27 Apr, '10

early night, felt bleh
woke up at 5, lethargic
did the gym – 2 circuits of the machines two turns of 12 reps each
went out for a walk, lovely weather
shower in maintenance, queued a bit to get into one
clothes on, hang on, no trousers!
put gym shorts on again, found trousers on the car’s floor
back in, shorts on – bloody things wet!
can’t have that.
gone commando, full suit on.
new shoes too bloody tight, circulation stopped I think.
eating banana on the way to the car, bloody thing snaps, drops on shirt
arrive at office
sangeetha’s windows installation infected with virus and trojan
that’s in a parallels desktop on her mac
source is from auditors memory sticks
cleaned up, we hope, back to scanning
customer refuses to pay on a delivered rush job
now their accounts claims 30 days net, no exception
agreement was prepayment, but was feeling generous, job released
bad decision
hopeful for resolution soon, amount not worth the fight
relationship better
sent nudge email, hopefully will be sorted
coffee going cold
newspapers on desk do not entice flicking
donating shoes to bspa thrift shop opposite
waiting for shop to open to upsize
and it’s only 944
like that porshe, never succeeded
going commando is liberating!
it’ll get better

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  1. Tanya Degano says:

    Way too much info 😛

  2. Bahrainiac says:

    At least they weren’t at home!

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