2 Dec, '10

I’ll be sixty years old then.

And the pride that I feel now for having our neighbour Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022 will not have abated. Qatar has proven to all – and not just through successfully bidding for the World Cup – that it is a force to be reckoned with. It has proven that when a human being is well taken care of and invested in to be a citizen – rather than a mere subject – ascends into the responsibility required to build a sustainable nation.

Yes. Money helps. But passion and vision are required even more. Qatar has plenty of money thanks to their oil and gas reserves, but the guts they demonstrated just by believing that they have a chance is exemplary.

I am thrilled that Qatar in particular is representing the Middle East with this one. No one can now look down on Qatar, they have trumped everyone and have resolutely chiseled their name in history as the first Middle Eastern nation to host this prestigious tournament. And deservedly so.

Good luck Qatar, I look forward to the games.

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  1. Anno Domini says:


    I’m absolutely thrilled for them…Well deserved!

  2. Jamal Alyousif says:

    Qatar is doing something different as Arabs as the world knew them. They cracked open the door to what’s possible for us all, and that’s profound. Well done Qatar you deserved this win!

  3. NWO says:

    Well deserved Qatar… you managed to transalate a dream into reality setting a good example for all arab nations…

  4. Bu Yousef says:

    Wish them continued success. This is a huge target to work towards and I have no doubt about their dedication to making it an historic event on so many levels. I have seen Qatar change over my visits in the last 6 years. It seems we haven’t yet seen anything.

    Very happy for them and 1000 congratulations.

  5. Nader says:

    Adam Jones will be 22 by then.
    Lets hope he is not so enbittered by the country that sanctioned his house arrest as a minor, that he can enjoy the spectacle of the Qatari authorities trying to control 250,000 pissed football supporters!

    • mahmood says:

      With all the eyes of the world on them, I hope they will be pushed toward democracy and the rule of law. Hopefully with that change, Adam and those like him would be in a better position to actually be protected by the law, rather than being essentially lynched by it.

  6. ExpatBrat says:

    One major question is, what will all the pissed up football fans do when there isn’t a game. Qatar is not exactly known for as the entertainment capital of the gulf, let alone anywhere else. . .

    • Nader says:

      Agreed, but I assume they’ll construct a “World Cup City” type of affair, fenced in and away from the capitol a sufficient distance. Within, there would be accommodation, bars, restaurants, live music, the works. Don’t forget they’ve got 10 years to delivery date and the cash to do it.

  7. nhusain says:

    The fans will come to Bahrain for entertainment. From an economic perspective Bahrain will get some benefit from this as well.

  8. nhusain says:

    30 minutes by sea taxi and 90 minutes by the new causeway. The King should immediately offer the Bahrain National Stadium to be one of the stadiums and offer visa free travel to World Cup visitors. Basically anyone carrying a ticket. Also all the hotels should be offered up in Bahrain as hotel capacity in Qatar will be lacking.

  9. nhusain says:

    Qatar is putting on a great show in the form of the Asian cup that is going on now. Bahraini’s need to get behind Qatar on this one and fill the stadiums there. The success of Qatar will spill over to Bahrain.

  10. nhusain says:

    Going to the Asian games would be also be a good opportunity to give the family a nice vacation!

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