the damsel is sulking

All together now: ooooohhhhhhh, you pooour pooour baabieee. did Abdulnabi Salman and other MPs who uncharacteristicly stood up for the freedom of the press hurt your pooour pooour feelings? tut tut tut. Never mind, come here and get a cuddle. You can now go back into the chamber and carry on with the session.


You stupid, in-bred, moronic excuse for a HUMAN BEING, how the bloody hell did you get to sit in the chair, and represent ME, in MY name, you silly excuse for a Hitlerite dictator. You simple minded amoeba.

Who the fuck are YOU to demand that an accredited journalist be thrown out of parliament? Do you think that WE, the people, have NO right to know what is going on in that whorehouse you call an assembly?

And based on what? These other fucks, the moronic, uncivilised, sectarian pigs of Al-Menbar Islamic Society who count between their members the ultimate hog Mohammed Khalid, the Shi’a-hater, objected to a reporter who did her job by reporting what they said in one of their sessions against the Shi’a. Even if she mis-represented what was said, or completely slandered these jerks, wouldn’t you think that being the protectors of the constitution they would use the judicial system to sort the matter out?

No of course not. Why should they? They take the cue from the parliament’s CHAIRMAN who on several occasions demonstrated just how GOOD he is at protecting human rights, personal freedoms and the freedom of the press. After all, wasn’t he the same person who suggested that the police should use bulldozers and forcibly remove the protesters in a car cavalcade who were supporting a prisoner of conscience?

  • Alireza
    25 November 2004

    the damsel is sulking

    This guy’s obviously not up to the job and he’s got to take responsibility for why MPs are held in low esteem. I defy any institution in the world to operate with someone like him at the helm.

    Now he’s proposing that children in schools are taught human rights, which is laudable but might he and most of the MPs want to sit in these classes too in order to learn the basics?

    If they did they might be inclined to make as their priorities:

    * Replacing the 1976 Criminal Code
    * Throwing out the Political Societies Law
    * Throwing out the Freedom of Assembly Law

  • Alireza
    25 November 2004

    WITBTHIFD 2004 Award?


    As it’s coming to the end of the year how about holding a 2004 WITBTHIFD Award? Possibly in the form of an online poll?

    If so I’d like to nominate:

    Mohammed Khaled – self explanatory
    Terror suspects – for their allegations at this press conference
    Al Wefaq’s Murtader Bader – for his call to racially segregate Manama
    Majeed Karimi – for his fear of scantily clad mannequins in Muharraq

    But I’m sure there’s a lot of others out there who would be equally deserving and competition would be fierce.

  • mahmood
    25 November 2004

    Re: WITBTHIFD 2004 Award?

    What an excellent idea! Here’s my list (in no particular order, they’re all at the same level for all I care):

    1. Khalifa Al-Dhahrani
    2. Khalifa Al-Dhahrani (!)
    3. Abdulla Al-A’ali
    4. Jassim Al-Saidi
    5. Adel Al-Moawdah
    6. Faisal Foolath (shura)
    7. Samir Al-Shuwaikh
    8. Mohammed Khalid

    who else? people respond to this thread (now please!) and list your favourites and I’ll put up a poll in a couple of days or so. Then we excercise our democratic right and vote for the TWITBTHIFD personlity of the year!

  • mohd
    25 November 2004

    2004 TWITBTHIFD Candidates

    Ahmad Behzad (for drafting that poop of a bill to begin with)

    The Clown behind the Ansar Al Islam website

    Saif Gaddafi [url][/url] Quit giving the game away!

    Jerry Falwell for starting his Faith and Values Coalition

    I’m sure I can think up some more

  • Alireza
    26 November 2004

    Re(1): WITBTHIFD 2004 Award?

    Thanks Mahmood, but what’s Faisal Falooth doing there? He’s an all round top dude: a leading Amnesty International activist who’s spearheading their campaign to stop violence against women in Bahrain.

    This guy’s got to be a nominee – Islam Online’s Salman Al Awda. He was one of 26 Saudi based religious leaders to sign a fatwa declaring the fight against the Americans in Falluja to be a jihad. But when he gets a text from his son to say that he’s going to join the jihad, he’s in immediate contact with the Riyadh authorities to prevent the son leaving the country. Best of all though – the son’s text was a joke and he was in fact going off on a hunting trip in the Saudi desert.

    In the same context Sheikh Ahmed Yassin of Hamas has got to be a contender. Following his ideology, Sheikh Yassin’s addiction to terror tactics did more to undermine the Palestinian cause than all the billions of dollars poured into Israeli lobby groups in Washington. He’s gotta be up there because although he constantly urged everyone else to blow themselves up, none of his relatives ever came forward to sacrifice themselves. Strange that.

  • mahmood
    26 November 2004

    Re(2): WITBTHIFD 2004 Award?

    I’ve put Faisal Foulath’s name in there because I am convinced that this guy is a “climber” and he comes across to me as completely insincere, or at least wound-up to do or say something, rather than from personal conviction, ergo his continuous brain-farts.

Chaos as MPs clash over ban on reporter