First Gold for Bahrain!

11 Aug, '05

Thanks to Rashid Ramzi, Bahrain can boast of collecting its first gold medal at an international athletics meet in Helsinki. Well done Rashid and thanks!

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  1. says:

    First Gold for Bahrain!

    Congrats to Rashid on the Gold!

    I read in a previous story, dissappointingly, that someone bashed Maryam Jamal about not really being Bahraini since she was not born there. I hope that same person will realize that Rashid was born in Morocco and running for Bahrain as well. I would hate to think they would put down the woman and praise the man for doing the same thing. Both chose to run for Bahrain and both should be congratulated on winning Gold. The difficulty in winning at the level of these athletes is hard to describe.

  2. anonymous says:

    First Gold for Bahrain!

    I missed his race!!! 🙁 and to think i was waiting for it for sooo long!

    Thanks Ramzi!! 🙂

    i’m watching the 800m heats… and looks like there’s an investigation into Bilal’s age… aparently he claims he’s 16.. and had participated in an under 18 youth championship and won… for this championship it doesnt matter.. but it’ll be a pitty if Bahrain’s name gets dragged down for something like this!!

    must admit.. the commentators on the BBC are very adamant on stating the original roots and names of every single athelete that is now racing under a different nationality… Bahrain and Qatar have played a big role in that….

    enjoy the reset of the games… 🙂


  3. anonymous says:

    First Gold for Bahrain!

    I wonder if the Honourable Hamad Al-Muhannadi will follow his criticism of Maryam Jamal by insisting that Rashid Ramzi assumes the more modest attire of the Taliban soccer team – baggy shorts down to the knees and a beard down to the navel. An exposed thigh is terrible terrible thing.


  4. anonymous says:

    First Gold for Bahrain!

    So far you Bahreinis outshone many honourable countries with tradition in athletics, such as Italy. Congrats from the Mediterranean!

    But there’s still hope we can cheer some more, see my post on

    I’ll send you a pic of the Bahreini delegation in Helsinki’s opening ceremony, definitely a colourful bunch!


  5. anonymous says:

    First Gold for Bahrain!

    bullshit ,, the guy is moroccan he should run for morocco.
    thats stupid we became just like Qatar a guy couldnt speak arabic run for them ..
    baba find real bahrainis or stay at home.

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