Parliament suspends its authority


For the third week running, parliament abrogates its basic responsibility to oversee the operation of the executive branch by completely negating both the Constitution and Parliamentary Bylines. [audio clip]

I feel that this “experiment” might have reached an impasse now. I don’t foresee an effective way forward other than going back to the drawing board and adopting a new constitution which respects the foundations of human rights and dignity. What we are witnessing now is nothing more than a direct result of the inequities visited upon us by the contentious 2002 constitution and the behind the scene machinations which are further strengthened by the absence of real political will to seek a solution.

If these basic things are not resolved, and resolved quickly, the apparent milk and honey which a few are enjoying will disappear faster than the trust people have put in this new new era.


  1. sillybahrainigirl

    mmmm… lemme think.

    Parliament was dissolved in 1973. Parliament was reinstated in 2002.

    If Parliament were to be dissolved today, how many centuries should we wait to have our voices heard – not that this Parliament represents me or my VOICE!

  2. Merlin

    silly”bahraini”girl, hows the Canadian citizenship thing going? Nearly there?

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    well put it this way, it is the only parliament in the world who diligently work at curtailing whatever authority they do have!

    brilliant that, isn’t it?

    Talk about self-inflicted brain damage… repeatedly!

  5. Just me

    The faster this parliament collapses the better. At least it will save time and money and people can stop believing that it has any legislative power on real political issues other than just the number of national holidays per year.

    You don’t play the game by their rules and try to beat them….you try to change the rules of the game to make it fair.

    But my question to Mahmood. Why do you contradict yourself so much. The post after this suggests the blame is on pathetic MPs and in this post you suggest that it is the result of a deformed constitution. Which is it?

  6. Post

    Which is it?

    To me, the primary jobs of a parliament is to be the watcher of the executive branch to ensure that no corruption or corrupt practices arise. It is there to also ensure the protection of its citizens rights, freedoms and dignity. It is therefore their very job to retool the constitution and correct it so that it does not trespass and trample those boundaries.

    The country sort of accepted the 2002 constitution because we had hopes that the fix will come from the inside. It still marginally can; however, what we have witnessed is the near complete abrogation of parliamentary job by it being allowed to continuously be sidetracked from its primary tasks.

    That makes both the Constitution as well as the MPs cohorts in the regression this country is experiencing and will continue to experience until the basic situation is fixed.

    Although that might take time for it to come around, I would never seriously advocate the abandonment of public participation in politics and go back to “the good old days”, because as far as I’m concerned, the worst day we experience even now, is infinitely better than those past.

    Else, would I or you be able to talk and write what we have in this thread had we been in that era?

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