesting.

The piece-de-resistance is the Varavon Armor Pocket BMPCC Cage which will allow me to attach the various necessities on the rig, rather than having stuff just dangle about dangerously.

Here’s what the kit looks like on initial configuration this afternoon. I think it looks pretty spiffy, don’t you?


You will also notice the plethora of converters in there: the Nikon and Canon EOS to MFT, the C-mount to MFT, the Sony battery plate which will give me a decent amount of time to record – the manual says about five hours! and the all important LCD hood that will allow me to see the image I’m recording in the bright sun of Bahrain. Not sure if that hood will actually fit around the cage, but it’s worth a try.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend to go out and shoot some birds, now that I can use the long Nikon zoom lenses I’ve had lying around for ages in their camera bags!

Stay tuned, and please visit my “Mahmood’s Garden YouTube Channel” at http://YouTube.com/MahmoodsGarden to see what I get up to in my garden.


Kitten-blogging and throwing the camera about

Grrrrrrr!, originally uploaded by Toota_78.


is de rigeur in our household at the moment with my little sister Maha (whom I actually regard more as my eldest daughter, the age gap is just too much!) going full pelt at it.

She adopted a kitten off the BSPCA – or is it the other way ’round? – and she has been constantly going on about the blasted thing that I have begun to feel jealous of the whole brouhaha. I was even snapped at this traditional Thursday lunch time at dad’s for suggesting to Majid, my nephew, that he should use a shoe to cajole the ball-of-fluff from under the bed!

She (Maha) went on one of her pilgrimages to Italy last week on work visiting some exhibition or other and took it upon herself to insist that Jamal, my younger brother by one-year-and-a-bit-just-returned-from-greater-Hajj take pictures and post to flickr on a daily basis so that she can see her meow on her business travels… it is a religious duty which has been dutifully fulfilled of course. Maha packs a good kick and my younger brother still needs his balls.

So he kept snapping.

But the combination of him going to actual pilgrimage and his higher duty of photographing Lulu have completely; albeit artistically; befuddled his brains… He started setting his camera on timer-shooting-mode and throwing it about to get “photographs”!

Some of his shots are worth looking at;so much so, that I would wholeheartedly approve of Apple buying them and using them as backgrounds for the next release of their ultra-sexy MacBooks or Intel-based heresies’ backgrounds.

It’s cold outside.

Earlier today I kicked the gardener’s ass.

He repented and promised never to cut anything without my direct approval. Just as well… the bastard made a stump of my Japanese grass that would take a few months to come to its glorious beauty again…

The beauty of gardening; however, will continue to elevate my spirits and hopes that tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year will produce better results. What I’m paying for right now in heavy coin is nothing more than the apprenticeship of patience. One that has already produced results!

The Hyacinths which I buried in the pool planter are coming out! Yes, you should whoopee and dance a jig on the ceiling my friends; I am unabashedly ecstatic that the beauties have chosen to show their presence. A presence which I shall only too happily snap and share with a steady hand and nary a camera throw!

My friends, it is time to slumber; good morrow… I promise that by morning I shall surprise you with more wonderful pictures of flowers! 😀