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Washington DC here I come!

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I’m honoured to announce that I shall one of the speakers at a RAND Corporation conference, this time in Washington, DC:

Creative Use of the Media II: Washington, DC
February 28th, 2008
Location: The RAND Corporation

I’ll be staying for a few extra days in the area and will enjoy the sights and sounds of Washington, DC and hopefully New York City too.

Any pointers on what I should do and what to see will be appreciated.

I hope to connect with some friends there (BonsaiMark, Desert Island Boy, Silly Bahraini Girl – if they’re not too far away – and Steve all of whom are hopefully listening!), so if you’re in the area let me know. And Steve, I’ll be completely un-armed. I promise!


Happy Easter!

Saudi Sand Storm

Sorry for the late greeting, just back from Riyadh where I was all day for a business meeting. Came back through a set of weird weather: a huge sand-storm for about 100kms from Riyadh mixed in some parts with rain! Then a lull of a couple and then into a thunder storm galore for the rest of the way to Bahrain.

Quite an interesting drive.. people did slow down a bit; they were going a little less than the speed of sound!

Anyway, happy bunny day. Leave some chocolate for another time, don’t consume everything at once!