something’s amiss

browsing various news sources this morning, I found a very small piece in the local rag entitled: “Clubs rap bid to harm unity”, I can’t provide a link to it as they change their stories’ links when they go into the archive, stupid way to manage a newspaper’s website, but there you go, so allow me to copy it for you here:

Several Bahrain clubs and their members issued separate statements early today condemning speeches that were made at a symposium at Al Oruba Club last night.

The statements said the speeches were designed to create differences between the Bahraini people, harm national unity and damage the reforms programme initiated by His Majesty King Hamad.

The clubs, including Muharraq Club, Manama Sports Club and the Al Hala Sports Club, said Bahrain was now living in a democratic environment and denounced any efforts to disturb security and stability. In their statements, the clubs affirmed their support for the reforms programme being carried out by the government.

Source: Gulf Daily News

Huh? I already announced this event on yesterday and was actually meaning to attend this seminar but couldn’t for various reasons.

So trying to investigate further, I found that the Voice of Bahrain site is still blocked as is a popular Bahraini Forums site called “BahrainOnline“.

WTF! So searching some more I fell on which is ironic as I live right next to Duraz village! Anyway, they have a post in their forums entitled Sectarian discrimination in the kingdom of Bahrain:The Unwritten Law which I thought is very close to the title of the seminar last night. That article (scroll down for the English version) is very interesting reading, and to us Bahrainis it’s really nothing new.

I suspect that the seminar last night was to present primarily this paper which is written by Nabil Rajab who is the head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

I’ll try to dig some more and find out what actually was presented last night… stay tuned.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the archive of the seminar again from, however it’s in Arabic only,

UPDATE 2: Forget about most of the links in this article, in less than an hour from posting them, they’ve almost all have been blocked. When I find the articles again (at least the English press release or working paper presented at the seminar, I’ll put them up here for your edification.)

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    8 July 2004

    something’s amiss

    All links at are working fine!

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