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Bad Television Commercials

I’ve riled against demeaning adverts and promised to start uploading some that I find bad, offensive or downright unimaginative. All of these will have a common theme: that the Gulf Arabs are "stupid" and as such should either to talked at or down to from the creators of these adverts.

Here’s a sample of ads I recorded over the last couple of days. YOU can of course vote and please do. We will keep the voting going until then end of July and then select the top 3 and present a "Certified Worst Advert on TV" to the creators and their clients.

Please click on a picture to get more information about the ad and to view it.

Al-Sultana Machboos Mix TVC
Al-Sultana Machboos Mix television advert

Chocolate TVC
Danelle Chocolate gunk tvc

Lux Washing-up Liquid TVC
Lux washing up liqued television advert

KFC Spicy Chicken TVC
KFC Spicy Chicken television advert

LG Washing Machine TVC
LG Washing Machine television commercial

Tide Washing Powerder TVC
Tide Washing Powerder television commercial


To hell with democracy.. bring back the old ways

For the first time in my life I voted for the Bahraini Parliament. Now I know that I should not have bothered. Democracy is not worth it and it doesn’t work in the Arab world in general and Bahrain in particular.

They have been operating now since October 2002. Almost a full term considering that they’ve just voted to take 3 months off for summer! They want to be addressed as “your excellency”. They insist on getting Mercedes S320 cars with drivers. They get between BD 2,000 and 3,000 per month, maybe more if they’re involved in various committees and shall not be surprised if they also get overtime pay.

What the bloody hell are these people doing? Did they do a single thing since taking office to better the way of life in Bahrain?

Consider this:


The bankruptsy of Art in the Middle East

A friend of mine, an artist, has written to me decrying the state of visual and auditory art in the Arab world in general and Bahrain in particular, complaining of essentially the bancruptsy of the traditional broadcast institutions as well as so-called “image makers”, the advertising agencies and post-production houses in the area, that he finds it hard to compete in the market and maintain his self-set rules and quality standards, thus even harder to purchase systems that I sell – although he is the first to ascertain that he is infatuated with the equipment that I sell – not just because of the name and resepect they engender in the market (Avid Technology specifically), but he believes that these equipment can give him a competitive edge by giving him time lost in the trivialties of technical failures.

Here is my response: