Batelco Broadband Bahrain; Prices and New Packages

The Bahrain Internet Society is holding its monthly meeting, and this time they are inviting Batelco’s Chief Executive along for an open discussion regarding Batelco’s new Internet packages.

The meeting is on Sunday, May 14, 2006 at the Crowne Plaza hotel at 7PM in the Bahrain Convention Centre.

The meeting is open to the public.

This is our chance to hear from the horse’s mouth and also allow him to listen to our points of view. Needless to say, the larger the attendance the better.

Shall we mount our own orange revolution and print out the placards? Come on guys, let’s make something out of this. We have only 3 days to get things done!

update: please don’t forget to print out the information from as you could use that as a base for your questions and observations at the event.

update 2: There’s a petition to be signed, please add your signature.
Another site is up in Arabic against Batelco’s decision: No Batelco!
thanks Yousif

update 3: 060512 A good series of questions and answers which could be asked during the Internet Society’s seminar have been added. Please go and read them. Thanks Jameel.

  • mahmood
    11 May 2006

    A customer care initiative with Usage Control Options (UCO) is also being introduced to ensure customers do not receive excessive charges for usage above their threshold.

    All customers will receive an e-mail notification plus an SMS (if they have a Batelco Mobile subscription) informing them when their usage has reached 75pc of their designated threshold.

    By implementing Usage Control, all customers who exceed their credit limit will have their downlink speed reduced to 64kbps (uplink speed will remain unchanged) as per the following levels:

    l 512kbps at BD30 – once usage reaches 9GB or BD40 per month.

    l 1mbps at BD40 – once usage reaches 16GB or BD50 per month.

    l 2mbps at BD60 – once usage reaches 21GB or BD70 per month.

    Beyond these levels, customers can use the Internet at the reduced speed of 64kbps as much as they like for no additional charge.

    With the threshold limit option UCO will be activated and speed dropped to 64kbps once the customer’s threshold quota has been reached, with any additional usage for the remainder of the month free of charge.

    With the Open option no UCO is applied, but all usage above the customer’s set threshold will be charged at 10 fils per MB.
    GDN :: 11 May ’06

  • Jameel
    11 May 2006

    64kbps… welcome to 1994

    I think everywone should go to talk to the CEO. And what is this with GDN?? Everybody in the country is talking about the boycott and they write nothing about it as if nothing happened.

    Mahmood don’t you have friends in GDN… can you ask them why they still wrote this crap about 64kbps instead of supporting the boycott.

  • mahmood
    11 May 2006

    Jameel, the GDN only prints articles it is given and they only write about something if they are paid for it. Ask any of their “journalists” what the definition of ‘conflict of interest’ and watch them squirm.

    So I wouldn’t put much thought or value to what is printed there. Although I do quote their articles from time to time, and almost daily on Bahraini.TV, I do so because I know I want to reference them at some stage and their site is shite, as articles just disappear up their black hole after a while…

    Therefore, no, I don’t think the GDN’s article is worth the ink, especially as one of their major benefactors IS Batelco.

  • some1
    11 May 2006

    They think this will stop people from starting “neighborhood networks”. This is just stupid. They are shooting themselves in the foot. If a competitor starts offering broadband services now they will loose more customers than from the so called “neighborhood networks” because frankly everyone will move to the other provider and they will end up with bandwidth to spare and no one to buy it. Horrible offer. Go to hell bateloco, i can’t wait for alternatives.

  • mahmood
    11 May 2006

    We have Kuwaiti support in our quest now! Way to go!

  • the Cloggy from Oz
    11 May 2006

    Dear oh dear, I have just recovered from the intital shock from the internet pricing here in Bahrain (I arrived in January) and now we have this!
    Absolutely amazing, the whole world moves to high bandwidth applications like streaming TV and movie downloads, here we go back to dial-up speeds. Good going Batelco!
    They are complaining that the uptake of ADSL is so slow. Well, if they would lower the price by 50%, a lot more people would use it.
    It is a commodity, not a luxury item.


  • Yousif
    11 May 2006

    I want to bring to your attention this website “NoBatelco”

    There is also an online petition. Please sign it.

    Damn Batel-khara…

  • mahmood
    11 May 2006

    thanks Yousif!

  • Moody
    11 May 2006

    i think we should make stickers and stick em on the some cars or so lol!
    i have posted this Earlier …

    my lil tiny survey …
    some mates from UK …

  • Tawfeeq Rayyash
    11 May 2006

    Hi Mahmood
    i will try to start shooting!!
    see this link:

  • Tawfeeq Rayyash
    11 May 2006


  • angelo
    11 May 2006

    Mahmood, you may need to update your post with the new link for the arabic boycott batelco site which is now pointing to: 😀

    seems like it’s being hosted on a reseller from inside bahrain and I might be wrong.

  • angelo
    11 May 2006

    On second thoughts… it’s interesting to see how someone managed to grab a widely used extension — .info for batelco…. whoever who’s in charge of registering extensions for batelco-related domains must be pretty much feeling the heat now….or probably hasn’t realized it yet…

  • Jameel
    12 May 2006

    By the way have added ways for you to answer the CEO during the sunday session. It’s a good list of questions and answers so they don’t have an excuse

  • mahmood
    12 May 2006

    These guys are on a roll!

    It would be a disappointment if a good number of people do not show up and fire good questions at the CEO. The future communications culture in Bahrain IS at stake.

  • Anonymous
    12 May 2006

    Fantastic!!! Look what’s in the GDN today!!!

    ” Net packages spark protest – By TARIQ KHONJI ”

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