Vlog: Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario

This visit happened early on in our stay in Toronto. It was on July 5th. The girls dissapeared by themselves while Frances, Arif and myself went through the exhibit. Arif enjoyed the Henry Moore sculptures.

There was a fantastic exhibition by Turner, Monet and Whistler, sadly they did not allow me to shoot video or pictures in that exhibit. They also barred me from shooting video anywhere inside the exhibit, hence you will see just the snapshot stills I have taken through the Henry Moore exhibit, and other places inside and outside the AGO.

  • anonymous
    3 July 2005

    Vlog: Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario

    Very nice. I hope you enjoyed the AGO and will return to Toronto soon. It’s a great city and has many surprises, even for folks who live there!


  • mahmood
    3 July 2005

    Re: Vlog: Visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario

    Thank you Carl, we THOROUGHLY enjoyed Toronto and I have no doubt that we will visit again!

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