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[Vlog] WanneBe Dragon Monster

[Vlog] WanneBe Dragon Monster

One of the things I really love to do is go to various holiday and flea markets to while away the time, and get some inspiration as well sometimes. New York never disappoints in these areas, as you might expect.

I went to the Union Square market this morning and came across a nice little stall that sells special dragon monsters. Special because their background story is very nice and very inspirational too. Watch this video to discover more!

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Many thanks and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!


It’s all about SEX.

Yesserie Bob. It’s aallll about the sex.

First, my good friend SaudiWoman is angered by the resurgence of that infantile fatwa designed to – wait for it – Shari’a compliant gender integration by condoning and encouraging women to breast feed unrelated men in order for them to be considered milk-mother and son; hence, allowed under the Shari’a to mingle.

The practical consideration is that us men – being completely and utterly aroused by such an action with bombs going off in our heads that now suckling is concluded, we now just have to get to third base, a feeling which somewhat nullifies the intent of creating a mother/son relationship at best.

Another practical consideration SaudiWoman reminds us of is that for a women to be considered a “milk-mother” in Shari’a, she must have suckled a child of under 2 years of age, a minimum of 5 complete meals at breast. Now, in order for a woman to lactate, she must have been with child very recently, but the quantity of milk produced is hardly enough to satiate a babe and she is right to question the ability of any women’s capacity to produce 5 full meals enough to fill a grown man.

I guess the guys issuing that fatwa just didn’t realise that such production is not actually on-tap, nor is it generated by pressing a ubiquitous button. It’s simple biology. Scientific, in other words, rather than esoteric hearsay. That is, apart from all the other moral, ethical and yes, even practical considerations.

Talking about practical considerations, there is a brouhaha brewing in our fair isle. Again concerning sex. But this time, a (presumably Sharia-compliant) sex-shop owner is on a slippery slope due to poking tongue at a Customs officer. Said officer apparently had umbrage with some of the more salacious products she was trying to slip through his unusually tight nets.

The 32-year-old mother-of-three appeared before the Lower Criminal Court yesterday, accused of insulting a Customs officer in a row as she tried to import some of her products, which include sex aids and games.

The case was adjourned until September 15, but Ms Ahmed, who denies the charge, says it has already cost her a night in a police cell and lost income on products blocked by Customs.

Customs officials say some of the products which Ms Ahmed tries to import are unauthorised.

But Ms Ahmed argues that some are already on sale in pharmacies and other stores and that she is doing nothing wrong, since her target customers are married couples.

GDN – 25 May 2010

While I shall not hazard a guess at what those products might be, the statement that they are actually already are available at “pharmacies and other stores” is really troubling, from health rather than pleasure considerations. But I shall reserve judgement on those until more details become available.

The interesting thing in this particular matter is that we actually have such a shop already operating for a couple of years, situated in the middle of Jid Ali, which I suspect is a conservative village attached to Isa Town, and that the creative businesswoman has built up a large customer base. Good on her. I hope her business continues to flourish, and that she should stop justifying its existence by psychological and religious grounds. If adults are into what she sells, then more power to them.

What’s the connection between the two events then you might ask? Sex. Is the first thing that comes to mind. The second of course is that if our government doesn’t let her go about her business in the presumably legal manner she has already been operated under, and is banned from selling her products based on some man’s squeamish perception of what is good and proper, or worse, on convoluted religious grounds, then convergence might just happen, and like the illustrious Saudi and Egyptian clerics, our home grown clerics will dare to best them!

Do we really want that eventuality?


Finally giving in… got the iPhone 3G!

Finally giving in... got the iPhone 3G!

I’ve not really been an advocate of the iPhone at all, happily concentrating on the negatives rather than recognising the positives. Well no more. I decided that as I have started to hate the newly bought Sony Ericsson C902, it’s time to just accept the call of lust and go for the iPhone 3G and give that a go.

Fortunately, a reader of this blog had become adept at securing reasonably priced units – don’t ask how, that would be the secrets of the trade – but as it comes with a bona fide box, albeit bashed and battered and copiously taped with Aramex 2-inch special, it does contain all the bits and pieces as His Royal Majesty Steve Jobs required.

That; though, was not the end of the story. To get it to work in these here climes, the gentlemen came with a tailor-sized pair of scissors and an old-school shaving blade! It doesn’t stop there either, yes there’s more!

Out comes the magic adapter, a tray and my massacred and ‘reshaped’ SIM card gets cajoled into being sandwiched between the adapter and the tray all of which get judiciously inserted into the slot. A restart and it comes alive and connected to the Zain network.

I – am – in!

It was jailbroken unit too, but as I want to experience the “pure” 3G experience first, and as I am always a sucker for the latest releases, I came home and immediately plugged it in at which time iTunes came up with a resolute objection: “You have no right to use this phone!”

The SIM, it declared, was not on the authorised list, one which was blessed especially by His Royal Majesty, and a state of semi-panic sets in. If this is the start and if I can accept the currently installed version, how am I going to sync my contacts and get my email and ical appointments – which is one of the major reasons why I bought it in the first place?

A call to the intrepid suppliers and after a brief panic-filled moment, they duly informed me to eject the magic tray and connect it. Sure enough, that is exactly what I did and iTunes – now assured that I shall not have the temerity of using it on a network not fleeced by the King, acquiesced to my request and started downloading the latest software release in order for the iPhone to be restored to a factory default virginal 2.0.2 release. That – iTunes tells me – will take about 3 hours to download (at 2Mbits and about 250MB of data). So, I shall leave it as it is for now, and shall continue to look forward to explore and play in the morning.

Thank God for weekends!

Update 080904: That was a short lived experience. I opted to return it to the seller who accepted it and offered a full refund. Time to get another phone, so your suggestions are most welcome!