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Ok, I got fed up waiting for the board of the Bahrain Cinema Club to respond to my proposal to start a videography/filmmakers group under their auspices, so I’m going it alone, starting immediately. If you would like to join, register at the Rebels site.

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Is your video camera ready?

There are so many devices available today that a person can use to shoot video and make a movie: mobile telephone, still cameras (oxymoron?) and of course video cameras. Every single person with or without these devices can tell a story… so why don’t we have many filmmakers in Bahrain then? Is it just because they are shy? They think that they do not have the venue to display their creations?

Well, fear no more, as with the advent of this club: The Bahrain Filmmakers Club, you shall have the audience that you crave!

We don’t care about your camera model, or even the format you use. If it moves, you’re more than welcome to join us in our endeavour to create Bahraini storytellers!

Please consider signing up, we want to hear your voice, and see your movies, as do thousands from all over the world.
Bahrain Filmmakers Club

  • Gemma Deerfield
    14 November 2006


    I am a filmmaker and coming to bahrain shortly to make a new film I am currently writing. I have put up casting calls for actors and a crew call on my website so please go to that for more information. I am looking for local Bahraini actors (which i have not yet specified on as i am still writing) as well as a couple of ex-pats and a few marines.
    If you think you can help please get in touch via my website.
    Gemma Deerfield

  • Layla Al Sharif
    21 November 2006

    Hi there,
    Im all up for joining the club. As well as helping you out Gemma… That is behind the lens ofcourse..
    feel free to contact me.
    Layla Al Sharif

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