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Money can’t buy class

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I don’t particularly care how rich Royal families are or get, and I’ll reserve my own personal views on their legitimacy and that of the cash they clamped their dirty mitts on, but doing this sort of thing:

An Emirati boy racer outside Harrods in London

“Dozens of these cars do laps around Knightsbridge right through the night and the excitement for the drivers seems to be seeing how loud they can rev their engines. The area is fast becoming a very unpleasant place to live.”

The influx of super cars coincides with the so-called “season” when many members of Middle Eastern high society visit London in July and August.

Hisham Alireza, 40, a Saudi Arabian construction company owner who visits his second home in Basil Street, adjacent to Harrods, each summer, said most of those driving the cars are from wealthy Arab families.

He said: “Most come from Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Frankly, those of us who have homes in this area are appalled and embarrassed by their behaviour and want to see it stopped.

“The problem is that they come from very closed societies where the men and women are not allowed to mix, so when they come to London in the summer, they go wild. It is a sort of courting ritual.

“Since the Qataris bought Harrods, it has become a fashionable place for them all to meet and show off their toys.”

The Telegraph, UK · hat tip: @JustAmira

is disgusting and shameful.

But then, we have an old local Arab saying:

الحيا نقطة، اذا طاحت…

Which roughly translates to “Shame is but a simple dot, if it falls, then there is no stopping that person from doing even worse deeds“.

There is another saying, maybe as appropriate for this situation:

من أمن العقاب، أساء الأدب

Translating to: “if one is assured that there will be no punishment or consequence to their actions, will forget social manners

It looks like our rich compatriots have not only over extended their welcome, but have completely and utterly forgotten their manners!

But will their families even care? Of course not. To their way of thinking, they are way above the law. In fact, they are particularly chosen by Allah to be in that position, so how can they be wrong?

What a bunch of Royal pains in the ass!


225 Royally Pardoned

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His Majesty King Hamad bin Essa Al-Khalifa, the King of BahrainI wish to express my thanks to his majesty for pardoning 225 people imprisoned due to their participation in various demonstrations. This generous royal gesture should be followed up immediately by various other steps to ensure that social justice prevails. His majesty might also consider the fact that without such social justice, many of those release and others might continue to demonstrate to express their chagrin at the iniquitous circumstances they find themselves in.

225 imprisoned demonstrators and rioters were released by royal pardon
225 imprisoned demonstrators and rioters were released by royal pardon
To enable the prevalence of social justice, a national truth and reconciliation is a dire necessity which Law 56/2002 stands resolutely in the way, an action that will bring closure to years of intransigence by the state security through the last decades of the 20th century whose victims are still suffering while their torturers and murderers walk the earth unmolested and with total impunity.

A law criminalising discrimination in all its forms is another necessity. The employment based on religious confessionalism or any other discriminatory factors must end and all those employers, in both public and private sectors, should be severely penalised if they have the audacity to inculcate such discriminatory practices within their spheres of influence.

These steps if applied will go a long way toward establishing a new and more forgiving culture in this country so that at least our children will live without the continuous shenanigans by both parties which destroy the national psyche and derail our collective efforts in raising our standard of living.

Thank you your majesty. The release of those 225 was welcome news this morning.

Here’s to more good news.


Hands off our throats!

Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, Bahraini crown prince

واعرب سمو ولي‮ ‬العهد في‮ ‬حديث لرئيس التحرير على متن الطائرة الملكية،‮ ‬عن آسفه لموقف الوزراء الذي‮ ‬وصفه بانه‮ ‬غير مسؤول من‮ »‬ربيع الثقافة‮«‬،‮ ‬وقال‮ »‬ان لا أحد قال كلمة طيبة وانا مستاء جدا وموقفي‮ ‬هذا نابع من حرصي‮ ‬على المستقبل‮«.‬

وحذر سمو ولي‮ ‬العهد من ان فكرا‮ ‬غير مسؤول وسياسات ضيقة تخدم فئة معينة،‮ ‬تهدد المواطنين والأجانب العاملين في‮ ‬القطاع المصرفي‮ ‬الذي‮ ‬يوفر نحو ‮٥.١ ‬مليار دينار لاقتصاد البحرين،‮ ‬مشيرا سموه إلى أن هذه التصرفات‮ »‬تهدد مستقبل أبنائنا وتفرح منافسينا‮«. ‬

ووجه سمو ولي‮ ‬العهد‮ »‬نداء شخصيا لكل مواطن أيا كان،‮ ‬حتى وإن كان قد عمل ضدنا في‮ ‬السابق أن‮ ‬ينتمي‮ ‬إلى حركة جديدة اصلاحية تريد الازدهار والتنمية وأن‮ ‬يتركوا عنهم الأمور التي‮ ‬تشغلنا عن الهدف الرئيسي‮«‬،‮ ‬مشددا سموه على أن ما‮ ‬يحدث في‮ ‬البحرين من مشاغبات واضطرابات لم‮ ‬يؤثر على ايمانه بالديمقراطية التي‮ ‬تحتاج فقط إلى الحوار المستمر والمشاركة والشجاعة‮.

Al-Ayam :: 2 April 2007

Finally, someone came out and unequivocally slapped those moronic Islamist MPs and put them in their place. And that someone is the crown prince, so we can expect our effervescent MPs to now dither and dodge and try diligently to look and act like headless chickens caught in heavy traffic to “revise” their positions.

Thanks your highness, you’ve set the required standard and showed not only our dear beloved elected MPs but the cowardly ministers who didn’t enough backbone to stand up to the dimwits and ensure that they protect the constitution by simply defending the guaranteed freedoms that taking a moderate line and abiding by the constitution they swore to uphold is no longer just talk but a basic requirement of their jobs.

Well done! It’s about time.

Update 4/4/07: English translation of the interview is available here

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Shame on you!

It has been a long standing tradition in Bahrain, as is the case with the rest of the Gulf specifically, that whenever there is an occasion, whatever the occasion, big business and government agencies take out substantial and costly adverts in all the national papers lauding a personality, extending greetings or congratulating a royal personality. Needless to say that these campaigns are ludicrously expensive as a full page advert in a paper could cost BD2,000 (US$5,291) or more and half a page is half that amount.

Apart from that, they also take out huge hoardings and street signs doing the very same, and that exercise costs even more. It even feels that it is orchestrated by someone sitting in a dark “strategy” office thinking that doing things like these will ingratiate that royal to people’s hearts and minds. Well, if there is such an office, let me be the first to burst your bubble. IT DOESN’T WORK! Do I need to shout it louder to get through your thick skull?

This practice is time wasting and ugly. Especially at a time like this when over 1,000 human beings in Lebanon and Israel are killed, over 3,000 injured and over a million destitute, wouldn’t you think that these very same cash-flush companies give up that money wrongly spent to more deserving causes like Lebanon?

Okay, Lebanon is too far away or there are various programs underway to help them, fine, how about coming closer to home? What about those over 200 desperate souls made destitute and homeless because of that building’s fire? A building they were housed in without any regard to safety and even the most basic human decency? What about them that are now moved into an unprepared barracks to while away the heat of the day and night without proper shelter and food? What about the loans that they have taken just to be brought over here to eek out a living to send back to their own families? Aren’t they a more worthy cause then congratulating Shaikh Nasser in this way?

Okay, here’s another idea for you which I am sure Shaikh Nasser will appreciate: with all the money that has been squandered in the papers so far congratulating Shaikh Nasser, wouldn’t it have been better to pool all that money and build a homeless shelter and name it after Shaikh Nasser? Wouldn’t that be a more lasting gift to people who when entering that centre thank Nasser for all of eternity?

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You should be much better and bigger than kissing ass like this. Shaikh Nasser doesn’t need this, and no royal needs this either. So calculate how much you would have spent throughout the year on meaningless crap like these newspaper ads and build the centre and alleviate someone’s suffering.

Get on with it!

Congratulations Shaikh Nasser.

I hereby pledge BD100 to start the kitty to build a homeless centre in your name.