Google Earth Does Bahrain

12 Jun, '06

In high resolution no less!

Have a look at my brief tour of the Islands, and see if you can recognise any of these landmarks. Google Earth is a free program which is easily downloaded and installed, of course as its main use is to display images, it might eat up your bandwidth, so watch out for that.

Other than that, I created a new Flickr group called Bahrain Google Earth (yeah I know, very creative) for you to share your screenshots of interesting places in Bahrain.

Here’s is one that I grabbed and I cannot believe that this is Bahrain… looks like a resort in the Caribbean or Thailand or somewhere like those…


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  1. Ingrid says:

    Mahmoud, that does look quite pretty…ok..better get ready for the day before I get lost on memory lane!

  2. mahmood says:

    judging by the amount of pictures already contributed to the group, and by the breathtaking beauty of those spots… my gut tells me that Flickr is going to be blocked soon! 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    i told you there was 3 golf courses in bahrain 😉

  4. chanad says:

    so whereabout on the island was the jailhouse? ive spotted both helipads though!

    but this is pretty cool. here are two more things for you to find:
    1) the cement washing plant releasing white sediment right into the middle of the ras sanad mangroves

    2) the site of the former malkiya beach wall, which now has permanent fish traps setup to keep the riff-raff out (yes, you can actually see the traps quite clearly!)

    3) the ponds of stagnant seawater in hidd created when the land surring them was reclaimed, but they haven’t been filled in yet. (you can also see that big nasty one in juffair in which the water has turned red!)

    happy hunting!

  5. Anonymous says:

    two helicopter pads, two tennis courts, untouched beaches, palm tree oases, golf course, a palace…. a personal port for the yachts… one big adventure island for the pleasure of one man….

  6. Anonymous says:

    you mean Khalifa (Khilfoh)? hehe

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’ll be good to check out whats in the southern half of bahrain…. the no-go zone for bahrainis….land expropriated by the alkhalifa….

    Lets play spot the palaces….. should be fun 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    you can also do some measuring on google earth; for example i spotted a plot of land measuring 1650meter across. the island mahmood posted is around 1.5km wide..

  9. skribe says:

    Looks nice. Lotsa beaches. What’s the water like to swim in, Mahmood?

  10. Bahrainiac says:

    WoW! You can even see the “secret” air base down south that doesn’t exist on Bahrain made maps. I even spotted “secret” fighter jets on the runway!

  11. My area has been high resolution for awhile now. It’s incredible but at the same time a little bit scary.

    I’m just waiting for the day my local municipal government uses it to reassess my property tax! I have a few extra buildings & vehicles I shouldn’t have 🙁

    It’s also a little embarrassing that the whole world can see my scrap pile & yard full of weeds. (Note: I said weeds not weed) 😉

  12. Ali7 says:

    Great application from Google!

    I was using the free version, but i had low-res. images 🙄

    example screenshot:

  13. jilal says:

    l’idée de google a été payé et sponsorisé par les emirs de l’ile de bahrain..l’entreprise google ,pourquoi ne s’interesse pas aux pays africains.;tres souvent ,google est basé sur les USA et le middle est..
    Greeting from bparis

  14. mahmood says:

    Jilal, you’re not making any sense at all, and you are showing your prejudices…

  15. angelo says:

    Im trying to locate the green beach towards the south end of Bahrain.. but it doesn’t seem to be there. The green beach is usually the area which requires passes to… its the bottom part.. can anyone else see it?

  16. i knew about this few days ago,
    we spotted some wierd stuff in bahrain,
    i thought they were building something in Ain Adhari, but it looks like the Manama graveyard :p

  17. angelo says:

    anyone spotted the saar cineplex yet? please if you do add a placemark to it so i could have a look.. been trying to figure out whether saar is in budaiya town or budaiya and its been a fruitless search 🙁

  18. mahmood says:

    Angelo, it’s better to post this sort of comment/request at the discussions side of the group on Flickr.

  19. Bahrainiac says:


    Saar Cinema is at:


  20. Bahrainiac says:

    Tried to post it in the Flikr discussions but couldn’t figure out how.

  21. angelo says:

    Sorry Mahmood, I’ll do that in future, and thanks for the coords Bahrainiac

  22. mahmood says:

    Go here and then click the “Post new topic” link on the top right.

    I guess you have to join before posting…

  23. mahmood says:

    Angelo, it’s not that I don’t like comments here, I love them, but I’m trying to build a community there too!

  24. Bahrainiac says:

    Done! TKX! Also, for everyone interested I will start adding Placemarks to the Google Earth Community. Just make sure you select it on you tab.

  25. Anonymous says:

    angelo ! .. what green beach u tallking about !! … u mean the one after shk. issa airbase and before the durrat elbahrain ! ..

  26. angelo says:

    Anon. i’m talking about the green beach that you usually have to get security clearance for… I think there’s a few military bases over there as well as quick sand 😉 the water is very clear… not as clear as it was 20 years ago.. but beautifyl 🙂

  27. Anonymous says:

    Not to worry transparency is the key.

  28. Entrtnd says:

    My mouth is still agape and in awe at the sheer magnitude of our beloved King’s home. One word comes to mind: DANG!

    3 lakes, a pool, a tennis course and an estate the size of Saar.

    Need I say more?

  29. Anonymous says:

    the word it out and they are getting scared of what people are going to think…

    first reaction. (from BNA)

    Manama, June 14, (BNA) HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa issued here today law number 20 for 2006, regarding the protection of beaches, coasts and sea outlets.

    The law forbids any exploitation or transfer of ownership of public beaches, coasts and sea outlets overlooked by towns and villages unless authorized by a decree. The law also bans granting licenses for coasts reclamation, unless for the public benefit, and provided that the cabinet issues a decision securing alternative outlets for coastal villages and towns upon on a proposal by the concerned minister . According to the law any violator of the above provisions shall be forced by the concerned minister to correct the situation at his own expenses without detriment to any other punishment stipulated by the penal law or any other law, be it imprisonment or a fine not exceeding BD 5000 in case of breach of clause 4 of the law.

  30. mahmood says:

    I’m in Beirut at the moment, and although I’ve only been here a couple of hours and have not yet left the hotel… my 5th floor room overlooks the corniche where I see people fishing, swimming and sunbathing without having to pay for the privilege, nor do they have to beg permission to use such a facility…

    Will that ever happen in Bahrain?

    Not if you believe Google Earth, fly around our coastline and you will see huge tracts of land AT the sea blocking access to it so comprehensively that it cannot be without prior intent for that to happen… look at the Northern and Western coastlines and see if you can get even a 5 meter corridor for a villager to access the sea to use his boat to fish, or a normal person accessing it for pleasure… The bottom half of the island is off limits completely, and the Eastern coastline is so polluted and silted that no one dares to step foot in that mud that would swallow a person whole.

    Bahrain DOES have the potential to be a Lebanon… but only if those offending plots of land are made public and any development at the sea front prohibited generally and moved back at least 1,000 meters.

    Will that law just released and as presented above ever be amended to correct these wrongs?

    Not sure.. but I would seriously look at property in Beirut!

  31. Anonymous says:

    in response to the posting about the kings pad why dont we instead of counting the 3 lakes and 1 tennis court try and find how many palaces and private islands and buildings the “other” dude has i can start the ball rolling by saying that the lovely pic mahmood has on this thread is his and you can really see the extent of what people have been talking about him and these years of “”serving”” bahrain has done for a lucky 1!!! and dont forget that the kings pad might be big compared to others but it pales in comparison to his 3am il 3azeez and last but not least lets not forget that the king has tried and is still pushing to give everybody a house in bahrain and to give them a sense of “karaameh” and not have to beg like dogs at the ministry of iskaaan like they did when the dudes cronies where there and i’m sure we all know the rest of the story………

    ps this is only regarding housing we could also get into all the other nice stuff if mahmood opens a thread i’ll be glad to share……..

  32. Anonymous says:

    the best thing to do right now is spread the word about google earth. tell people you know or people you don’t even know. show them whats been going on in bahrain for the past decades. building high walls and planting tall trees isn’t going to cut it anymore; google has revealed the truth. i think that even the majority of the royal family hasn’t seen what some of there family members have done and continue to do. do it for your kids and for bahrain..

  33. Mike C says:

    Curved breakwalls? Very nice!

  34. Anonymous says:

    The west side of Bahrain is not all owned by the royal family. Kanoo, Yateem, Al Zayani, and Al Gossaibi own long stretches of beach too.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Jawad Al Orayyed too.

  36. Anonymous says:

    90% of all the land area in bahrain is either owned by the government or the royal family and thats a FACT…..

  37. punk rock.. says:

    our deepest feelings of remorse and our heartfelt condolences to you and your family on the sad demise of your father, may his soul rest in peace. my parents have two lovely painting’s hanging on their majlis walls, and they felt sad when the news came out. google earth is a wonderful application that helps to portray the beauty of our fair land. if robin hood and his “merry” men were alive, they would make great use of it as tool to steal from the rich and give to the poor. the word “merry” men, can be interpreted in many ways in todays world. back in the day they were happy to help robin on his quest. in contrast its use is civil in nature, and a wondeful mapping solution for looking up address, and locations to help you decide on building or renting homes.

  38. MoClippa says:

    Good point Mahmood about the free use of some public beaches…

    I belive that the whole idea of opening up sections of the beach for free public use was developed in France, where they require by law that every area has a part of the beach open for free public use. When we were hostling in Niece over summer we had a free rocky beach to use at all hours of the day (though you had to watch for broken beer glass, and be on your guard with certain north africans), whenever we had more time we’d take a train or rent mopeds and drive down to Cannes to use the free sandy public beach!

    In Beiruts case though, you may not have been aware of the fact that the sea on the Beirut corniche is filled to the tee with polution dumped in constantly. Its a major dumping site, and by consequence its usually highly recommended that you do not swim in it… people still do though. Typically though the cleanest sea water you can get is off the private beaches further up north, about 1 hours drive from Beirut… but your safest bet is a swimming pool 🙁

  39. MoClippa says:

    Oh and we were off fishing the other day in Bahrain, we decided to take the boat for a quick drive down to the faulkland (SP?) islands where we would have lunch and swim off the coast.

    We landed off the beach and anchored there, the worker (who I assume was most likely being made to work and live off less then 60bd a month) came running towards us with tickets to make us pay 1bd per head to be around the island. Seeing as we hadn’t stepped on the island, nor were chairs set up for use or bathrooms that we could visibly see, we refused to pay the 1 bd per head fee, on account that it was just ridiculous.

    Instead though we gave the guy a bag full of sandwichs, kebabs, a couple of sweets, and some drinks…. most likely worth much more then the 3 bd charge that was being put over our heads, but we figured it was a much more reasonable exchange… the worker appreciated it and said no more about the 1bd per head charge, but still… its ridiculous that a charge was put up when there were no services in sight to justify it being there! Apparently I hear theres some sort of dispute with the current owner of faulkland islands in court? hahah I wonder if we were paying his court bills!

  40. mahmood says:

    Thanks for the explanation regarding Beirut’s situation, I wouldn’t have known the problems, it just looked fantastic with people swimming, fishing and generally enjoying themselves as only being near or in the sea can do.

    The public access to the beach for work or pleasure is essential; Bahrainis have always been at one with the sea, being a collection of islands. While I fully condone the right of people to own property on a beach, I seriously think that with an island as small as Bahrain it cannot be allowed for that simple fact. I would suggest that properties end 500 meters or so away from the coastline and no development allowed within those 500 meters other than public gardens and grounds to beautify the area and pull in the tourists and residents. Restaurants are okay there too, in fact, I would highly encourage that. I distinctly rememeber having fresh fish at the various warfs in Mediera island and we loved it!

    Regarding the “Falklands” (or as other call it: bird shit island!) I’ve never been, and never knew that someone (whoever that someone is) actually owns it! I thought it is public property… but I could be completely mistaken. I’m not a sea-person and I detest boats etc (yes, I’m a land-lubber living in an island!) But to charge people to be in its vicinity is a bit off… did they also buy the surrounding sea? They might as well have their own flag and declare seperation!

  41. MoClippa says:

    I belive you are right about the Falklands being public property Mahmood, but from what I understand someone has a development lease on it… one of those situations where he rents and develops the island, is allowed to make money off it for sometime, then returns the land to the government… but I’m not too sure about why he is in court right now!

    I also agree with you to some extent on the notion the private houses should not be allowed to own the beaches, on account of Bahrains size, and the simple fact that Bahrainis in general are truely ‘one with the sea’ … Most beaches should be given public status, but I wasn’t quite sure if what you were talking about extentended to hotels not being allowed to own the beach as well. I think people have come to expect that certain hotels will have private beach enclosures.

    I think the best solution would be to have certain areas be redesignated as ‘shared private beaches’… in which case everyone that wants to rent a portion of the beach, can pay a yearly rental fee for a share (with minimal caps based on location) to have that part of the beach be temporarily private… The hotels and other businesses pay both to rent the beach, and to develop it for their respective clients.

    The rental fee would be paid to the government which would then transfer all of it into money dedicated to development of public beaches and other public beutification projects. Equal trade, let certain businesses (hotels and resturants) keep their private beaches (albiet limited), but in return, they essentially pay into a pool for the development of public beaches everyone can access! – Then again maybe I’m too much of an idealist 😛

  42. ba7rainiya says:

    ya, they have closed the Google Earth, because it was exposing everything. The dirty beaches, polluted environment and even the big luxury houses of the (ruling family). They don’t want us to tell that they are living in luxury and we are not.

  43. observer says:

    If people find that they wish to view the images of Bahrain which show the detailed allocation and use of land between the rulers and the people they rule, I would suggest downloading the following e-book file which is free and can be circulated by email

  44. Chivas says:

    Leave the boring, dull, not interesting (plus every single synonym of the word boring in oxford’s Dictionary!!) subject of a desert island with no oil,

  45. Chivas says:

    Leave the boring, dull, not interesting (plus every single synonym of the word boring in oxford’s dictionary!!) subject of a desert island with no oil, illiterate population, a noisy opposition, and youths with no particular identity – some are westernized (Private school grads as well as most of Kanoo, Moayyed, and Fakhro off spring) , some act like bedouins (RIFF3’s), some think themselves as pearl divers and believe that their extremely tiny and crowded island is the land of God (Muharraqi’s), some start their life having one thought and one subject to talk about (How to spend the rest of my life blaming Al Khalifa for every single mistake I make) (People of the Northern Governate & Sitra), some think that Sangakee neighborhood is Iran and that prophet Mohammed was originally Persian.

    What Kind of diversity is this!!! Stop talking about it and start zooming on other countries with a potential to grow and develope, say for example Singapore, Malta, and the Maldives.

  46. Mutfar3'a says:

    :whistle: MALAL la ??

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