Batelco Responds re the new Broadband Packages

I just got this email from Mr. Peter Kaliaropoulos, the CEO of Batelco which I shall share with you in order to reach a consensus of opinion. Mr. K raises some valid points which need to be addressed too:

Dear “boycott Batelco” team,

I have visited your website and read many of your comments. I do understand the concerns.

I will defend the right of anyone to express his or her view about a matter and welcome the opportunity to offer you an alternative viewpoint to yours. I hope the exchange of information remains non personal, unemotional and is facts based. I also hope that my letter is made available to all your members who are visiting your site so they can read the alternative view to yours and make up their mind on this matter.

You claim in your website that Batelco is lying to its customers, we are misleading and our motivation is simply driven by greed. Of course I disagree and I am concerned about untrue statements made by your group which are aimed to smear and deliberately devalue the reputation of one of the most important companies contributing to Bahrain’s success.

Let’s look at the facts.

Batelco has recognized that its current pricing for the use of the internet is too high by global standards. We developed a new range of prices starting as low as BD10 pm for 256Kbps and submitted them to the TRA. We are working with the TRA to review conditions imposed on the BD10 service. Once we have reached agreement we will launch this plan as well.

Our goal remains one of making internet access in Bahrain more affordable and at higher speeds.

With the new packages we are introducing, the facts are that:

– 100% of our existing volume customers will be better off both in terms of speed, volume and price/value;

– The vast majority, ie. 86% of existing Batelco customers on the Flat Unlimited packages will benefit from the new packages;

– 100% of Flat unlimited customers will be better off in terms of terms of speed;

– A number of unlimited customers, less than 14%, may not get any new benefit and some may be worse off with the new thresholds levels.

Batelco today has approximately 23,000 broadband customers.

In analyzing the usage of our customers over the 12 months in 2005, we identified that the majority of our unlimited customers have 256Kbps access. 91% of these customers have a monthly average usage of 2.2GB.

When we analysed all the flat unlimited users (256Kbps + 512Kbps), the average usage was 7.4GB at an average cost of BD40 pmonth.

We are now offering for BD 40 pmonth usage up to 15GB, twice the current average and at 1 Mgps speed. Alternatively, if a customer has the same average usage per month, they will stay with 8GB at 512Kbps speed and pay BD30 pmonth.

Previously we used to charge 30 fils/MB above threshold levels. Our new packages now charge only 10 fils/MB, ie. 66% off.

Therefore, approximately 86% of our customers will be better off in terms of pricing and access speeds.

These are the facts that have led us to conclude that we are offering better value to customers and making the internet more affordable for the vast majority at higher speeds.

Our analysis has been based on assessing usage patterns of 23,000 customers. You state that you “surveyed 10 Bahraini internet users who you consider average users”. Whilst I accept your findings based on these 10 users, I will allow the readers of this email to conclude if research based on 23000 users is more factual and not misleading versus a sample of 10 users.

Furthermore, because Batelco does value its customers we have introduced a new Customer Care initiative for internet users as follows:

– All customers will receive an email notification and will also get an SMS notification (if they have a mobile with Batelco) when their usage has reached 75% of their designated threshold limit;

– Also once customers exceed their credit limit as per the following levels, their speed will be reduced to 64Kbps and any usage at this speed will be free of charge for the remainder of the month:
– 512Kbps package at BD30 pm, once usage reaches BD 40pm;
– 1Mbps package at BD 40 pm, once usage reaches BD 50pm;
– 2Mbps package at BD 60pm, once usage reaches BD 70pm.

– The reduced speed will be implemented once the package threshold (ie. 8GB, 15GB, 20 GB is reached). At the onset of the next month their downlink speed will return to the normal designated speed of their package.

The Batelco Customer Care initiative is introduced to ensure that no customer uncontrollably spends more on the internet than their original intention and we believe we are acting very responsibly to protect our customers.

Of course if a customer informs us during the month when he/she may have reached such a limit that they wish to have complete open access to the internet, we will advise them of the extra cost of 10 fils/MB, record their request details on our CRM, ensure they are the account holders and satisfy their request.

Customers, not Batelco, will have the power to make a decision of how much they wish to spend on internet access and usage. Customers also today do have the ability to check their usage levels 24×7 by going to They will continue to do so with the new packages. Batelco will not have the power to charge customers unlimited fees for exceeding their package threshold levels. Your claim that we will charge a customer for up to “603 GB in a month” thus is not correct and unnecessarily misleads internet users.

We do care about customers not overspending on a service despite its unlimited usage and our Customer Care initiatives will protect customers. Other industries (for example financial institutions) have similar customer care procedures when it comes to credit card usage for the protection and benefit of customers whilst minimizing bad debt.

You state that transition to these plans is not optional but you also state that customers have choice of internet providers and you recommend alternatives to affected users.

Batelco like any other commercial enterprise conducts business with its customers on commercial terms and conditions. As is the case with most customer agreements in Bahrain and worldwide, it is standard practice to reserve the right to change, withdraw and introduce new packages.

Again, whilst we recognize that we are affecting less than 14% of our customers, you need to acknowledge that we are benefiting 86% of existing customers. There is a risk some of our customers will pursue other offers from ISPs, of course we are concerned. However, we will be developing alternative offers in the future. Every business has commercial risks and we understand that some customers may opt out for alternative offers. We regret this and will continue to review packages to win them back.

Regarding your comments about trying to stop illegal users let me make a simple point. If the internet is very affordable users do not need to share. We have made it known that we want to introduce BD10pm to allow everyone to have access to the internet. Low cost packages will address illegal usage. Also you need to acknowledge that when illegal users (small minority) who are sharing internet connection with many others and continually download, deprive others from using the internet at the performance they are paying for.

Batelco has admitted that some customers will receive little or no benefit, less than 14% of our broadband customers. We are acknowledging this fact but some of your statements clearly mislead the public when you state that all customers will pay more. I have explained above that this is not the case for the vast majority of our customers.

Your website also contains a lot of misleading information (eg. ADSL is losing money, crookless and brainless costing models, etc). I do not believe it is constructive to debate with you these unsubstantiated allegations and emotional comments. If you have proof of wrong doing please produce it formally so I can act upon it – general accusations and unsubstantiated allegations do not help.

I just wish to state that Batelco today employs extremely competent professionals, they use best practice costing models, our analysis is audited by external auditors and professional regulatory TRA officers with vast experience in complex analysis. It is unfair and unwarranted to imply such hard working people are incompetent. I respect your right to express your opinion but in this case, it is wrong.

In your statements you are also advocating the need for total unlimited packages. We do recognize that new applications will require additional bandwidth. Batelco will continue to research the needs of its customers and introduce additional packages to cater for these “bandwidth hungry” applications as is the case with business users.

A number of companies do have unlimited offers but in the fine print of their terms and conditions do state that unfair usage will be limited to 10 GB or 15GB. Batelco has been upfront with our new packages rather than hide it in the fine print of commercial contracts.

Your need to get totally unlimited usage for a fixed price is a concept which needs commercial balancing. It is naïve to conclude that users who download 7.4GB or 15GB or 150GB or 603GB per month should all pay the same price… You state that “you should be entitled to a completely unlimited package without any constraints”. This is extremely unrealistic. In the world today, “user pays” principle is fair and a sound sustainable business model – companies should not apologise nor be defensive whether in telecommunications or other industries.

High users should pay more for a resource or a service versus low users. Of course, high users should pay “less per unit” recognizing that economies of scale apply to high users of any product or service. I don’t believe we can live in a world where, say, we pay BD40 a month for petrol but we can use as much or as little as we like; BD 40 a month for electricity irrespective how much we use or pay BD40 a month for a loan, irrespective how much we have borrowed. There are many such examples across various industries. No company can survive on “unlimited use” of a resource for a fixed price. Access to the internet and internet usage is a resource in demand by many and yes, it does involve millions of dinars in capital expenditure to provide.

We are aware, for example, that there are “teenage users, heavily downloading from the internet”. Your survey sample of 10 also confirms that you are concerned about these specific users. How do we address the needs of these users?

Here is an invitation: let’s form a teenage internet user forum which Batelco sponsors so these teenagers can help Batelco develop new internet services aimed at the needs of such a segment and/or improve the development of internet services in Bahrain for heavy users…

Batelco has not ruled out the availability of an unlimited packages for ever. In such a forum, we expect both groups (teenage users and Batelco product & marketing managers) to share information and educate each other on user needs, accuracy of information, commercial models and constructive dialog on facts and reasoning.

I am genuine about this invitation for a joint development forum because I also believe it will serve as an informed users’ forum rather than your group making a lot of assumptions and offering unsubstantiated views and comments. I am not certain what assurances you want regarding your confidentiality and anonymity – I will guarantee such. I am prepared to understand what assurances you may need from Batelco to offer you such “protection”.

I am delighted with your passion and organizing skills to protest about the internet packages we are introducing and congratulate you for the effort you are making to openly debate these matters. I also respect your right to freedom of expression as I stated earlier and hope that such dialog is not based on inaccurate and emotional claims which may ultimately hurt your cause.

We respect the views of all our customers and our employees. We do listen and we always try to improve the quality and value of our services. We do employ intelligent and motivated people and we are creating a performance based culture in Batelco to better serve the needs of our customers.

We are investing BD21m on “Broadband Bahrain” project to ensure Bahrain has world leading IP and internet access capability and make the internet affordable for all.

Significant investments have been made in infrastructure and services for the benefit of all customers.There is always room for improvement. We have kicked off “six sigma” process reviews to improve quality and service and, reduce the cost of our services so we can pass benefits to consumers. In the last 12 months alone we have improved customer service, based on external research studies and have reduced the costs of many of our services despite lengthy submissions and negotiations with the TRA. We believe in “continuous improvement” in Batelco and we aspire to do more to win the loyalty of our customers in an increasing competitive environment.

94% of our workforce are Bahrainis and we are proud of this fact. We do want to employ more talented Bahrainis and have introduced performance management to weed out non performers and make room for new talent.

Batelco today is a commercial organization and we do not apologise for working towards giving our shareholders a fair return for their investment in Batelco whilst delivering value to customers. Many companies make substantial profits which reflect the significant investments they have made over many years. Batelco managers are not greedy. We are professional managers and people leaders applying a balanced scorecard in the way we run a modern business. Balance between customer needs, employee needs, shareholder requirements and caring about the community we live in. There is always room for improvement in any company including Batelco.

We employ over 1600 people who in turn support many family members through their jobs. Batelco also donates millions of dinars every year to community and needy organizations right across the Kingdom. We are socially responsible as well as running a business which enables commerce and communications in the Kingdom.

Whilst you lobby for support of your specific need, please remember that damaging the reputation of a significant and important company in Bahrain through generic spread of misleading information and general boycott messages may indeed hurt far too many Bahrainis versus the benefits you are seeking for a few.

I have offered you an alternative, more powerful way to influence our product development and pricing decisions. Your call.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Kaliaropoulos
Chief Executive Officer

The first thing I have to say is thank you Mr. K for taking the time to write, I – as I am sure the rest of your services’ users in the island – are quite thrilled that you take our concerns quite seriously. We applaud your efforts, of course, and recognise the good that Batelco gets involved in in Bahrain from sports sponsorship to building community care buildings and projects. We also recognise the level of Bahrainisation your company has achieved and look forward to seeing even more Bahrainis filling the top-level jobs.

Our concern as far as the internet service is concerned is manifold, our fear you will understand, is due in part to the absence of a viable competitive entity which by default, due to normal business dynamics, can protect the end user. We do not understand the value-add that an organisation such as the TRA can produce in situations such as these as they do not have the public face your company has, and the perception at least of the TRA either plainly siding with the providers, or is operating under their shadow. In other words, we currently do not see the TRA as a consumer protection; of course, we do recognise that their role is to regulate, primarily.

Peter, as bloggers we do use the internet heavily, we know too for a fact that our visitors and guests most probably are heavy users too. We are concerned that we are part of those disenfranchised 14% who will suffer due to this change. You must realise that the a sizable portion of these 14% could also be regarded as the bleeding edge occupants of the internet, the very people who have harnessed the power of the internet and use it as service pioneers, using services other users have not woken up to: IP TV, file synchronization between computers and servers, video chat, entertainment, news, radio, streaming applications and the various other high-end applications which we have come to take for granted, it is some of these 14% who your company should befriend and solicit their input for future services and packages which you might consider introducing.

By your admission, those operating within the “thiefnet” sphere are minute and should not be considered within those 14%, those, you are more than welcome to prosecute through legal channels. We just hope that you will not generalise the blame, and get us legitimate users to suffer on their behalf.

What you have proposed – affordable low end packages – is very much appropriate for these users and hope that the TRA will grant you the acceptance to provision this service, this we hope will reduce if not completely eradicate this particular problem.

We also recognise that you are a business entity providing for-profit services. You are absolutely not at fault for doing that, and we have happily contributed to your success, and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Some of us are actually your shareholders, and we look to excellent returns on our investment. We are not naive in believing that services such as what your company provides should be provided for free, or even at break-even prices. We want you to make a profit, as only with that you will be able to spend to improve the service further. We are not against you making a profit.

Our fear; however, is simply that with the ceiling limited packages you have introduced you have impinged on our right to continue to be on the bleeding edge of the internet revolution. To us, this in non-negotiable. This is our common denominator with visionaries the world over and we will not accept being left behind the curve without a fight.

I have already explained how we are using the internet, and perusing my blog you probably would have realised that I regularly post videos and audio content available to my users. As a content publisher I am anxious that my users view my creative output without having to consider limitations on their internet uses. If that happens then what Batelco has done is discriminate specifically against the Bahraini user, you and I know that the majority of the world will not have that consideration as their connections are most probably better, faster and more reliable. Therefore, your new packages will impinge on my freedoms of expression because although I will be able to deliver content to the rest of the world who might receive the content without a second’s thought, my Bahraini guests will be at a disadvantage because of obvious reasons.

Peter, we urge you once again to please reconsider your current offerings, and if only a minority will continue to be heavy users of your service, and by your statistics even a smaller portion would ever get to set limits, we urge you to remove those limits.

Thank you once again for taking the time to write, I personally do appreciate your candor and your passion.

Best regards,
Mahmood Al-Yousif

  • Khalid
    12 May 2006

    I’d have to say that this is such a great thread, well written on both parts. I honestly do believe that this is the way forward when it comes to addressing issues and at the same time, allowing “lead users” to be involved in the innovation process as part of what Von Hippel calls the “democratization of innovation”.

    I think with time, Bahrain can develop and internet industry like the one here in the UK, obviously on a smaller scale.

    Thanks Mahmood and Peter for addressing this issue :).

  • Chanad
    13 May 2006

    Mr Kaliaropoulos said:
    No company can survive on “unlimited use” of a resource for a fixed price.

    Bottom line:
    Qtel in Qatar (which has a market size roughly the same as Bahrain’s) offers 256kbps unlimited for 20BD per month. Why can’t Batelco offer us the same?

  • NomadicArab
    13 May 2006

    Some CEOs fail to realize that sometimes, in trying to maxmize your shareholder’s returns they may be indirectly alienating their customer base. It is sad to see such companies seek to attain higher margins at the expense of their clients. From the point of view of an investor, Batelco, in my humble opinion, is not an attractive opportunity. Companies that deliver impressive returns in such a manner are bound to hit a number of bumps in the road. Batelco’s 26-27% ROE fails to impress me when their top-line growth continues to slow (and maybe eventually deteriorate). So, yes Peter, your duties are to your shareholders, employees, clients and community. Your priorities, however, have to be re-aligned.

  • MoClippa
    13 May 2006

    Here Here, Thank you Peter for addressing the issue as you did. Though I may not entirely agree with your points, you’ve taken a remarkable step forward in the Bahrain corporate scene by tackling this issue personaly and without all the PR trash.

    If anything I think we should all commend him on that!

  • Anonymous
    13 May 2006

    “Thiefnet” I like that word.

    Why can’t batelco change the type of ADSL modem it supplies for its connection with a USB ADSL modem like the ones used by BT in the U.K. If users can ONLY use these configured USB ADSL modems then it would make it a lot harder to share connections; cause needing to have the network from one PC to another and having them on the whole time.

    These are the modems i’m talking about..

  • Moody
    13 May 2006

    Anonymous , i can make a router out of that 1 and i still can “Thiefnet” it …

  • Anonymous
    13 May 2006

    Your network will have to be windows based, you wouldn’t get equal share of the connection plus on pc can’t go offline otherwise the rest lose the connection, even when running programs the others have the connection slowed down. trust me it will kill of 95% of the “thiefnets”..

  • Vikram
    13 May 2006

    Absolute tosh.

    In order to catch the mice, batelco intends to burn the barn down.

  • mahmood
    13 May 2006

    I understand that most theifnetters (!) actually use Linux to manage their networks and servers… and they’re VERY technologically aware.

  • mahmood
    13 May 2006

    I don’t think that Batelco is at all concerned with theifnets.

    What they are concerned about is that they realise the WEB2.0 is just around the corner and the various other IP applications too which will literally explode bandwidth requirements; therefore, they are putting their stake in the ground now in order to charge for those services, or limit their availability in the future.

    Think out of the box… Batelco wants us to believe that they are trying to limit the “damage” (which is non-existent) thiefnets are doing to its bottom line, what they are concerned about really is if they do allow unfettered access now, they can reach a compromise for this limitations AND charge for it in the future.

    The BoycottBatelco team seem to have fallen into this very deep trap by proposing the above-threshold limit to half of the subscribed speed rather than 64k. This I completely differ with them on, as I still insist on complete and unfettered access. This is the only thing that will allow us to benefit completely from the internet.

    I urge the bb team to reconsider their solution and stick to the original and reasonable plan of unfettered access.

  • Vikram
    13 May 2006

    i wonder how they’d react if one day everyone in bahrain shifted over to satellite-internet connections (eg Orbit)

  • Bubz
    13 May 2006

    I totally agree with you, Mahmood, regarding the 14% being on the bleeding edge of the internet (teh intarnet?!).

    It’s these people (like yourself) that are the first to use newer and more advanced tools and applications. These are the people that bring in all the stuff that the common user wouldn’t bother with yet – but will in a few years when it’s more common place. In a way, these are the internet trendsetters and Batelco (or any business entity with a public face) should really be catering to needs and/or demands of said trend setters.

    I agree with Vikram, competition would be healthy for Bahrain’s ISP market. Just look at all the other heavily marketed and thought-up offers that have been put forth by Batelco Mobile with the introduction of MTC-Vodafone. I’m not saying one is better than the other, I’m saying that a monopoly is hardly ever a good thing for the end user.

    Just my ramblings – thought I’d share. I’m definitely coming tomorrow!

  • Chanad
    13 May 2006

    I agree with you 100% that the BB team’s proposed solution does not cut it. Again, I refer to Qtel’s prices in Qatar, which is probably the country that has market conditions most similar to Bahrain. Qatar and every other place in the universe offers unlimited ADSL as a standard package. Yet here we are being told that:

    This is extremely unrealistic. In the world today, “user pays” principle is fair and a sound sustainable business model – companies should not apologise nor be defensive whether in telecommunications or other industries.

    I hope Batelco can provide a good reason for why it can’t match Qtel’s prices. Failing that, I urge the BB team to stick to the original demand of unlimited access.

  • KoOKiE
    13 May 2006

    well what kindoff growth do they wish to give the people of Bahrain
    to the kingdom itself.

    such a internet connection at such a high rate.

    The limited internet connection ?

    well im a webmaster i work online for like 10 hrs and the limit they are proposing is just not enough wont last 14 days most of the users wud agree to this.

    i must thank Mr.Mahmood for the efforts.


  • Ala'a
    13 May 2006

    Batelco’s proposal will be perfect if they change the limited to unlimited for all the new offers.

    They are already taking 20 times as much as any other internet provider in the world, why can’t they just go for less.

    Batelco will still profit even if we download 10 000 terabites, it’s not the amount of bytes we download is important but the speed they provide is.

    thanks for this page Mahmood.

  • Nawab of Kabab
    13 May 2006

    I spoke to people at today, and they told me that they planned to introduce wimax connection in Bahrain but they are still waiting for TRA to give permission. TRA has reservations because Wimax would involve radio waves, and they are still mulling over it.

    Now if we can only pressure TRA to, at least, seriously consider 2connect and other competitors in, then, we won’t be making such a huge fuss over Batelco like we are doing now.

  • someone
    13 May 2006

    Just a point regarding your disagreement with the bb team mahmood. Their proposition for half the speed is in fact unlimited access. It’s just a very sly way of asking for it 😉

    For example 1 Mbps will be reduced to 512Kbps unlimited usage for BD 40. That’s cheaper than what we are currently paying for 512k!

    what you have to realize what the bb team have realized, Batelco can’t just come out and say that they are now changing all their packages to unlimited, that is a PR disaster and will damage the morals of staff to admit that they are wrong. Instead sneak in unlimited usage in their packages, and let them have their day with the papers.

  • mahmood
    13 May 2006

    swings and roundabouts…

    I understand that the BB Team want to give Batelco some face-saving measure; however, I respectfully think it is misplaced, as even then it will open the gates to being charged or service throttling in the near future when WEB2.0 arrives in Bahrain.

    Batelco, to save face or otherwise, can simply create new package in addition to the ones offered now.

    And I disagree that if Batelco change the packages now will be a PR disaster. They will actually come out of it as the real caring company by listening to its customers AND acting on public consultation.

  • User1
    13 May 2006

    To Mahmood:

    Let me correct or clarify a point you mentioned about the TRA. Based on the Telecoms Law (, Section 3, they should’ve done MORE by now. They’re not simply ‘regulating’, they effectively are required to ‘promote’ competition and to ‘protect’ the consumers and businesses in Bahrain!

    Mahmood, the real fault here is not in fact Batelco, which by the way will bring every conceivable rational and civilized argument to the table, it is in fact the TRA.

    Because of the TRA’s ineffectiveness:

    1. There is no effective competition in Bahrain (Don’t look at Satellite, once you try it out, you will know the difference and wish you went back to DSL technology, as there are latency issues)

    2. The TRA accepted these packages WITHOUT publically debating it as it will FORCE everyone on to new packages and 14% will get negatively impacted. They publically debated soo many things but leave out this??

    3. TRA has failed (it’s been since 2003) to effectively promote and attract players into the market. The Access Regulation has been on-hold since the Fixed Line License has been officially introduced back in Juky 2004. As you can see, all 4 or 5 Fixed Line Licensees have STILL not launched competitive and similar packages in the market.

    4. The TRA has failed in ‘encouraging, regulating, and facilitating adequate Access and Interconnection between operators in Bahrain.

    5. Now, it IS suppoed to ‘examine complaints and resolve disputes arising between Licensees, Subscribers and any other Person involved in the Telecommunications industry, and taking any necessary and proportionate measures in relation to such matter.’ Will it do this you think? I doubt it..

    It’s a shame what Bahrain was back in 2003, the most advanced in Telecoms Regulation and 2004 being the first Arab country to provide Fixed-line licensing, effectively becoming a role model to other regulators, only to see it now being completely ineffective even in this situation.

    In the end of the day, and particularly in the 14th of May meeting, Batelco will run a strong case through ALL issues raised in the meeting and they will sound convincing and understandable coming from a natural or normal company looking into maximizing profit in a weak market. So in fact, it’s a bit worlthless if u think u can make Batelco change it’s packages to the way exactly the people want it. ONLY competition will FORCE it to do so, and to some fair degree, the TRA is supposed to intervene and protect customers anyway.

    Keep in mind something else, Batelco CAN’T change ( in monetary value) any package unless it’s being approved by the TRA. So don’t expect cheaper packages or better value stuff any time soon until the TRA approves it.

    Mahmood, let’s concentrate our efforts, using such unfortunate circumstances, to change the situation. Let Batelco play it’s game or it’s strange rationale and let there be effective competition, a CHOICE in the market for users like us to choose.

    I hope you can respond to this Mahmood.

  • User1
    13 May 2006

    ..One more thing, don’t you see there is a major or substantial disconnect between the mainstream press in Bahrain and the Bahraini Blogs? I’m a bit concerned that with SOO much public outcry on change (which is good and healthy), I don’t see it effectively shown in the public press in Bahrain or in Public forums. I mean this is a ‘real’ argument worth defending for to the end. More Bahrainis and public organizations need to be more forthcoming about such cases to become a forward-looking society. Don’t u think?

  • KoOKiE
    13 May 2006

    well to be very frank and casual
    i just visited TRA website and found this

    the above link shows the ISP’s registered in Bahrain.
    amazingly 2 are closed when they came or went none knows.
    So the others are still to be in the darkness hiding some where ??

    What is going on ? :S

    13 May 2006


  • angelo
    13 May 2006

    I don’t know when these residential solutions from LightSpeed will be released:

    but today I was told it would be very soon 🙂 and I’m very happy 😀

  • Ace
    13 May 2006

    I really welcome the open dialogue that is posted here. Does anyone know if there are any more BATELCO representatives posting here, other than Peter K?

    When are Lightspeed anticipating to be up and running?

  • MooDy
    13 May 2006

    Then i guess its a game that TRA and Baty playing in alone together…
    as “Nawab of Kabab” said , 2 connect awaiting TRA permission , do you actually know how long 2Connect been waiting for this ? And god knows how long they’ll have to wait …

    so now what, boycott TRA ? look @ the dates those Companies been arround since 2004 … and yet not a single Advert .

    User 1 yer statement”s” are true , i got this strange feeling that i know ya .. heh ..!

    Oh yea SAT Links Lags good , Bad streaming Bad for games , good for downloads though [Well , kinda of ] …

  • Nawab of Kabab
    14 May 2006

    I was told 2Connect has been waiting for two years… yup… you heard it right. Now what do we do? Maybe tell TRA to seriously consider what 2Connect has to offer and give us some choice?

  • angelo
    14 May 2006

    FYI, 2Connect are the guys who brought in specialists to train the TRA and do the setup.. and what did the TRA do;) They… delayed and delayed 2Connect’s agreements and packages. 2Connect are using point2point for their internet services, they have their own lab — just have a look around their lab and you’ll be amazed at the stuff they have there!

    so whats the bottleneck? the TRA. why? because they only have between 17-18 people to work on everything. Maybe it would also be good to attend those weekly/monthly TRA meetings becuase we as consumers should know what the TRA are approving without informing us.. the last time I spoke to someone at the TRA he told me that due to none of the consumers voicing their needs and arguments at their meeting added to the fact that no one representing consumers or the consumers themselves not showing up for these meetings.. the TRA can’t do much….

    it’s all like a passing the ball of blame game…but if we as consumers were to go to those meetings… show TRA that there’s people who know what they want and what’s going on we most probably would not be seeing ripp-off deals… the TRA is supposed to be protecting us… to date they haven’t even publicly stated that they are looking into Batelco’s latest deals, what does that tell you?

    (….well they can’t because they’re the ones who blindly approved them 😉

  • Jarfal.ORG
    14 May 2006

    Dear All,

    We are a technical team presenting & providing high technical support for everyone needs to connect to the Internet & FOR FREE.

    we add that Batelco New packages is fare enough IF ( WE GET THE ACCURATE SPEED !!) if not then no comments!!
    Unlimited Packages should be done for the business and BD 5/- packages should be made for resedential customers.

    Batelco : please be fare with your offers because upon our analysis we saw that 98% of Bahrainies are not Happy ! its not good for you.

    we can help in case you need us.

    Our Aim is to satisfy all users in Bahrain.

    Kindest Regards

    Jarfal Org Limited
    Internet Communications Section
    Kingdom of Bahrain

  • angelo
    14 May 2006

    Anyways, I just checked out the online petition and it seems to have been removed, but yesterday it had reached over 1,000 signatures, here’s what it says:

    “This petition was removed because the author did not provide a full valid name. Anonymous petitions are not permitted. Authors are given three days to respond with their name before a petition is removed. If you are the author of this petition reply to the email we sent you with your full name. If you are the author and do not have the email we sent you, send an email to [email protected] asking us to reactivate your petition. Be sure to include your full name and petition ID in the email.”

    Maybe they should’ve take you up on your offer Mahmood of putting your name down and real contact details..

  • mahmood
    14 May 2006

    I’ve just emailed them and asked them to at least get it sorted and send me a full listing for printing, I don’t mind handing that to Mr. K tonight, another email went to the BB team to send me their guestbook in pdf to do the same as well. I am sure that both will amply demonstrate people’s seriousness about this issue to the powers that be.

  • KoOKiE
    14 May 2006

    I think the future of the internet would be decided today….
    I realy hope for the best.

    Well at the moment my only concern is im a webmaster and im looking for a unlimited connection which i cant find anywhere around here in Bahrain.

    I just can’t believe that it is really happening NO UNLIMITED internet connections.

    That is very harsh and bad for the users who study or work online.

    If Anyone could guide me another good unlimited connection ?

  • Jarfal.Org
    14 May 2006

    Dear All,

    please stop all discussions, let us meet today and discuss all matters together.also we will add the booch issue as well. (Internet speed, limitations and Future).


    Jarfal Org Limited
    Internet Communications Section
    Kingdom of Bahrain

  • mahmood
    14 May 2006

    Whoever you are, Jarfal: advertising on Mahmood’s Den is not free, I have let you do so on two occasions now and will leave your comments as they are, if you do so again you will be banned.

    Second, this is not your site; therefore you are out of line “instructing” everyone to stop discussions. I do not with this important discussion to stop as I realise that not everyone will be able to come to the meeting.

  • spot H
    14 May 2006

    thanks Mr. hope to see you tonight and discus all the matters with you specialy the booch issue.

  • angelo
    14 May 2006

    I’m sorry.. but what exactly is a booch issue? 🙂

  • Bubz
    14 May 2006

    I was thinking the same thing, angelo.. =/

  • KoOKiE
    14 May 2006

    Same here i have no idea abt the booch issue ?

  • Jarfal.Org
    14 May 2006

    Dear Mahmood,

    We are well Known Org and we do not need to be advertised over here, our aim is to help everyone needs a hand, also we didnt meen to stop the discussion about this matter right now, what we ment is to keep all the discussions for the meeting tonight we will rise the most important issue on the internet problem, we really appreciate your efforts putting up this forum.

    please be flexible with Jarfal Org and accept our comments.

    Thanks once again
    with all respect from Jarfal Org.

    Jarfal Org Limited
    Internet Communications Section

  • Michael
    14 May 2006

    Dear Jarfal org,
    thanks aloot for you comment ,i really appreciate your concern about the booch issue,its a very critical matter which aloot of people is suffering from ,Mr Mahmood dens,ur comment to is not accepteble at all,i have monitered your forum alot in the past period,all comment were expressed in details with no objections by you,if i have noticed any further threats from you,i will hack your forum and website and u will be attacked by the BBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    BE AWARE !

    Michael Yavgeeeni

  • spot H
    14 May 2006

    thanks for your input, however, whould like you to expose the idea of Batelco Offer Over the Closed Homes (BOOCH) the new network tech. in this meeting.. thanks and see you there

  • Jarfal.Org
    14 May 2006

    Well Using The (Batelco Over the Closed Homes) Tech, is highly aggressive plan to cover the area with Hi speed Fiber Conectivity using Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) will give us a 100MB capacity with Dual ring topology.
    Introducing this techiques will enhance the current performance and seperate the Home users from the Business Interface over the MPLS.

    We Hope that they come with alternative technologies shortly.

    We Hope that everyone take his chance to discuss and cover all matters about the internet connectivity in Bahrain.

    Thanks for Mr.Mahmood Again to let us view Mr. K raises valid points which really will add Value to Batelco and Its Current reputation.

    All The Best

    Jarfal Org

  • mijdar
    14 May 2006

    dear all

    its so great to have such a dynamic discussion forum that enables professional minded people to have their constructive discussions about topics that touch the bahraini situations.

    I am also glad for the gatherings like this evening and hope to meet you guys and see your views, Mahmood, angelo kookie. Jarfal. org, hope your presence is a must as we saw you in previous occasions and your presense was spectacular, also the discussion of the booch issue is necessary to make aware all the people who have common concerns as to what companies such as Batelco are affecting the bahraini society.


  • Hani
    14 May 2006

    Dear Batelco Managment all what i want to say thanks for your Hard work and well done
    but be carfull with your prices there is new companys in the her way to BAH with a lower prices my self paying Batelco 1\4 of my Salary the time i well get it cheper well run to the new companys like me like 1000000 of the locals in BAH


  • Fardan
    14 May 2006

    Batelco plz lock at the econmye in BAH reduc your Prices

  • Alush
    14 May 2006

    Thanks Batelco me and Hundrets of the locals waiting for the new net Companys and you can keep your company to you all

  • spot H
    14 May 2006

    I think the BOOCH technology will make everyone happy especially when ‎uses it to everyone. Am sure 100% if anyone tries it, he will like it.. Am ready to ‎implement it to those interested

  • Samada
    14 May 2006

    I thank you very much for opening this important disccussion which is the first of its kind in Bahrain as usually such desicions are enforced on the hopeless internet users and i feel this time we will have a say

    In such a cosmoplitin environment i feel that we are in utmost need for new technologies such as the Booch technology that the user (JARFAL.ORG) has brought forward , although i am not sure how exactly this technology functions but from what i have read from the above comments and from my discussion with internet developers it comes to my understanding that it will open the doors for a new era in Internet technology

    We will see you there all tonight , and God be in the aid of the CEO

    Best Regards

    Interner User
    Samada Inc

  • WiMax
    14 May 2006


    I Dont agree with Mr.Spot H , the booch method is not approved yet we need to test it first, second i warn all ISP’s in Bahrain to exceed the accepted prices by the public otherwise we have a full plan to take the internet from Private Site ! and distribute it over FREE WIMAX Access

    WiMAX is defined as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
    standard IEEE 802.16

    currently we are working hard to install the unbeatable Wimax Net in Bahrain & for FREE – if any one wana know how let him use it and test it, the SSID Name will be Anti-ISP

    we challenge somebody to find some nice rule to avoid the Free Internet Access – it will never happen

    finally let Batelco’s CEO be a customer the to Say this

    “You claim in your website that Batelco is lying to its customers, we are misleading and our motivation is simply driven by greed. Of course I disagree and I am concerned about untrue statements made by your group which are aimed to smear and deliberately devalue the reputation of one of the most important companies contributing to Bahrain’s success.”

    We Are the Customers and we should stat this

    Good Luck Today

  • TidaMan
    14 May 2006

    i think that introduced the new trend of Internet usage it needs some of clarifications -Batelco’s offer over Closed Home
    Dose it use Fiber topology or Coax and which protocol could be driven over the TCP/IP ?

    Mr.Wimax came with elligal solutions could be not resonable

    all the best in your researches


  • Anonymous
    14 May 2006

    we can go with the Booch technology with better flat rates, who ever have no idea about it please refer to the ISP providor

    please make sure that with the help of this technology we can reach the grate solution, cheap prices + flat connections starting from 512KB up to 4MBps

  • mahmood
    14 May 2006

    Sorry, the only “booch” I know is that with with you open old-style Pepsi bottles. I could find no reference to it on cursory searches in both Google and Wikipedia other than references to a Mr. Grady Booch.

    I think we’re just being spammed guys, as every one of the responses above reads as emitting from a brain-dead person. Ignore mode on.

  • spot H
    14 May 2006

    I think it better to raise the booch tech tonight

  • Sami
    14 May 2006

    Dear All,

    I found many helpful refrences on the booch technology in the internet
    Mr.Mahmood google sucks, you will never find what you want
    the booch method is advanced and used by governments only in which you can distribute the fiber lights over many hops using the protocol FDDI

    Its really grate , i guess it will solve the problem tonight


    Sami Ahmed

  • angelo
    14 May 2006

    the only booch i get when googling is on Grady booch who works for IBM…..

    Please do excuse my ignorance re the booch tech (if there is such a thing like that) but does it have something to do with StealthNet?

  • NET Advisor
    15 May 2006

    Hi Everyone,

    i just wanted to help you out guys, you are really confused on the Booch technology that could be used in bahrain specially by Batelco.

    Mr.Angelo , the booch tech is the real solution to the stealthNet , i mean it it is the good tech to be used by ISP’s but i dont know how Batelco going to implement it.

    currently sunsolaris working in parallel with Some ISP’s researching the same matter and enhancing the booch tech.

    i will submit some PDF articles later on.

    NET Advisor

  • sed-ded
    15 May 2006

    Hello everyone,
    i’ve been told by one of my friends to log on to Mr.Mahmood’s blog and read about ppl’s reaction to new Batelco’s broadband packages. i find the packages fair in terms of speed and threshold, excluding the network users, but, prices r somehow high.
    lets look at the 1MB/15Gs a single person can download about 500MB a day? u gotta be kidding useres, yes, possible..
    one more thing, i was surprised that there r actually ppl who know about the Boooch technology. Thank you Mr.Jarfal.Org for the valuable info provided and i give u credit for the technical knowledge u have. Jarfal.Org’s CEO, i need to arrange for a meeting with u and the rest of yr respectfull managment team, i have alot to share with u. WiMax, u have to attend the meeting aswell coz maybe if Jarfal.Org’s Boooch tech can be implemeted with the WiMax tech, goodbye ISPs, hello “WiMoooch”


  • Upset User
    15 May 2006

    What i belive we need is a tough competition for Batelco as we can obviously see Batelco was standing happy having a monopoly and throughtout those golden years or “fool the customers coz they have no choice” years batelco remained this old – fashioned company with rude customer service employees , 1 or 2 branches with long queues of outraged customers who have no choice but to wait and an “emga7lef Logo” but after MTC has decided to show up .. this gave a wake up call to them and they decided hey we have to do something to keep our customers happy so they open up plenty of branches which are even more than restautants in Bahrain now 🙂

    What i am trying to show Batelco will only realize how valuable the customers are if we have another company able to offer exactly the same service or better service through our telephone lines just like they do may be the sleeeping internet managers and team will wake up ??????

    and re the Booch technology excuse me i have over 19 years of IT experience and i am up to date with the alll the latest technologies and i have never come across this …. the only “BOOOCH i heard of is the Guy who follows Smalll kids” is this what you are referring to ??? huh ?

  • Jarfal.Org
    15 May 2006

    Dear Upset User,

    you should never be upset since we are here, you will see the changes soon, regarding the Booch Method it is not funny thing it is real technology used in programming OO systems (object Oriented) this OO systems can interact with the internet usage and many other interfaces based on linux architecture.

    I will leave this valuable link about the Booch Method:

    once i get the Batelco’s Booch Tech documents i will update you.

    Mr.Sed-Ded : we are ready to meet anyone intrested in our subjects.


    Jarfal Org Limited

  • Sallomi
    15 May 2006

    Dear Jarfal Org CEO.
    I am a financial manager of a new company that will open in Bahrain by the end of this year. I would like to know if its possible that your respected organization that can provide us with more information regardinthe the booch technology as that we are planning to implement it in our base in Bahrain.
    We did however discuss a deal with Batelco, yet we did not agree on the price, and type of service.
    One of our main conserns are as follows:
    1- Price.
    2- Service.

    Thank you for your time and effort.


    Tikka Hiss Ltd.
    Finacial Manager.

  • Upset User
    15 May 2006

    Mr K …

    With regards to the Speeed … i have tested the bandwith using several testing methods and i am definate that the speed we get is just a reading and not the actual speed .. for a 512K user when i tested it i barely get 300K and when we call the helpdesk to enquire about that they claim that there is something wrong with the testing technique :S ????

    So when you promise higher speeds are you sure you can deliver those speeds ?????????

    I wanna hear something from a Batelco representitive …

  • Jarfal.Org
    15 May 2006

    is this Fare ?

    “According to Batelco’s announced statistics toward the end of the talk this evening. In relation to a 15GB thresheld (past tense of threshold) account, you can enjoy the following per month after which you would have reached your limit:

    Surf for 10 hours a day
    Chat for 6 hours a day
    Download up to TEN short movies a week!
    Download up to TEN MP3 files a week!
    Download TWO FULL MOVIES (get this) in a whole month!
    Receive and send up to 60 email messages a day

    still some people are happy, god bless them 2 Movies Montly ?!!!!!
    we better rent them from a DVD shop.
    10 Mp3’s a Week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it seems we have to force the booch technology ASAP,

    can anybody join us in this research ?

  • mahmood
    15 May 2006

    Ah, look guys, this “” person is connecting through “MENA (MIDDLE EAST NORTH AFRICA) BROADBAND” so he has an ulterior motive behind this discussion.

    So instead of hiding behind your gibberish, why don’t you tell us more about your broadband offerings and come out in the open and stop your nonsense?

  • sed-ded
    15 May 2006

    Dear Mr.Jarfal.Org,

    i need Mr.WiMax’s acceptance to set the meeting.
    Guys, please stop mentioning Telecom’s names here, we r givin free addverts.
    I spoke to one of Jarfal.Org’s senior staff, the BEO, “Boooch Executive Officer” and he told me the the WiMoooch tech is a possibility if we use the NASA satelites as it will give us unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited range of coverage for the free wireless WiMoooch under one condition,which is, that we have to install devices to strengthen the signal over “Dawar el Lulu”
    Mr.Jarfal.Org please advice

  • Angelo
    15 May 2006

    I’m interested to know more about this WiMooch, but yes if you’re an ISP then please do come out and let us hear your hi-speed net offerings. I’d like to know if Booch will work with mesh internet? if yes then we could mesh the whole of manama, adliya, riffa, etc. the speed would be good, they’ll be built-in encryption so there’s security of data and who needs Batelco.


  • Jarfal.Org
    15 May 2006

    Hi all,

    Mr.Mahmood was right in tracing my ISP IP but iam not here to present any XYZ ISP or any Company, iam just sharing information with others , Currently iam connected trough 3 ISP’s in the area
    but i need some help , if any one know any Providores for sattlite net providor in Saudia Arabia (prefered in Khubar) ?

    alos iam not hiding from anyone 🙂 in the next discussion i will register in your forum and you will get all my information including Mobile and Email and as Jarfal.Org rep i will do my best to stop the nonsence 🙂 coz you have the rights to block me.

    But Before that i hope no one took anything personaly against himself you are all respected here .

    i will show up soon after my 2 weeks leave with latest Technology to help every one.

    see you soon


  • Jarfal AZ
    15 May 2006

    Bouch Full boom sed ded ya jama3a.. in short we want unlimited.

    Jarfal Org

  • colbalt blue 996tt
    15 May 2006

    fellow bloggers,

    there was some confusion, regding several terms that our beloved “COO” failed to define. for those followers, of “” the explanition is second nature, and for the rest they are holy in meaning. all prasie, to our “COO” the documentor of logic on the enlightement of man. to make a long story short, we want fast, effecient, and unlimited “ADSL” service at international standards and price’s. we do not want to be “taken for a ride”, by once was a monolopy. what is really sad, all things must change we had to wait for the deregulation of the “telecom’s” market to be able to voice our opinion. if it was not for deregulation and the “TRA” holding the reign’s, the local consumer will still continue to strugle un heard off. its another sad reality, to see a “telcom’s” giant like batelco, only after deregulation of its local market, beign to “evolve” into a much friendly entity. at this point in time, it wants to be competitive and relaunch itself with a new image, following suit like gulf air. people wake up and smell the coffee, all that is in the air is not just aroma. we do not need, window dressing or a cosmetic face lift, i demand equality and fair service from the “oldest” ISP in the country.

  • no one
    17 May 2006

    I understand that the booth is referred to gays, it is a slang arabic word,,

  • Jarfali 3'ayoor
    20 May 2006

    Viva la Jarfal
    Jarfal Org CEO,
    Thanx very much for your comments
    Where can we meet u to discuss Booch Issues ??

    Mester Mester yah yah yah

Gnasher & Phoebe in the garden