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high resolution video here on Stage6

Thoughts on belonging and patriotism and their relationship with a person’s locale.

Though I recognise that there are other aspects to consider – which you are more than welcome to discuss here – and are just as valid, my thinking is that a person cannot get that feeling of “belonging” unless he has an appreciation for his environs and its history.

This was supposed to have been uploaded yesterday, as is traditional with my Friday Video, but unfortunately Batelco prevented me of doing so due to their unreasonable “broadband” limitations.


Friday Video – 14 Sept, ’07


This “real” video thingy is taking the whole day to finish and then upload, but hey, I enjoy it tremendously and I hope you like it.

I wish you a wonderful Friday, weekend, Ramadhan, Iftar, life, and every other good thing in your lives.


It’s about 50 megs! There’s a smaller YouTube version too now which should mangle it enough to be “reasonable” for poor Bahrainis, after taking permission from Batelco of course, although a little birdie tells me that a huge change is coming in that department!


Vlog 41: The Nasfah

The 15th of Sha’abaan, the 8th month on the Muslim Hijri calendar holds special significance to Shi’a Muslims. On that night – called the Nasfah – they celebrate the birth of their last Imam, Imam Al-Mahdi, the 12th and last Shi’a Imam who went into occultation in 939AD. It is said that on his reappearance he will establish justice in the world and save humanity.

That’s the historical perspective. The practical one is that it’s yet another reason to celebrate as a community, give the children another reason to go from door to door singing ditties and getting coins and sweets! Another one is that it marks the real count-down to Ramadhan, only 15 days hence.

This year the celebrations coincided with the 28th of August and I was determined to shoot the scenes from a couple of the nearby villages of Duraz and Barbar despite the horrendous heat and humidity on that night, and the possibility of a yet again wet camera. I knew how to crack that one!

The result is the following vlog which I hope you will enjoy.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends, and happy celebrations wherever you are.


Vlog 36: It’s Friday again!

You know me, it can’t be a Friday without me doing something, and this weekend once again I attacked another part of the garden. At the rate I’m going, I’ll have to buy the neighbour’s house and kick them out so that I have more garden space!

Remember I went to the Bahrain International Garden Show on Thursday with Frances and got a few things from the Pepiniere Issa? Well, I was at the gates of the exhibition centre at 10 on Friday morning to continue my shopping. I’ve spotted a few more things I wanted to get – yes, if I had an unlimited budget I would have cleaned them out! Some of the exotic cactii, aloes and other exotic plants they have are breathtaking. I ended up buying 9 plants, and naturally, I spent Friday preparing their new homes. Most reside now in the Frangipani patch where I installed a new trellis for the new passion flower (Passiflora quadrangularis – Giant Granadilla) and put the rest in various places around the garden. The majority in the new cactus patch by the old lady (the old Frangipani).

You could view all the details in the vlog above which I hope you will like. The new (technical) thing about this video is that I bought a cheap microphone (about BD7 I think) and used that to record my voice, the difference is astonishing! I’ll have to dig out the two lapel mics I bought but never used and if they provide sound as good as this I’ll be happy. I’ve also dug out my DV camera (I thought you guys deserve better quality than my regular phonecam videos!) and spent part of this morning editing it.

Before that, I did a little bit of gardening. I’m trying my luck in planting seeds in trays. I planted a new type of gazanias, chrisanthimums, tomato and dahlias. Let’s see how those grow. Summer planting should start now as I think I left the others a bit too late late… gaining experience I am!

Okay, what did I get from Pepiniere Issa I hear you ask? I got a Passiflora quadrangularis (Giant granadilla), Capparis Spinosa (Caper), Aloe Ferox, Aloe Zebrina (Zebra Leaf Aloe), Aloe Marlothii (Mountain Aloe), Crassula ovata (Jade plant/money tree), Erythrina crista-galli (Cockspur coral tree), Hesperaloe parviflora (Red yucca) and Palargonium (Stellar Red Dancer).

I bet you’re waiting to see these beauties in full bloom!


Vlog 35: The Frangipani Patch

A vlog, finally!

Arif and I attacked the frangipani patch where all the parakeets and the birds come to feed. That has always been the most difficult patch to grow things in I think because it is the windiest and coldest part of the garden. The frangipani survives, but it certainly does not thrive as the one in the front garden. This is probably because the poor old lady was transported from the old house and the old gardener chopped it’s roots very close to the trunk.

Anyway, that’s not the story here, it is that I wanted to clean up the patch as it was getting full of bird seed, shells, date stones and other rubbish the birds leave behind once they’ve fed. I wanted to find a way to make that particular spot easier to maintain and clean as well as make that area the focal point that is very much needed there. That and re-design the space, it was a sore area to my eyes and I think it was high time I actually did something about it.

Apart from that, I wanted to transpose some cactii from shallow pots, to the ground, I think they were almost pot-bound and needed the freedom to grow. I hope they will.

I hope you enjoy the vlog, it was shot on my mobile phone and edited with iMovie.


Vlog #33: How to clean tiled floors

I have no earthly idea what magic my youngest sister Maha uses with cats, but she can do whatever she likes to them and they love her for it! More, with her, cats are like dogs! They follow her around and respond to her commands as if they’ve been to the (dog) obedience school.

I was gob-smacked seeing how the cat behaved in the video above…

Maha you’re a magician! 😆