Bogus degrees list published

Stories started to appear in our press a few days ago about a bunch of losers from Bahrain bought their degrees from a “degree mill” in the States rather than actually get down and dirty and earn it the usual way. To them, the end justifies the means, and if – due to their shiny degree which might secure them a sensitive position in health or industry or whatever their chosen “career” would be – kill someone or make whole families destitute, well, so what? They paid for it didn’t they?

Well, the jig is up and somehow got the full list and published it on their site. To save you the bother, let me list the persons who they claim to be from Bahrain who are the recipients of such degrees:

Name State Country Degree University
Al Ebrahim, Ahmed Mohsen Ali Mohsen Bahrain HS
Ahmed, Mohammed Khamis Ali Bahrain
Ahmed, Radhi, Basil Ebrahim Bahrain MS
Abu Awad, Ziad Thabet Bahrain MS
Dhaif, Husain Saeed Mohsen AL Bahrain HS
Dhaif, Mohsen Saeed Mohsen Al Bahrain MAH
Ebrahim, Ahmed Mohsen Ali Mohsen Al Bahrain HS
Nasser, Fathi Ahmed Mohammed Bahrain
Sanad, Mohammed Y Bahrain
Radhi, Basel Ebrahim Ahmed Bahrain MS
Radhi, Basil Ebrahim Ahmed Bahrain MS
Wongsokerto, Senir M Bahrain BA

I wonder what the government is going to do now. Are they going to at least investigate these people and arrest them for fraud if they are indeed proven to have received their degrees in such a fraudulent manner or will they once again just sweep this whole fiasco under the carpet and once again pretend it never happened?


  1. Post

    That should be the least of their worries. Jail time for them and disciplinary action for whoever approved their certificate if done without malice, and joining the learned gentlemen in jail if with.

  2. Sam

    The names were either leaked or the paper got them through an FOI request, nevertheless – I’m glad they’ve named and shamed the scruffs involved.

    Would be interesting to find out where these individuals work – anyone willing to do the dirty work?

  3. romster

    Maybe they can do a better job in running one of the following departments:

  4. Post

    Man don’t get me started on them.. They refused to collect the cheque of the charges for my company this morning insisting that it should either be paid in by me personally – as the owner – or someone they have registered in their database as an authorised person – the clearing agent!

    So either I have to waste half a day going there and paying their cheque every month, or have to engage the services of this clearer and pay him BD20 or so for the privilege every single time!

    Can we collectively say embezzlement to describe this action, or complete and utter foolishness on their part?

  5. Sam

    One would assume that it would be in the LMRA’s own interest to make paying them as easy and trouble free as possible by giving you choice!… Payment online via credit/debit card, payment via cheque through the post, on the phone, in person, or even through your local post office – but hey! That would require good communication, good planning, systems interoperability & collaboration. Something they’re clearly not adept to.

    So much for a “modern” governmental outfit!

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