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Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks doesn’t much act in his movies and is not type-cast. He is just a naturally good human being! That’s the simple fact, and his writing completely confirms this too.

As I read his stories in Uncommon Type, I was almost urging him to put in some drama at this point, or do a plot twist there, to no avail though, as the stories are just “nice”, and some would say rather bland.

We’re trained to expect and demand drama in fiction and that’s what’s dished out to us. However, reading beyond that expectation in the first two or three stories, I find myself accepting that yes, the world indeed has more good than bad, and people are naturally kind. By then, I was cringing whenever I came across a cuss word – sparingly used through his text as they are – I actually felt that he was compelled to use them to show some form or “badness”. I’m happy to say that even with those, he can’t be, not with his kind and trusting nature.

Later on by the fifth or sixth story, the pace was picking up, and my realization that no earth-shattering drama is about to happen, made me relax even more. That relaxation led to sinking even deeper in my seat as I continued reading this nice book. Even his attempts at injecting a twist on the story, almost always at the very end with the last sentence, didn’t shake that sense of goodness in the world.

Uncommon Type is light reading that doesn’t tax one’s brain much, and some of its stories would certainly benefit from better plot twists and drama to make them even more enjoyable.

What you get with this book, I guess, is the calming influence one might expect from Xanax.

Thank you Mr Hanks.


What’s an “imbecile”?

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I went looking, just in case my own understanding of the term is lacking somewhat, and this is one of the definitions (with plenty of synonyms) offered by UrbanDictionary.com:

imbecile idiot moron retard stupid fool cretin dolt dumbass blockhead simpleton jackass dimwit dumb dunce retarded donkey ignoramus dope dummy half-wit jerk loser numskull tard ass bastard boob buffoon dork fuckwit genius nincompoop nitwit oaf bonehead crazy dipshit dodo dousche dumbfuck dunderhead ediot fathead fucktard george w. bush halfwit ignorant ninny shit for brains tool

1. Imbecile

Intelligence Quotient Scale:

Moron = 50-69
Imbecile = 30-49
Idiot = 29 & below

Hey, you see that idiot over there? Why are you acting like him? You know you’re smarter than him, you imbecile.

Now I know, I was actually generous in that term’s use in some cases! :devil: